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Subject: Re: [VIRGINIA-INDIAN-SURNAMES] Original Monacan Rolls 1700--- page 1 of 4
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2003 12:45:24 -0500
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Some of the names on the Monacan rolls are also Cherokee names. Actually, these
names are neither Cherokee nor Monacan, since they are English. Up through the
years, Cherokees and Monacans intermarried (at least in my family they did), so the
names became synonymous, and no-one kept good genealogical records because they
didn't want anyone to know they were Native American. Some of the names on the
Monacans' roll are my ancestors' family names (Branham, Nuckles). These names are
also on the Cherokee rolls. Those families intermarried with Cherokees, Melungeons,
Gypsies, etc. (again, at least in my family they did) We traveled to the Monacan
nation a few years ago with our family lineage, but came away still not knowing
whether we are Cherokee or Monacan. I don't know if people don't have enough info
to tell me, or if they want to keep their numbers small so their Federal Recognition
will be more beneficial to the individuals, or what the reason, but I have decided
that it doesn't really matter. I'm still Native American whether I'm in a group, or
whether I am only one person. I know the Monacans don't want to have any
affiliation with the Melungeons (more of my ancestors), for whatever reason.

For those of you who are bothered by it, I would say pursue it. However, remember
that it's easier to break one single stick than to break a bundle. If the
government can continue to keep all the different tribes at each other's throats, it
will be much easier to get rid of us. If we all work together and forget this
stupid "card" business, we can grow and possibly leave our children and their
children something behind besides concrete, tall buildings, casinos, and tainted

The creator did not bring us to this earth with a card in our hand to prove who we
are, nor does he require us to show it when we go to be with him.

Take care,


> Hello everyone,
> It has been stated by members of a Cherokee Tribe that names used on
> the Monacan Rolls are in fact Cherokee and not Monacan.
> I have looked at many documents in the last 6 months and I now ask that you
> review the names of these Monacan's.
> Questions to be asked are:
> Are these your Cherokee family names?
> Can you show any proof that they are Cherokee ?
> Do you want the Monacan to claim your familys heritage, if they are Cherokee
> and not Monacan?
> What are you willing to do about it?
> And most important: Are others so much in need of tribal status or a tribal
> card, that they believe you would allow them to use your family names,
> without proper and accurate geneology?
> The question has been put to me like this from some folks:
> So what if they were Cherokee ?
> Well I will let those of you out there who are Cherokee answer that
> question!!!
> On another note, I know of several names on this Monacan list that are in
> fact Cherokee. I have spoken to family members and the documentation will be
> provided to the BIA and folks in Washington whom have an interest in all of
> this.
> It was in my original opinion that these Monacan were actually Freedmen, and
> Melungeon and that this was a back door attempt to gain status as a tribe.
> My opinion has changed a little since a few months ago. I still believe that
> many were Freedmen. But I now believe that they were the UNREGISTERED
> FREEDMEN who never applied to the Goverment or the Bureau of Indian Affairs
> for benifits.
> I also believe that there are former slave owning family's who are also
> involved with Virginia getting state reconition for these folks. I also
> believe that there are "factions" of the Melungeon's at work with all of this
> as well. My work with checking the Monacan is by no means gonna be over any
> time soon.
> But for the time being, I only ask that you look at these names and if "you
> know" this info is incorrect, then do your part in making it correct.
> Think about this!! What would your ancesters say, if they were alive today
> and knew that their names were being used by folks living today wanting
> tribal reconition, with their CHEROKEE birthright?
> MONACAN ORIGINAL ROLLS 1700- page 1 of 4
> William Evans------married 1700---------------Indian Woman
> Robert Johns-------------------1700----------------Mary Indian
> Robert Johns Jr----------------1779---------------Elizabeth Lyons
> Will Johns------------------------1790---------------Molly Evans
> Ned Branham-------------------1790----------------Nancy Evans
> Thomas Standhope Evans--1795---------------Anna Pinn
> Robert Evans--------------------1795----------------Martha England
> Nancy Redcross----------------1799---------------James Pinn
> John Redcross-------------------1807--------------Susan Thomas
> Obidiah Nuckles-----------------1815--------------Belinda Gue
> Paul Redcross--------------------1852-------------Frances Beverly
> William Claiborne Johns-------1867-------------Mary Frances Parker
> William Beverly--------------------1873------------Rosa Knuckles
> Richard Johns Lawless---------1875------------Pauline Branham
> George Buggy Branham--------1875------------Mildred Ann Roberts
> Samuel Tyree-----------------------1875------------Mary Roberts
> Alfred Branham---------------------1875------------Indiana Johns
> John S. Johns-----------------------1875------------Ellen Willis Dillard
> George W. Beverly----------------1876------------Alice Knuckles
> Alexander Hicks--------------------1876------------Nannie Roberts
> Wyatt Ramsey----------------------1876------------Margaret Ella Roberts
> Robert Johns-------------------------1878------------Rosa Johns
> George W. Hicks-------------------1878------------Margaret Roberts
> William Redcross-------------------1878-----------Rhoda Beverly
> John Hamilton------------------------1878-----------Ethelle E. Johns
> William T. Adcock------------------1879-----------Emily Ellen Johns
> Frank Hicks----------------------------1880----------Birdie Nuckles
> Richard Beverly-----------------------1881----------Aurora Wood
> Calvin Nuckles-------------------------1881----------Luthena Tyree
> Manny Johns---------------------------1884----------Martha Johns
> Wesley Johns--------------------------1884----------Lucy Johns
> Anderson Adcock---------------------1885----------Anelina Willis
> Sidney Johns---------------------------1887----------Mary Ella Terry
> Joshua Johns---------------------------1888-----------Kate Branham
> Charles Johns---------------------------1888----------Queenie Roberts
> Edmund Branham----------------------1890----------Bettie Ann Johns
> Edmund Branham----------------------1896----------Elena Nora Willis
> Alexander Beverly----------------------1896----------Lillian D. Roberts
> Cornelius Beverly------------------------1899---------Katie Hicks
> John Johns---------------------------------1899---------Nancy Lawless
> William T. Adcock-----------------------1899---------Mary Branham
> King David Lawless----------------------1899---------Courtney Johns
> Robert Johns-------------------------------1899---------Rosa Johns
> Johnny Branham--------------------------1900---------Ella Beverly
> George Branham Jr.----------------------1902---------Gertrude Nuckles
> Price Beverly---------------------------------1902---------Mary Beverly
> Adolphus R. Beverly-----------------------1905---------Ollie Roberts
> James Beverly-------------------------------1905---------Leanna Roberts Hix
> Page 2 will be posted tomorrow.
> Submitted by Bright Star
> 2003
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