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Vermont Historical Gazetteer, a local History of all the Towns in the State,
Civil, Educational, Biographical, Religious and Military.
Vol. V. The Towns of Windham County. Collated by Abby Maria Hemenway.
Published by Mrs. Carrie E. H. Page, Brandon, VT. 1891.
Transcribed by Sue Downhill as it appears in the book with the exception of
the last names changed to all CAPS.

Part 8 Pages 715 - 719


We shall not take space here to trace the genealogy of the BRIGHAM family
back to the first landing of their ancestors in New England; but the four
BRIGHAMs that formerly lived in Whitingham were from a family of 12
children, 10 of which lived to maturity. Their father's name was Edmund
BRIGHAM, born Oct. 9, 1758, at Westboro, Mass.; moved from there to
Phillipston, and from thence to Templeton where he died April 22, 1841. The
names of the four brothers that lived in this town were John, Lyscom, Edward
and Dexter. John was born in Westboro, Mass.; married , first, Rebecca
SMITH of Phillipston, Mass., came to Whitingham in 1808, settled on the farm
where Albert J. FAULKNER now lives, then a wilderness, where he spent his
whole life. He had seven children by his first wife, three sons and four
daughters, one of which died quite young. His first wife d. Feb. 23, 1833.

He m. for a second wife Huldah WHEELER of Halifax, Vt., Dec. 24, 1833, by
whom he had three children, one of which d. in infancy. He m. for a third
wife, Rebecca (BARDWELL) GOSS; she d. July 5, 1844. He m. for a fourth
wife, Betsey (PRESTON) BRIGHAM, widow of his brother, Lyscom BRIGHAM. For
nearly half a century he was the most prominent leader in the section of the
town where he lived.

His six children by his first wife, were Freeman, Harriet, Mariah, Addison,
Elvira, and Francis. Freeman married Mariah SMITH, lives in Boston, Mass.

Harriet m. Luke FARNSWORTH of Halifax, Vt., d. in 1872.

Mariah m. Merrick CHASE of this town, who lived in Jacksonville and in the
centre of the town for about ten years. He was deputy sheriff for this
county for a number of years. He went to Illinois, where he now resides.

Elvira m. Joseph GOODNOW, a native of Whitingham, who lived on the old
Joseph GOODNOW farm, and d. there Sept. 14, 1847. They had one son, b. in
Whitingham, Dec. 28, 1843. His widow m. Nathaniel J. LORD of Athol, Mass.,
where they now reside.

Addison, b. Jan. 25, 1824, m. Emily C. PARMELEE of Wilmington, Vt. He
resides in Boston, Mass., has two children.

Francis, b. Aug. 1, 1826, m. Millicent A. BROWN, daughter of Rufus BROWN of
Whitingham; went west, resides in Chester, Howard Co., Iowa.

The two children of John BRIGHAM by his second wife were Minerva, b. March
16, 1836, and Hosea W., b. May 30, 1837. Minerva m. Charles H. NELSON, b.
Oct. 22, 1825, at Wardsboro, Vt., lived in Whitingham till he enlisted in
the army. He was either killed or died of disease in the United States

Hosea W., m. Florilla R. FARNUM, a native of Whitingham, and studied law in
the office of N. N. HIX of Sadawga, and was admitted to the bar in 1872. He
practiced in this town till the fall of 1881, and went to New Hampshire,
where he now resides, practicing his profession.

Lyscom m. Betsey PRESTON, a native of Whitingham, settled on the farm where
J. L. SHIPPEE now lives, lately known as the "Dea. WARREN farm," where he d.
Nov. 19, 1844. He had a family of six children; three only lived to mature
age, Abigail, Mary, and Lewis L. Abigail m. Elisha HAGAR of Halifax, Vt.,
resides in Heath, Mass. Lewis L. m. Marcia A. SHEARER of Coleraine, Mass.

Edward m. Laua CUMMINGS of Phillipston, Mass., settled on a farm just over
the line of Whitingham, in the town of Heath, Mass. He had a family of five
children, only one of which, Charles E. BRIGHAM, is now living; he m. Sarah
A. LAKE of Whitingham, and resides in Fitchburg, Mass. Joseph L. his
youngest son, enlisted in the army and d. in the service.

