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Subject: Town History of Wilbraham,Hampden Co.,Mass
Date: Fri, 20 Aug 1999 02:05:56 -0400

Connecticut River Valley and "sister list":

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I list only names and dates of early settlers and up to the War of
1812...no later.

Do not ask me to do look ups for Wilbraham as all the names are
listed below.

Spelling is exactly as shown in the book...no changes made
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by Louis Everts; 1879

Wibraham: formerly part of Springfield
First settler: Nathaniel Hitchcock, 1730
following settlers:
Noah Alvord,1732
Moses Burt, 1733
Daniel Warner,1734

Prior to 1741:
Samuel Warner, Samuel Stebbins, David Merrick, David Chapin, John Jones,

Abel Bliss, daniel Lamb, Thomas Merrick,David Warriner,Isaac Brewer,
Moses Bartlett,, Aaron Parsons, Daniel Parsons, Cornelius Webb,
benjamin Warriner, Benjamin Wright, Henry Wright, Thomas Glover, Joseph

After 1741:
Jonathan Ely, Caleb Stebbins,, Daniel Caldwell, Joseph Sikes, Philip
Lyon, Benoni Atchinson, Ezra Barker

First child born: Comfort Warner,15 March 1734 (father:Daniel)
First death: David Jones, Aug 19,1736 (son of David and Hannah)

Established as town of Wilbraham : Jan 6,1741

1754: French-Indian War
Capt Samuel Day, Lieut. Thomas Merrick, Ensign, Abel Bliss,
soldiers: John Langdon, Timothy Wright,Philip Lyon, William King(jr),
Daniel Cadwell, Paul Langdon, isaac Colton, Aaron Bliss, Aaron Alvord,
Benjamin Warriner, Samuel Warner, Aaron Parsons, Benoni Atchinsons,
Moses Bartlett, Thomas Dunham, Paul Hitchcock, Samuel Warner(jr), Samuel
Warner (sr), Moses Warriner.

Capt: James Warriner, Lieut.Wm King, John Hitchcock,Lieut;
sargents: Enos stebbins,Thomas King,Aaron Alvord,
soldiers: Eleazer Smith, Samuel Day, Joshua Chaffee, Samuel Merrick, Asa
Chaffee, Isaac Morris, Moses Colton, Chileab Merrick, Jonathan Cooley,
Isaac Dunham, Ezekiel Russell, Reuben Thayer, Benjamin Farnham, Comfort
Chaffee, Jesse Warner, Jesse Carpenter, Joshua Jones, Rowland Crocker,
Darius Chaffee, Ebenezer Cadwell, Joshua Eddy, Enos Clark, Ezekiel
Wright, Calvin Stebbins,Thomas Coleman, Gideon Burt, Abel King, Charles
Brewer, Benjamin Colton, John Stearns., Otherniel Hitchock, Charles
Ferry, Jonathan Sikes, Seth Clark, Abner Chapin, Nathan Sikes, Moses
Simons, Phanuel Warner, Daniel Somers, Daniel Simons, Simon Stacy, John
Chaffee, Ephriam Wright, Josiah Somers, John Davis, Reuben Shayler,
Nathaniel Mighets, Ephriam Dunham, Joseph Dunham, Benjamin Chubb, Moses
Rood, Eli Beebe, Simon Bates, Daniel Parsons, Robert MCMaster, John
McLean, Stephen Wright, Joseph Abbott, Medad Stebbins, Luther Bliss,
Ebenezer Steward, Zadock Bebee, Jesse Carpenter, John and Jabez
Isaac Morris, Moses Stebbins, James Shaw, Daniel Chapin,Judah
Chapin,Jesse Lamphere, John Stebbins, Perez Hancock, Joseph Sexton, Gad
lamb, Gordon Percival, Jonathan Leech, Luther Hitchcock, Jonathan
Merrick, Benjamin Howard, Solomon Loomis, George Cooley, Timothy
Worthington, Daniel Swetland, Solomon Lothrop, Oliver King, Jabin
Cooley, David Wood, John Chatterton, Lemuel Whitney, Elijah Parsons,
Judah Ely, Edward Morris,
Judah Willey, David White, Matthew Keep, Asa Simonds, Aaron Howard, Levi
Bannister, Paul Newton, John Calkins, Moses Albert, John Huntley, Joseph
Cutt(colored), Zadock Benton, David Allin, Daniel Mason, John J.Sikes,
Ethan Smith, Seth Warner, Ebenezer Thomas, Titus Amidon, Henry Wright,
John Orcutt, Joseph Bumpsted, Zenas Cone, Gaius Stebbins, Kitteridge
Davis, Emmons Lillie, Jonas Banton, Samuel Lyon, John Raymont, Asa
Woodworth, Peleg Burdick, Phineas mason, Nathan Ainsworth, Jotham
Carpenter, Chester Morris, Johnson Richardson, James Richardson, Jesse
Elwell, Elphilet Hodges, Francis West, Caesar Merrick(colored), Oliver
Sexton, Asa Hill, John Twing, Israel Conant

Shays Rebellion:: no names given, "only a few were engaged in it"
War of 1812: Ralph Bennett, Stephen Caldwell, Josel Lyman, Eleazer
Hitchcock, Robert Sessions, Phineas Burr, and Solomon Jones.
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