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From: Bob Walker <>
Subject: WALKER, John 1789-1873, TN, KY, TX (Long)
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 1996 14:16:57 -0800 (PST)

Is the world ready for one more John WALKER. :) John's migration pattern was
Knox Co., KY until 1818, then Clay Co., KY until 1822, then Perry Co., KY
until ca. 1871, then Delta Co., TX.

I believe his siblings to be Christopher WALKER b. 1794, Sarah WALKER b.
1795, James WALKER b. 1799, and Brice/Bryce WALKER b. 1803, all in TN or KY.

Would appreciate hearing from anyone familar with this family.

Regards....Bob Walker

1. John W. "Squirrelman" WALKER born abt 1790, KY or TN (NC), married
8-Mar-1818, in Clay County, Kentucky, Polly DEVERS, born abt 1796, Tennessee
or Kentucky, died Aft. June 1870, Prob. in Pecan Gap, Texas, Buried: Waller
Graveyard, Ben Franklin, TX. John died 10/1870-12/1873, Pecan Gap, TX,
Buried: Waller Graveyard, Ben Franklin, TX.
2. i John "Redneck" WALKER born 15-Nov-1814, married
Elizabeth "Polly" COMBS, born 6-Dec-1820, died
29-Jul-1893. John died 5-Feb-1898, Hazard, KY, Buried:
Old Petry Cem., Walkertown, Perry, KY. [possible son]
+ 3. ii Martha WALKER born 1826.
+ 4. iii William Devers WALKER born 1827.
+ 5. iv Alexander Sherman (Alex) WALKER born 11-Apr-1830.
+ 6. v James Calhoun WALKER born 26-Jul-1837.

Second Generation

3. Martha WALKER born 1826, married abt. 1841, James MARTIN. Martha
died bef. 1868, near Trenton, TN.
7. i Rebecca MARTIN born abt. 1842, TN.
8. ii Nancy MARTIN born abt. 1844, TN.
9. iii William MARTIN born abt. 1848, TN.
10. iv Martha MARTIN born abt. 1849, TN.

4. William Devers WALKER born 1827, Perry County, KY, married 1852,
Susannah MARTIN, born Abt 1830, Floyd County, KY, (daughter of David
MARTIN and Fanny ROSE) died 1867, Perry County (now Knott Co.), KY.
William died Spring 1875, Delta Co, TX, Buried: Waller Cem., Ben
Franklin, TX.
11. i Mary Ann WALKER born 10-Mar-1854, Perry County, KY,
married 12-Jun-1873, in Perry Co., KY, Jessie Monroe
(Roe) ADAMS, born 12-May-1852, Mayking, Letcher, KY,
(son of William T. ADAMS and Sarah HALL) died
25-Jan-1928, Pecan Gap, TX. Mary died 23-Oct-1926,
Pecan Gap, TX.
12. ii John Bud WALKER born 17-Jan-1857, Perry County, KY,
married 10-May-1899, in Newkirk, Kay Co., Okla.
Territory, Dorrit DONELSON, born 11-Sep-1879, Elgin,
KN, (daughter of John Clark Walker DONELSON and Anna
May FINDLEY) died 13-Feb-1953, St. Louis, MO, Buried:
Memorial Park Cem., Tulsa, OK. John died 12-May-1940,
Tulsa, OK, Buried: Memorial Park Cem., Tulsa, OK.
13. iii Clarinda (Clara) WALKER born 23-Nov-1859, Perry County,
KY, married 23-Nov-1880, in Pecan Gap, TX, Albert W.
RICHARDSON, born 31-Oct-1854, Oglethorpe County, GA,
(son of David Thornton RICHARDSON and Elizabeth TATE)
died 13-Jan-1932, Honey Grove, TX. Clarinda died
14-Mar-1932, Honey Grove, TX.
14. iv Fanny WALKER born 1861, Perry Co., KY, died August
1875, Delta Co., TX.