Dexter, whose home was in Whitingham, was a cripple; he never could walk
without crutches. But for all that he was an active business man. He d.
very suddenly at his brother John's, Nov. 4, 1832 at the age of about
thirty-two years.

We cannot go back in the genealogical history of this family beyond David
CHASE, the paternal ancestor of the CHASE families in Whitingham. He was the
son of Benoni CHASE, b. in Douglass, Mass., April 17, 1732, m. Betsey RICH
and moved to Whitingham, Feb. 16, 1797. Was long one of the prominent and
wealthy citizens of the town in its most prosperous days, often elected to
positions of trust in town affairs; and d. at his home in Whitingham, May
11, 1854, aged 81.

Isaac CHASE, b. Jan 29, 1775, m. Susanna FULLER, came to Whitingham, Feb. 3,
1800, was a thrifty and prominent farmer. He d. at his home, Mar. 30, 1825,
aged 51.

Jacob CHASE, b. Feb. 15, 1780, m. Anna MORSE, and moved to Whitingham, Jan.
31, 1806, settled on a farm where he spent his whole life. He and his wife
were both members of the Baptist church. He died at his home, Aug. 9, 1858,
aged 78.

Samuel CHASE, b. Feb. 22, 1782, m. Mable BALCOM, and moved to Whitingham
with his father, David CHASE, in Feb. 815; he d. in Nov. 1854.

Benjamin CHASE, b. Sept. 7, 1786, m. Sarah SPRAGUE, moved to Whitingham,
Feb. 15, 1815; settled on a farm, where he spent his whole life.

These five brothers, all prominent and enterprising farmers in the most
prosperous days of the town, and their families and descendants that
remained in this town make an important factor in the town's history.

The family of Abraham CHASE consisted of five sons, as follows:

David CHASE, b. Dec. 12, 1798; m. Irene KINGSBURY, Feb. 12, 1818, spent his
life in Whitingham, was a prominent and wealthy farmer; lived on the same
farm nearly sixty years. He d. June 15, 1880, aged 83.

Samuel CHASE b. Feb. 22, 1802, m. Betsey CLEMENTS, lived in Whitingham till
about 1835, then went to Bennington, engaged in farming, and was one of the
wealthy farmers in that town.

Jacob CHASE, b. Feb 8, 1804, m. Lucinda BOYD, was a rich farmer, and lived
in Wilmington.

Ellis F. and Elliott F. CHASE (twins), born July 31, 1812. Ellis F., m.
1st, Sally BOYD, 2d, Lydia STANELY. Elliot F., m. 1st, Hannah FOSTER, 2d,
Eliza GREEN (dates of marriage not know). Ellis F. and Elliot F. CHASE both
settled in Whitingham, engaged in business at Jacksonville a few years;
Ellis F. removed to Halifax, where he now lives.

Elliot F. also went to farming in this town, followed that business to the
time of his death.

The Isaac CHASE family of seven children were as follows:

Moses CHASE, b. March 2, 1800, m. Anna BRIGGS, Oct. 7, 1821. Settled on the
farm where his son, J. B. CHASE, now lives; d. Oct. 6, 1850, age 51.

Aaron CHASE, b. Nov. 2, 1801, m. 1st, Lucy CORKINS, Oct. 18, 1726[?1826];
2d, Esther SCOTT, May 15, 1852, went to North Adams, where he died.

Isaac and Susannah CHASE (twins) b. July 14, 1804. Isaac d. Oct. 10, 1806.
Susannah m. Baxter ADAMS, went to North Adams, where they died.

Isaac CHASE, Jr.,, b. June 19, 1801[?1810], m. Harriet GOODNOW, June 19,
1833. He lived on the old homestead where his father lived and died. He
was for a long time one of the most wealthy and respected farmers in
Whitingham. He died at his home.

Hiram CHASE, b. Oct. 9, 1812, m. Annis HALL, April 23, 1835. Settled in the
town of Marlboro, where he still lives, a wealthy and respected farmer.

The family of Jacob CHASE consisted of eight children; five sons and three

Warren CHASE, b. Nov. 30, 1805, m. Anna FAIRBANKS, (date unknown,) bought
and lived on the farm where his son, Wilbur F. CHASE, now lives. He died at
his home, April 4, 1861, aged 56.

