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Subject: Re: Levinus Wysandt Van Dusen
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 1999 23:59:07 -0800

Hi Van Dusen Cousins,

I may as well join with my information on this Van Dusen line. This has
been garnered from family info, FTM CDs, kind genealogists on the net
who answered my frustrated whimper for help, net searches, and several
hours spent in front of a screen looking through newspapers and census
sheets at the Spokane library .... Wynsandt Leviness (or Levinus Wysandt
??) and Sarah Humphrey are my GGGG Grandparents. Here's my offerings!
The list will be easier to read if you expand the window all the way up?

1)Abraham Teuwis Van Deusen m. Anna Catherina Meyer
Children of Abraham & Anna:
2)Robert Van Deusen b. abt. 1708 in Holland or Belgium
m. Antjie Bressie
Children of Robert & Antjie:
3)Wynsandt Leviness VanDeusen (or Levinus Wynsandt)?
b. 1/3/1743(44) at Livingston Manor, Albany Co., NY
d. 11/5/1824 at Saltfleet Township, Wentworth, Ontario
m. Sarah Humphrey about 1773
b. 9/17/1749 at Livingston Manor, Albany Co., NY
d. 4/19/1833 at Saltfleet Township, Wentworth, Ontario
Sarah's parents were John Humphrey (b. 1709 in Washington,
Dutchess County, NY) and Mary Wood.
Children of Wynsandt/Leviness & Sarah:
4)Marytjie Antjie Van Dusen
b. 6/12/1775 in Livingston Manor, Albany County, NY
d. about 1856
m. Michael Ryfenbergh (9/11/1793 in New York State)
b. 5/15/1772 in Livingston Manor, Albany County, NY
d. (?) New York state
Children of Marytjie & Michael:
5)Michael Rittenburg m. Abigail Sprague (10 children)
5)Catherine Rittenburg (died at age 5)
5)William Cody Rittenburg m. Tabitha Fenton (2 children)
5)Isaac Cody Rittenburg m. Sarah Emily Smith (2 children)
5) Priscilla Ripenburgh (or Perscilla)
5)Cynthia W. Rittenburg m. Charles A. Chamberlain (3 children)
5) Jeanette Alice Rittenburg m. Garrett ?
5)Rachael Rittenburg m. William Watson (no children)
5)Lydia Ann Rittenburg m. Mr. Cutchon
5)Michael Rittenburg, III m. Harriett Perry
4)Maria Van Dusen b. 1777
4)Rachael Van Dusen b. 1777 d. 1852 m. Jacob Springsted
4)Robert Van Dusen b. 1780 m. Elizabeth Thatcher
Children of Robert and Elizabeth:
5)Elijah; Emily; Elizabeth; Jean;
Rebecca; Benjamin; Joseph; Robert Jr.
4)Elizabeth Van Dusen m. Philip Jones
4)John Van Dusen
b. 6/21/1784 - d. 9/27/1863
m. Christina Bowslaugh
Children of John and Christina:
5) Peter; Mary Ann; Sarah; Elizabeth; Catherine;
Rachel; John Wilson; Levi Lewis; Dennis
4)Catherine Van Dusen b. 1786 m. John Eaton
5) Timothy
4) Cornelia Van Dusen b. 10/11/1786
4)Abraham Van Dusen b. 2/3/1788 d. 1874 in Dundee, Michigan
m. Elizabeth Long
4)Isaac Van Dusen b. 4/11/1790 m. Charlotta Johnson
4)Jacob Van Dusen b. 1792 m. Polly Jones
4)Polly Van Dusen b. 1794 m. John Cowell
4)Rebecca Van Dusen b. 1798 m. William Fletcher
4)Levinus Van Dusen b. 1800 in Green County, NY d. 6/13/1878
m. 3/31/1890 to Lydia Jones b. 1802 in Canada d. 1860
Children of Levinus & Lydia:
5)Sarah Humphrey Van Dusen
b. 4/1/1820 in Canada d. 12/22/1883 in Ionia, Michigan
m. Daniel Leviness Rittenburg (first cousins)
b. 7/29/1812 in Oak Hill, Durham Township, Green Co., NY
d. 12/20/1894 in Ionia, Michigan
Children of Sarah & Daniel:
6)Robert Jones Rittenburg b. 10/18/1838 d. 5/31/1921
m. Electra ? b. 1839 d. 1936
both died Ionia, Michigan and are buried in Tuttle Cem.
Children of Robert and Electra:
7)George; Lela; Robert; Emma; Etta
6)Leviness Wellington Rittenburg b. 3/5/1844
m. Mary Elizabeth Smith
Children of Leviness & Mary
7)Drucilla; Alta J.
6)Euphemie Rittenburg b. about 1849 in Ontario
d. 3/27/1873 in Ionia Co., Michigan
m. Clarence Houseman
Children of Euphemie & Clarence:
7)Eva; Ann
6)Daniel Wesley Rittenburg b. 1852 Ontario
d. 8/16/1882 Ionia, MI
m. Mary Elizabeth Eastman
b. 8/29/1857 in Ontario d. 6/15/1949 in Tempe, AZ
Children of Daniel & Mary
7)Burton Wesley; Edmond Justus; Annie Bella
6)John W. Rittenburg b. ? d. 5/1/1861
6)Amres Rittenburg m. ? Havens
6)Anna Ryphenburg b. 12/8/1814 Livingston Manor, NY
