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Research on Ephraim Crews Line 1766-1820 of Halifax County, Virginia

After our research in Danville, VA., I have been trying to make the information found there about John Crews of Charlotte fit with all the related data we have collected over the years. Finally, I have concluded that there are many incorrect assumptions and dates to fit everyone into places. However a puzzle worker must often turn and match pieces into the proper location to form the correct picture and have all the pieces to start with. First the Andrew Crews that was linked as the son of John Crews/Sarah Gatley doesn’t work. That Andrew never left CHARLES CITY / New Kent County, VIRGINIA, I don’t think. The John that was the son of Andrew and Hannah married a Sarah Ladd, but never came to Halifax or Charlotte or Lunenburg either. The James Sr. who immigrated to Henrico County, VIRGINIA on the north side of the Appomattox River in 1664 with Mary Crews from England seems to be the correct tree. George Bullington transported ten people to settle on 503 acr!
es and that includes James Crews, Sr. Mary Crews’s group had 60 people on 2994 acres and they were transported by John Beauchamp and Richard Cocke, Sr. Researcher Lynn Reynolds states that this James Sr. appears to be the first of this particular family line in America. However another James Crews, Sr. came to CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA on the south side of the Appomattox River on October 23, 1673, now Prince George County .The Henry Batts and John Sturdivant settlement received land on the Bailey Creek, 3528 acres divided among 71 persons: a James Crews was one of this group. My husband’s Bobbitt family, William Bobbitt, was the brother in law of John Sturdivant who led the Batts and Sturdivant group in 1673 including James Crews. William Bobbitt was from Glamorganshire, Wales, but the Sturdivants were from nearby Bristol, England area. On April 8, 1674 about five months later in CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA, Andrew [before 1645 – 1692] and Joh!
n [before 1640 - 1725 Crews were transported by Hugh Lee, who had a g
rant of 2000 acres divided among 40 people on the north side of the third branch of Blackwater River in CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA now Prince George County, very near the 1673 settlement. Andrew died about 33 years before John and could have b een his father. I don’t know if all were related but more research on this period is needed; I’ve read that John was from Devonshire England. They are all at least cousins.

Since many have researched the John Crews and Sarah Gatley line, I have different information that this John was born in 1669/70 in England and married Sarah in Charles City County, Virginia, when they were both about nineteen years old in 1688/9. The immigrant John Crews who came to CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA in 1674 was his father. The John that married Sarah Gatley had about 11 children; he died about 1750 in New Kent County. He was 81 years old. Sarah was born in 1670, married in 1689 and died after 1760 and one of their sons, Joseph [1704 – married 1725t o Massie Johnson and he died in 1759 in Hanover County and two of Joseph’s children – Caleb 1738-1814 who married Elizabeth and brother Gideon who was born 1730 died 1815 married Jemima Whicker and they went to Granville County, North Carolina.. Two other sons of Joseph, James 1745-1831 married Emelia -?- and Thomas 1748-1841 who married Mary Talley, went to Stokes County, NC by 1820.

Another son of John and Sarah Gatley Crews was William born about 1710 who married Hannah Sanders in 1729 and had a son David in 1735 in Louisa County who married Sarah Gooch in 1764 and went to Guilford County, NC by 1777 where he died in 1821. This now ties these three lines together [James, Thomas and David Crews].

Andrew [1645-92] who migrated in1674 had a son Arthur born in 1673 who married Anne Renshall and then Mary Grumball. They live in St Peters’s Parish New Kent County until 1735. Their son Edward 1714-1768, moved to Rich Square, Northampton North Carolina. Hardy Crews descended from him. Edward migrated up the Roanoke River to Mecklenburg County, Virginia and died there in 1768. Andrew’s son, John Crews, 1670-1727 left a will, naming all children, in Prince George county: William who died in Halifax in 1773, Robert who also went to Halifax, Edward ended up in Mecklenburg, Joseph went to Lunenburg, Ole John of Charlotte, 1711-1792 and two girls: Mary and Elizabeth. John’s [1670-1727] wife was Elizabeth Renshall, sister to Anne. Some confusion appears in the 1720-1760 period about this family. I feel that the John Jr., who married Sarah Redman, the daughter of William Redman, was the son of Ole John Sr. of Charlotte whose wife is unknown. One of Ole Jo!
hn’s children – namely David [1741-1823] married a Dolly Hunt in 1762 and moved to Halifax County in 1775 and died there in 1823. He was also in Halifax earlier than 1775. Ole John’s son John Jr. was the one who married Sarah Redman and moved to KY about 1790.

However their two sons were Redman who married Sarah Morton and moved to Halifax about 1785 and farmed with brother David [1768-1832] who married Drucilla Jones later on in 1790. Redman [1765-1843] moved on to Cumberland County, KY for land he received from Rev. War service. He died in Carroll County Tenn. David and Drucilla moved on to Patrick County, VA about 1797 and both died there; David died in 1832 and Drucilla in 1803. David also married [second] Sally Tribble in 1803 and [third] Sally Martin in 1811.