Lydia CHASE, b. Jan. 13, 1808, m. Emory HULL. Lived in Whitingham till her
husband died in 1840' a few years after she went to Susquehanna, Pa., where
she died.

Levi CHASE, b. Aug. 26, 1810, m. Sarah HARRIS, was a farmer, settled in
Heath Mass., d. Feb. 9, 1851.

Jacob C. CHASE, b. May 21, 1815, m. Caroline GORE. Came to Whitingham in
1865, bought the Joseph GOODNOW farm, lived there 10 years, then sold and
went to Jacksonville, where he still lives, a wealthy and respected citizen.

Minor CHASE, b. Sept 7, 1817, m. Lucinda TARBELL, lived with his father on
the old homestead some time; d. Aug. 8, 1881.

Lucy A. CHASE, b. Nov. 9, 1819; d. Jan. 31, 1838.

Willard CHASE, b. Dec. 5, 1823; d. Nov. 21, 1825.

Samuel CHASE had a family of five children, three sons and two daughters.

Rufus CHASE, b. Oct. 11, 1805, m. Mary HALL; d. April 26, 1846.

David CHASE, b. April 15, 1809, m. Betsey TAINTER, settled in Whitingham; d.
March 21, 1837.

Fanny CHASE, b. Feb. 21, 1818; d. April 13, 1831.

Paulina Chase, b. Oct. 21, 1822; m., first, Asel RICE; second, Charles
BOWKER; third, Newman CARLEY.

The Benjamin CHASE family was five sons and two daughters.

Sumner CHASE, b. April 21, 1807; m. Roxanna FAULKNER, March 16, 1851. He
spent his whole life in Whitingham, and was an invalid for a number of
years. He d. Feb. 2, 1885.

Jemima CHASE, b. Dec. 11, 1809; m. P. B. PUTNAM, Dec. 5, 1830; went west,
where she died.

Merrick CHASE, b. Dec. 13, 1811; m. Mariah S. BRIGHAM, Sept. 11, 1834; spent
his early life in Whitingham, and was an active business man. He moved to
one of the Western states where he now lives, and with his sons is engaged
in farming; they are wealthy and prosperous.

Abraham CHASE, b. Jan. 5, 1820; m. Catharine REED, April 23, 1844; he is a
prominent man in the business affairs of the town, a wealthy farmer, a close
observer of men and things, of more than ordinary sagacity; an independent
thinker, frequently elected to offices of trust and responsibility in town
business, a man of decisive opinions in all matters of public or private

Luana CHASE, b. Feb. 21, 1821; d. Sept. 3, 1854, age 33.

Royal CHASE, b. Aug. 3, 1827; m. Margaret HOWARD, July 4, 1851; is a farmer,
has spent his whole life in Whitingham.

Capt. Samuel PRESTON was a prominent and influential man in the town of
Whitingham in the early part of the present century. He did much to
establish and guide the institutions best calculated to enhance the literary
and social progress of the people of this comparatively new township. He
was often elected to positions of trust and responsibility in town affairs.

We have no genealogical history of the PRESTON family, but Capt. Samuel
PRESTON, the paternal ancestor of all the PRESTONS of Whitingham, was a
native of Littleton, N. H., b. May 18, 1769; m. Susanna PHELPS in August,
1797. They came to Whitingham in June, 1800, and settled on the farm that
Rufus BROWN afterwards owned and lived on for more that 55 years. They had
a family of 11 children, all born in Whitingham except the oldest.

Sophrona PRESTON, b. Jan 1, 1798; m. Elijah P. STONE of Whitingham. Betsey
PRESTON, b. July 11, 1800; m. 1st Liscom BRIGHAM; 2d, John BRIGHAM. George
PRESTON, b. March 12, 1802; m. Esther A. DENNISON of Halifax. Susanna
PRESTON, b. Jan. 27, 1804; m. Thomas SMITH of Whitingham. Polly PRESTON, b.
June 3, 1806; m. Ira LOVERING of New Hampshire. Sally PRESTON, b. June 13,
1808; m. Erastus HALL of Readsoro. Osmyn PRESTON, b. Oct. 27, 1811; m.
Clarissa DIX first; Effa LAMB, second. Lorenzo PRESTON, b. Dec. 14, 1817; m.
Wealthy PORTER first; Jane BOLTON second, both of Rowe, Mass. Martha
PRESTON, b. Aug 13, 1820; m. Arad LAMB first; Martin STICKNEY, second.
Abiathar W., b. March 19, 1823; m. Betsey A. BOND of Whitingham.