m. ? McCann
5)Elizabeth J. Van Dusen
b. 8/16/1822 Saltfleet Ontario Canada d. 6/24/1909
m. Daniel Leviness Rittenburg (First Cousin) 9/6/1884
(After her sister Sarah's death - no children noted but she
evidently raised her nieces and nephews)
5)Joseph Van Dusen b. 12/11/1824 m. Elizabeth Jones
Children of Joseph and Elizabeth:
6)Lydia Van Dusen b. 6/11/1853 m. 5/24/1870 to John Cox
6)Althea Ann Van Dusen b. 8/18/1856 m. 1894 to B. Piott
6)Peter Van Dusen b. 10/3/1859
m. 8/1/1889 to Mary Flewellyn
5)Lydia Ann Van Dusen b. 8/5/1830 m. 1846 to Sheldon Greenman
5)Leviness Wellington Van Dusen
b. 6/18/1832 Canada d. 6/5/1912 Spokane, WA
m. 1855 to Mary Elizabeth Jones
Children of Leviness and Mary:
6)Ameres Orissa Van Dusen (my Great Grandmother)
b. 9/5/1856 in Lincoln, Canada
d. 7/22/1917 in Portland, Oregon - buried in Spokane, WA
m. 4/5/1875 in Holland City, Michigan to
George Andrew St. John
b. 5/30/1851 Rochester Canada
d. 11/11/1921 Forest Grove, Oregon - buried in Spokane
Children of Ameres and George:
7)James Bert St. John m. Sadie Weyant (Daughter: Edith)
7)Fred Vernon St. John m. Genevieve Carmody
8) (3 Sons: Vern (my father); Ronald; Glen Andrew;
2 Daughters: Felicity Orissa; Lillian)
7)Robert Coulbourne St. John m. Rosa Alma Graves
8) (2 daughters: Alma Eleanor; Edna Grace-
1 son: Albert Coulbourne)
7)Stewart Samuel St. John (never married)
7)George Grover St. John m. Nellie Weyant
7)Mary Kingsford St. John m. Sidney Albert Jones
8)(1 daughter: Esther S. (my mother)
7)Sydney Sylvester St. John
7)Lloyd Wellington St. John m. Mary Sylvia Astelford
8)(1 daughter: Lois)
7)Royal Dixon St. John m. Hazel Callison
8) (1 son: Clyde)
7)Ethel St. John
6)Eliza Van Dusen b. before 1860 in Canada
6)George E. Van Dusen b. before 4/27/1863 in Canada
6)Samuel C. Van Dusen b. before 6/8/1866 in Canada
6)William J. Van Dusen b. before 6/8/1868 in Canada
6)Daniel Wesley Van Dusen b. before 4/27/1870 in Michigan
6)Lydia M. Van Dusen b. before 6/19/1873 in Michigan
6)Sarah C. Van Dusen b. before 4/27/1876 in Michigan
d. After April 27, 1910 m. ? Aldrich
7)Pearl Aldrich b. before 4/27/1903
7)Dorris Aldrich b. before 4/27/1906)
5)John Humphrey Van Dusen
b. 2/16/1835 d. 7/5/1920 Poplar, Montana
m. 5/18/1858 to Sarah Ann Jones
b. 11/17/1841 d. 5/20/1933 Valley City, ND
Children of John and Sarah:
6)William Wellington Van Dusen b. 1/28/1858 d. 5/20/1895
m. Elizabeth Eleanor Baldwin
6)John Ambrose Van Dusen b. 10/18/1860 d. 1919
m. Clara Prilla Cline
6)Minnie Bertie Van Dusen b. 7/17/1866
m. 2/4/1885 to Emerson Elliott Baldwin in Mayville, ND
6)Emma Alice Van Dusen b. 4/23/1869 d. 3/29/1892
m. William Louis Stringer
6)Nettie Belle Van Dusen b. 5/28/1874 d. 4/15/1950
m. 1899 to Lewis N. Wood
5)Daniel Nirum Van Dusen b. 11/6/1845
m. 3/19/1868 to Elizabeth Jones b. 1/22/1845
3)Cornelia Van Deusen b. 1751
m. Gideon Vredenburgh b. 1790
Children of Cornelia & Gideon
4)Cornelia Vredenburgh b. 1774 Churchtown, NY
4)Anje Vredenburgh b. 1777 Gallatin, NY
4)Geesje Vredenburgh b. 8/25/1779 Linlithgo, NY
4)Elias Vredenburgh b. 4/25/1782 Linlithgo, NY
4)Abraham Vredenburgh b. 5/21/1787 Copake, NY

Ameres Orissa (Van Dusen) and George Andrew St. John left Ionia,
Michigan about 1886, stopping for about 12 years in North Dakota and a
couple of years in Oregon before settling in Spokane, Washington in 1902
where their youngest daughter, Ethel, was born. Leviness Wellington Van
Dusen (Ameres' father), her youngest sister, Sarah, and two of their
brothers, William Van Dusen and George Van Dusen were also living in

Wellington, William and George show up on the 1910 census as living with
Sarah and her two daughters in Spokane. No mention of Sarah's husband.
We have a copy of a newspaper picture and article for Wellington's 80th
birthday celebration here in Spokane, which shows four generations -
Wellington, Ameres, three of Ameres & George's sons and one daughter and
one of each of their children (including my mother and father at about
ages 3 & 6).

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