In 1773 a John Crews [c.1740-1800] including son Ephraim [1766-1820], age seven, received or inherited 158 acres of land at the headwaters of Buckskin, Hunting, Terrible and Ellis Creeks in Halifax County. (I think, this 158 acres was part of Sam Lewis’s land in 1773, probably Andrew’s [1710-1770] wife’s family.) In 1787 there was a John [c.1740-1800] as head of a household with five in Halifax County and it was not John “Sadler” Crews, who was the son of Richard Crews and Anne Beasley. In 1791 Ephraim and John [1740 -1800], his father, witnessed a transaction involving Dolly and David’s children. I feel that this John is the son of Andrew [1710-1770] who was the son of James Crews, Jr. [c.1677-1740] who left a will in 1740. His father James Sr. [1640-1700] is the one who immigrated to CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA in 1673 or 1664. Others of the family were Joel [Louisa County], Gideon, James, Joseph who I believe came to L!
unenburg and acquired an estate of 600 acres, Ephraim who settled in Boydton, Mecklenburg County, Richard who I believe married Anne Beasley and Sarah Owen, and the Andrew previously noted.

Andrew, son of James, Jr. of Halifax, owned several farms in Amelia County, formed in 1735, on Deep Creek off the Appomattox River, about 382 acres, which he bought in 1733, and others in the Cumberland Parish, near Farmville, VA. I think that Ole John [1711-1792] Sr. of Charlotte has incorrectly been mistaken to be a son of Andrew and wife unknown or of Andrew Crews and Hannah Ellyson of CHARLES CITY/New Kent COUNTY, VIRGINIA; but, Ole John is a son of John Crews [1670-1727] and Elizabeth Renshall of Prince George County. Ole John has been noted to have lived in Goochland County, Cumberland Parish, which is just north of Lunenburg County where in 1749 he teamed with “Cousin” Richard to patent 480 acres on Dry Creek, which runs into the Nottoway River near the corner of Prince Edward, Nottoway and Lunenburg Counties. Ole John later moved to Cornwall Parish on Wallace Creek about 1760 across the Staunton River north of Halifax County. Cornwall Parish later be!
came Charlotte County in 1765. Ole John’s son David who married Dolly Hunt was noted to have been born in Goochland or Cumberland County. Therefore, the son of Andrew [c.1710-1770] namely John [c.1740-1800] looks very much like he is the father of Ephraim [1766-1820]. Ephraim apparently never moved from the Ellis, Hunting, Buckskin, Terrible, Catawba Creek area in northern Halifax County. Ephraim married Rachel McHaney in 1783/4, who lived on Terrible Creek from 1769-1784. The McHaney’s moved on to Straight Stone Creek in nearby Pittsylvania County up river not far away and later to Tennessee. Ephraim later bought Rachel’s old farm of 300 acres in 1808 and the Maxey farm of 250 in 1810. A Joseph Crews who lived about 1730-1802 also is thought to be the son of Ole John of Charlotte County or the son of James Crews Jr, who died in 1740. A Joseph moved to Halifax in 1770 and left in 1777 to be Constable in Charlotte County and returned [?] to Halifax !
County and lived on Childrey Creek up river from Catawba Creek. He lat
er went on to Pittsylvania County about 1800. James, his son, also went with him. Some researchers think that Ephraim was the son of this Joseph, but I doubt it. Ephraim would have been only 11 or so when Joseph moved back to Charlotte in 1777. Ole John of Charlotte also had Richard, William, Ruebin ?, Catherine who married a Haley and Martha and Elizabeth

Ephraim’s name probably comes from Andrew’s brother Ephraim or father John’s uncle who was named Ephraim. The name, Ephraim, seems to run through the James Jr., Andrew, John and Ephraim/Rachel lines, to recent times. I do not know any of Ephraim’s brothers or sisters if he had any.

The family tree would look like this: James Sr. [c.1640-1700], immigrant CHARLES CITY COUNTY, VIRGINIA 1664 or 1673; James Jr./Frances [1677-1740](will); Andrew [c.1710-1770]; John [c.1740-1800]; Ephraim [1766-1820] and Ephraim’s children: Joseph [c.1784-1845] married Elizabeth Bomar in 1816; Matthew [1786-1857] married Susannah Rives/Reeves in 1814 [ moved to Patrick County, Virginia and then to Rural Hall, North Carolina about 1825; Patsy [c.1788] married Samuel Richardson in 1804; Ephraim Jr. [1790-1860] married Martha Bruce Bomar in 1816; Rachel [c.1790] married Edmund Morefield in 1816; Rebekah [c.1793] married Ben Lax in 1813; Sally [c.1794] married Thomas Crews in 1810 and later a Tucker after Thomas died in 1815.

James Jr. who died in 1740 was also known as “James of Halifax”. I know Halifax didn’t become a county until 1752, but he apparently explored the Halifax territory from Charles City County to Southside, VA including Prince George [1703], Goochland [1728], Lunenburg [1746].

Another point in question - the Richard Sr. [1736-1820] that married Susannah Jones in 1795 left a will that said he was the son of Andrew [1710-1770]. His children were named after several of the brothers in the 1740 will of James Jr.: Andrew, James, Gideon, and Frances – the wife of James Jr. I have seen that Richard may have been the son of Ole John of Charlotte who did have a son, Richard, who signed Ole John’s will in 1792. I think he was the Richard that lived on Ellis Creek in Halifax County very near Ephraim and Rachel. The Richard Sr. who died in 1792 is buried in Halifax; I think this was Peter and John Sadler Crews’s father.

Unless I find additional data on the Crews family I will stay with these conclusions. Please, feel free to question anything as written.

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