The five brothers in this family all spent a large share of their lives in
this town. through none of their descendants remain here; they were active,
enterprising citizens, possessed of more than ordinary intelligence. In
town affairs, and public matters generally, they took a prominent and active

Four of the sisters in this PRESTON family spent their live, or most of
their lives, in this town. Sophrona, Mrs. STONE, spent a long and
well-directed life on the same farm where they first settled. She d. March
31, 1881, aged 83. Betsey, Mrs. BRIGHAM, lived in Whitingham nearly all her
life; d. April8, 1884, aged 74. Susanna, Mrs. SMITH, spent her life in
Whitingham, d. Jan 21, 1856. Martha, Mrs. LAMB-STICKNEY, still lives in

Deacon Jonathan TAINTER, the paternal ancestor of the TAINTER family in
Whitingham, was b. in Westboro, Mass., 1755; m. Jemima ROOT, or Somers, Ct.,
Sept. 21, 1776. A few days after, he joined the army under George
WASHINGTON, and served in New York and New Jersey till the close of the
campaign in 1778.

Josiah W. TAINTER, so long a resident in Whitingham, was the oldest son of
this Dea. Jonathan TIANTER, b. Jan 26, 1782, m. Molly DAVIS, of Somers, Ct.,
Aug. 26, 1803. He settled in Whitingham on the farm that James M. TAINTER
now lives on, and spent his life there. He was one of the thrifty farmers,
of which the town of Whitingham was made up, for the first quarter of this
century. He was a member of the Baptist church more than forty years. His
family consisted of six children, three sons and three daughters.

Rebecca, b. Jan. 15, 1805, m. Benjamin EAMES, a native of Whitingham but
spent most of his life in Halifax, Vt.

Betsey, b. Sept. 8, 1809, m. David CHASE, Oct. 6, 1829. He d. March 21,
1837; she m. second, Isaac ALLARD. She m. third, Henry GOODHOW of
Whitingham and is still living.

Norris D., b. March 6, 1812, m. Sarah MARTIN of Whitingham, Sept. 2, 1834.
His wife, Sarah (MARTIN) TAINTER, d. at her home in this town. He has one
daughter, Mrs. Lucinda (TAINTER) DIX, also living in town. He m. second,
Mariah STRATTON, of Heath, Mass.

Lydia, b. July 5, 1814, m. Joseph FARNUM. She d. at her home in 1879. She
had two daughters, one, Mrs. UPTON, now lives in town.

Josiah W., b. March 1, 1818, m. Elizabeth RUSSELL of Massachusetts, Nov. 5,
1838. He was killed on the railroad by falling bet[w]een two cars, Feb. 20,
1854, at 35 years of age.

James M., b. April 5, 1821, m. Cahterine LAKE of Whitingham. He has spent
his whole life on the farm his father settled on when he first came to town,
about 80 years ago. Has a family of four sons, three of which now live in

A Deacon Jonathan TINTER, a brother of Josiah W. Sen., came to Whitingham in
1804. He m. a wife from Marlboro, Vt., a daughter of Dea. Benjamin BOWMAN,
Dec. 31, 1821. [J]ememia A., sister of Josiah W. TAINTER, Sen., m. Joel C.
SHUMWAY of Whitingham.

There was a Dr. Stephen TAINTER settled and practiced medicine in Whitingham
a long time; he was the first settled physician in town of which we can find
any account. He was born in Westboro, Oct. 13, 1760, and came to this town
some 8 or 10 years after its organization, practiced here with success till
about 1803, when he left town and went to Gainsville, N. Y. He married
Elizabeth GORHAM, a native of Barnstable, born Dec. 20, 1760; she died in
Whitingham, Oct. 3, 1801. He was Uncle to Josiah W. TAINTER, so long and
well know in Whitingham; was said to be a very skillful physician, a man of
superior ability, a scholar, and a poet. He was through life a member of
the Congregational church, served in the Revolutionary was, was drummer boy
at the battle of Bennington, and was also at the taking of Burgoyne in 1777.

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