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From: "Steve and Barb" <>
Subject: [Van_Bibber-L] Re: Robert Howard, White Co TN
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 1999 02:49:07 -0500

Some information from my VAN BEBBER files concerning Robert HOWARD:
by Steve Smith
213 Reagan St
Cumberland Gap TN 37724


It is known thru testimony of Sarah DAVIES, the widow of Isaac VAN BIBBER,
I., in her court statements, that she and Isaac were the parents of SEVEN
children. After the death of Isaac in the Battle of Point Pleasant; which
was fought Oct 10, 1774; Sarah came into court and declared herself his
widow and the mother of seven children. The children were not named in this

Below is the testimony of her grandson, Isaac VAN BIBBER, III, in excerpts
from a letter to Lyman DRAPER in 1853 in which six of the seven children are

Danville, MO Oct 16, 1853
Mr. Draper, Dear Sir
Yesterday received your note of hte ________in which you
requested me to give you some of the memories of my parents and grand
parents, which I will do. So far as my memory serves me at present my
grandfather VAN BIBBER was born in Maryland; twelve miles from Baltimore and
before he married, him and his two brothers emigrated to GREENBRIER County,
Virginia.......Shortly after they went to Virginia, Isaac went south into
North Carolina and tehre married a planter's daughter by the name of DAVIS.
......My grandfather and grandmother were married which caused a great deal
of dis-satisfaction and ill feelings between DAVIS and his son-in-law, which
lasted during the life-time of my grandfather; My grandfather being an old
side Baptist preacher. After his death, his father-in-law came over and had
his grand-children Christened high Church men, with the exception of the
three oldest NANCY, PATTY, and PETER, who obstinately refused to except to
belong to the high Church of England. John, James, and Isaac (my father)
were Christened - my grandmother still belonging to that Church now. My
father always gave his birth as Oct. 12th 1771 and was born in Greenbrier
County. He died Sept 30th 1840 at his son-in-law's G. W. BURT, Calloway
County, MO. His father was killed by Indians on big Canhawa (Kanawha), in
1774. On 1842, there was an old man who stayed at my house by the name of
GLAZE?, moving with his son-in-law from Powell Valley, Tennessee, and he had
in his possessions an old family Bible that he stated to me that he bought
at HOWARD's Sale; my father's brother-in-law's Sale, it having been my
grandfather's Bible. In it I saw the record of my grandfather's marriage
and the birth's of his children, in his own handwriting, I suppose. I then
copied the dates. Isaac, (my grandfaterh), was born 17?8. My grandmother,
after the death of my grandfather, married a man by the name of GRIFFEN, and
my father, being the youngest, went to live with his Uncle James DAVIS, a
wealthy tobacco planter in North Carolina. He remained there until he was
grown. He then returned to see his relations, and fell in with Colonel
Andrew LEWIS and three of Andrew LEWIS sons, Louis WETSEL, who were bound
for Big Kanawha, the frontier of Virginia, in defence of their Colonel,
being the brother of Capt. Charles LEWIS, who was mortally wounded in the
same engagement that my grandfather fell and died in; thirty hours after he
was carried from the Battleground............
Yours in haste, Isaac VAN BEBBER

Now bearing in mind that the above letter was written some time after the
facts, this is still the best document found to identify SIX of the SEVEN
children of Isaac and Sarah VAN BEBBER, and also gives a HINT to the
identity of one of the Son's-in-law of Isaac and Sarah, a Mr. HOWARD, which
means he married one of the daughters. Now the letter identifies Nancy,
Patty, and Peter being the oldest; and then John, James, and Isaac; with
Isaac only being a small infant when his father died in 1774. The seventh
child is identified in GREENBRIER County Court Records of March 1786, when
the above Peter VAN BEBBER, which at that time was above age of 21, came
into court and named himself guardian of the minor aged children: Matthew,
John, Nancy, James, and Isaac VAN BEBBER. Now with this information we can
deduct that the complete list of children was: Peter and Patty the oldest
turning age 21 before March 1786; and then Nancy, Matthew, John, James, and
Isaac. This record showing the seventh child as being Matthew VAN BEBBER,
it is unknown to all VAN BEBBER researchers at this time what happened to
Matthew VAN BEBBER after this record was made. WE DO KNOW with certainty
that the following occured:

