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Michael Alan Lewis
12th generation lineal male descendent of George Lewis of Llys Talybont,
Llandaff Parish, Glamorgan, Wales

on 3/7/07 6:08 AM, J. Lewis at wrote:

> Hmm! I suppose Lake Superior is partly frozen again. If you ever pass
> the area can you see if you can find my dad's aeroplane. He crashed a
> WW2 Halifax bomber into that lake in 1941? and lost it. All eight on
> board got out and walked to safety across the ice. That's what he told
> me anyway. :-)
> Embarrassing really, as he was training some of your pilots to fly the
> damn thing when the wire control lines froze solid.
> I still have the leather jacket he wore at the time which has two
> squadron patch badges sewn on the sleeves, one British and one Canadian.

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