5. Alexander Sherman (Alex) WALKER born 11-Apr-1830, Perry Co., KY,
married (1) Abt. 1847, in Floyd Co., KY, Mary Elizabeth (Betsy)
ALLEN, born abt. 1834, KY (1850 Census), married (2) Feb. 14, a1860,
in Carter Co., KY, Olive UNDERWOOD, born June 1840, Virginia (1900
Carter Co., KY Census), died 3-Mar-1906, Enterprise, KY. Alexander
died 19-Aug-1900, Enterprise, Carter, KY, Buried: Affield Cemetary.
Children by Mary Elizabeth (Betsy) ALLEN:
15. i William M. WALKER born 24-Dec-1848, Near Enterprise,
Carter, KY, married (1) 12-Sep-1876, in Pecan Gap, TX
(license iss Fannin Co. TX, Mary (Mollie) GREGORY, died
1879, Delta Co., TX, married (2) 18-Jul-1887, in
Kaufman Co., TX, Laura Belle (Barker) FOGUS, died
28-Oct-1942, Dallas, TX, Buried: Rose Hill Cem. near
Terrell, TX. William died 7-Feb-1907, Dallas, TX,
Buried: Rose Hill Cem. near Terrell, TX.
16. ii Baby Girl WALKER born 25-Dec-1851, Perry Co., KY, died
25-Dec-1851, Perry Co., KY.
17. iii John (Jack) WALKER born 1852, died 1917/1918, Altus,
18. iv Dave WALKER born 20-Sep-1853, Perry County, KY.
19. v Mary WALKER born 3-Apr-1858, Hazard, KY, married
18-Dec-1888, in Centralia, IL, Matthew William CRESSE,
born 29-Dec-1854, Rock Creek, IL, died 9-Nov-1942,
Elwood, IL. Mary died 3-Dec-1943, Will County, IL.
Children by Olive UNDERWOOD:
20. vi Amelia A. (Minnie) WALKER born 1862, Enterprise, KY,
married 27-Jan-1881, in Pecan Gap, TX, Jim T. DENNIS,
died 1908, Cedar Hill, TX. Amelia died Pecan Gap, TX,
Buried: Waller Graveyard, Ben Franklin, TX.
21. vii James M. WALKER born Oct. 1866, Hayward, KY, married
14-May-1903, in Paris, KY, Laura GRAVITT.
22. viii Fred WALKER born Jan 1882, Texas (Probably Delta
County), died 3-Mar-1937, Probably Carter County,

6. James Calhoun WALKER born 26-Jul-1837, Hazard, Perry, KY, married
19-Mar-1861, in Floyd Co., Kentucky, Catherine MARTIN, born
6-Feb-1841, Perry Co., KY, (daughter of John MARTIN and Anna
GEARHART) died 26-Jan-1905, Pecan Gap, Delta, TX, Buried: Pecan Gap
Cementary. James died 30-Dec-1879, Pecan Gap, Delta, TX, Buried:
Waller Graveyard, Ben Franklin, TX.
23. i Addam (Add) Martin WALKER born 5-Sep-1862, near Hazard,
KY, married 15-Nov-1885, in Pecan Gap, TX, Eliza
Lonella HENSLEY, born 21-Oct-1870, Cooper, TX, died
6-Jul-1901, Pecan Gap, TX, Buried: Pecan Gap, TX.
Addam died 23-Feb-1902, Pecan Gap, TX, Buried: Pecan
Gap, TX.
24. ii Georgia Anna WALKER born 11-Apr-1869, Delta Co., TX,
married 26-Oct-1887, in Pecan Gap, TX, Sam D. MILLER,
born 4-Mar-1865, died 30-Aug-1955, Pecan Gap, TX.
Georgia died 3-Jan-1959, Tyler, TX.
25. iii Thomas Frederick WALKER born 30-Dec-1872, Delta County,
TX, died 26-Jul-1878, Delta County, TX, Buried: Waller
Graveyard, Ben Franklin, TX.
26. iv Mary Lulu WALKER born 21-Jan-1876, Pecan Gap, TX,
married 26-Jun-1897, Charles MILLER, born 1874, died
1939, Buried: Pecan Gap, TX. Mary died 1958,
Dennison/Ennis, TX.

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