1. Peter VAN BEBBER, Sr., the eldest son of Isaac VAN BIBBER, I., and Sarah
DAVIS, married his first cousin Eleanor VAN BIBBER, in 1785 in Greenbrier
County, Virginia, she being the daughter of Peter VAN BIBBER, II., and
Margery BOUNDS. Peter VAN BIBBER, II., and Isaac VAN BIBBER, I., were
brothers, both being the sone of Peter VAN BEBBER, I., and Ann ___.
2. Peter, Sr., went into court and named himself guardian of the minor aged
siblings Matthew, John, Nancy, James, and Isaac VAN BEBBER in March 1786.
3. Patty Van Bebber had in about 1776 married to George YOAKUM, I., in
GREENBRIER County. Patty is a nickname for Martha.
4. Before May 1786, Peter and Eleanor VAN BEBBER, Martha and George YOAKUM,
Nancy, John, and James, all moved to Southwest Virginia into WASHINGTON
County into Powell Valley along the Powell River and built YOAKUM Station
for Indian defense in this western frontier. By this time Martha and
George YOAKUM had several children.
5. At the first county court meeting of the organization of RUSSELL County,
VA from WASHINGTON County, VA, on May 10, 1786 John VAN BEBBER was made
Lieutenant of the County Militia. In 1793 this area they lived became LEE
County, VA.
6. These five siblings continued to live in the Powell Valley Virginia area
from 1786 until about 1795 when they ALL moved further down the Valley into
what is now CLAIBORNE County, TN. I call them: Peter VAN BEBBER, Sr.;
Martha "Patty" VAN BEBBER; Nancy VAN BEBBER; John VAN BEBBER, Sr.: and James
VAN BEBBER, Sr. We also know that sibling Isaac VAN BIBBER, II., stayed
behind with other family members and later became connected with the BOONE
family and moved to Missouri. We DO NOT KNOW what became of sibling
Matthias or Matthew VAN BEBBER at this writing. We also know that Sarah
DAVIS later married William GRIFFEY/GRIFFEN. He is shown to have fought
with Isaac VAN BIBBER, I., and George YOAKUM, I., at the Battle of Point
Pleasant on Oct 10, 1774 in what is now Mason County, WV.

Since it is proven that there were two daughters and one being named Martha
or "Patty" VAN BEBBER married George YOAKUM, I., by deduction we know that
Nancy VAN BEBBER married a man by the name of Mr. HOWARD. Now the name of
this Mr. HOWARD is the reason for me to write this letter to everyone. WHAT

Below is some records I found in my Powell Valley Research of this family in
trying to find the identity of this man. I will only show those records
pertinent to his identity.

1. On Dec 13, 1792 Andrew LEWIS reported to the Governor of the State of
Virginia the names of County Militia for WASHINGTON County Militia that were
paid in that quarter. Among the thirteen named men that lived in Powell
Valley that were paid were James VANBIBBER, Private,(served 3 months and 5
days); and Robert HOWARD, Private, (served 2 months and 26 days). Also
on this list were men unpaid and among the list of seven men in the Valley
was George YOCKIM, private ( served 2 months and 22 days)

2. On Oct 25, 1792 a bill was passed and enacted to create LEE County from
RUSSELL County, Virginia. The new county was to be started on May 13,1793.
Among those who petitioned for the new county in the western part of RUSSEL
County were in this order: .....John HOOVER, Robert HOWARD, George YOAKUM,
John VAN BIBBER.... Also on the list was James VAN BIBBER and several other
men found in VAN BEBBER history. From this list it may be said that
Robert HOWARD was a neighbor of George YOAKUM and John VAN BEBBER and it is
known that George YOAKUM and John VAN BEBBER lived at the YOAKUM Station
near present day Dryden, Virginia. It is possible to this researcher that
Robert HOWARD was also at the YOAKUM Station, which was important at this
time for Indian defense in this community.

3. March 3, 1794 Lee County, Virginia.
On this date Robert HOWARD and Peter VAN BEBBER signed as witnesses to the
Last Will and Testament of John HOOVER. It is known that James VAN BEBBER,
Sr., younger brother of Peter VAN BEBBER, Sr., married Hannah HOOVER, who
was a relative of John HOOVER. Both Robert and Peter signed the Will in
their own legible hand writing. A copy of the will is on file in LEE
County, Va.

4. In the 1795 LEE County Tax List the following paid taxes: Robert
HOWARD, Peter VAN BEBBER, James VAN BEBBER, and George YOAKUM. It is
interesting to note that John VAN BEBBER was not on this list as he was on
earlier lists and it is thought at this time he may have already moved to
the HAWKINS County, Tennessee area of Powell Valley, where it is known that
all these men were there by the following year of 1796 when Tennesee became
a state.

