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Subject: Fwd: Re: [VIRUS] AVG 7 and Roxio 5 basic
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:24:25 -0500
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Elizabeth, I will send your message through. Hopefully it
will appear. Good luck!


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From: Elizabeth Tilton <>
Date: Thursday, December 23, 2004, 9:57:42 AM
Subject: [VIRUS] AVG 7 and Roxio 5 basic

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I tried to send this message twice to but
it has not appeared on the list. This morning I will uninstall AVG version
7 and try to burn my disk with Roxio version 5. If that is successful I
will install either Avast or PC-cillin for an anti-virus program. If it is
not successful then [8-((.

Thank you both for your suggestions.


Dear Elaine and Annette,

Thanks so much for your prompt replies about my AVG/Roxio problem.

The file I downloaded from Roxio (I tried it twice) is:
When I click on the file name to execute the file I receive an error message:
The Cdr4 layer has not been detected.
I haven't a clue what this means or how to correct the condition, if indeed
such is possible.

I do not have the original Roxio disk because the software was installed by
Gateway when the CD burner was installed at the shop.

I may be in the market for a different anti-virus program since I do need
my CD burner regularly. But I have used AVG for years and have been so
pleased with it.

Thank you both so much!


At 04:23 PM 12/22/04 -0500, you wrote:

Elizabeth, I did it when Annette mentioned it and now don't
remember. Check your download folder and see if the driver
was an executable (name.exe) file. If so it still has to be
clicked on to install. I do not remember having to
personally put the driver into a folder. I think it was
automatically done when the file was executed.

Since Annette's advice Roxio has put out a 120 MB patch for
version 7 which I am using, and I have just installed that
so I can't go back and check my files to see what I
previously did. Hopefully, Annette can tell you. Or if no
one steps in here, check out Roxio's website for


Hello Elizabeth

On Wednesday, December 22, 2004, you wrote

> After downloading and installing AVG version 7 I have just tried to use my
> Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 basic for the first time. There is an error message
> to format a disk. I followed Annette's advice and downloaded the new Roxio
> driver which is presently located in my Downloads folder on Disk A. No
> improvement.

> I think the Roxio driver may have to be re-located but I don't know where
> to put it. At the moment I can't even find the Roxio program files on my

> Please help me, I need to burn a CD, which procedure used to work so well.

> Many heartfelt thanks!

> Elizabeth

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