5. 1799 GRAINGER County, Tennessee Tax List: Robert HOWARD, James VAN
BIBBER, John VAN BIBER, Peter VAN BEBBER, and George YOAKUM paid taxes in
Powell Valley, Grainger County, Tennessee in 1799. Taxes were taken by John
VAN BIBBER, Esquire in the bounds of Captain William BOWMAN's Company. This
area became CLAIBORNE County in Oct 1801.

6. May 18, 1801, Grainger County, Tennessee Court Minutes, Book 1, Page
"Ordered that Martha YOKUM & Isaac YOKUM have the right of
Administration on the Estate of Geroge YOKUM Deceased who gave John
VANBIBBER and Robert HOWARD their Securities in the Sum of Five thousand
Dollars & wre qualifyed Accordingly ... let Letters of Administration
Isd. 20 Jun 1801"
This document shows Martha YOKUM, the widow of the deceased George YOAKUM,
and thier oldest son, Isaac YOKUM, age 22, as administrators of the estate.
George died Oct 28, 1800 in a bear hunt in the Cumberland Mountains. John
VAN BEBBER was the brother of Martha and was a county magistrate. Robert
HOWARD is also believe to be the husband of Nancy VAN BEBBER, the sister of
Martha and John.

7. June 1802, CLAIBORNE County, Tennessee:
Quarterly Court Minutes, June Session, 1802, Book 1, page 50;
"William GRIFFETH was appointed Constable, who gave for his securities
John VAN BEBBER and Robert HOWARD and was sworn in Open Court to support the
Constitution of the United States & of hte State of Tennessee & took the
oath of office in Open Court."
This is an interesting document. It appears at this time that William
GRIFFEY/GRIFFITH, the Step-father of John VAN BEBBER, has moved from
GREENBRIER County, Virginia to CLAIBORNE County, Tennesse at some time and
is now appointed a Constable.

8. March Term of Court, 1803, Claiborne County, Tennessee, Minutes book 1,
page 112.
Robert HOWARD is a jury member in the case Salathiel MARTIN vs. Elisha

9. September Term of Court, 1805, Claiborne County, TN., Minutes book 2,
page 177:
"Robert HOWART, by John VAN BIBBER, records the Ear Mark of his stock
with a swallow fork and under bit out of each ear."
In the above statement it appears that Robert HOWARD has asked John VAN
BEBBER to record his ear mark for his stock, very important in that day of
time when animals escaped and sometimes stolen. With this relationship it
appears possible that John VAN BEBBER and Robert HOWARD were close friends.
This is the last record I have of Robert HOWARD in CLAIBORNE County,

10. Sep 3, 1806, Claiborne County Court Minutes, Book 3, page 12:
Peter HOWARD makes a bill of sale to William DEERY for a stud horse. It is
unknown who Peter HOWARD is in relation to Robert HOWARD, but a note is made
because of the name HOWARD.

11. November 1807, Claiborne County Book 3, Page 129:
William GRIFFETH is appointed by the court a jury member.

12. November 1808, Claiborne County Deed book B, Pages 55 and 56:
John VAN BEBBER sells 417 acres of land to Moses DAVIS, son of Aaron DAVIS.
William GRIFFETH witnesses the Deed along with George YOAKUM.
What was the relationship of John VAN BEBBER to Moses DAVIS and William

13. May Court, Claiborne County, TN. Book 5, page 120:
Ignatious HOWARD is defendant to the State and has for securities John VAN
BEBBER and Henry LONG. This is a Peace Warrant.
Research has shown that one Ignatius HOWARD and one William HOWARD married
daughters of Peter VAN BEBBER, Sr., and Eleanor VAN BIBBER.

With the above information, this researcher STRONGLY believes the husband of
Nancy VAN BEBBER was Robert HOWARD because almost always when Robert HOWARD
is found in a record it is with some connection to the VAN BEBBER family.
More research in RUSSELL County may show more information on Robert HOWARD.
When this researcher visited this County for records on the VAN BEBBER
Family, he was not aware of the HOWARD/VAN BEBBER connection.

Now that new information has been found showing that Robert HOWARD and
possibly with wife Nancy VAN BEBBER, moved to WHITE County, Tennessee around
or before 1808, there is good hope that new evidence will be found
concerning this family and the VAN BEBBER connection.

Comments and questions welcomed
Thank you
Steve Smit

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