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Subject: Re: Descendants of Isaac Newton Walker
Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:14:02 +0000


Several years ago I ordered from the LDS a book on microfilm
published by a family in Montgomery Co. TX that was a history on
their ancestors. The name was Issac Walker Sr. b. abt 1780-90 NC and
wife Milley. They moved to TN where their first children James and
William were born, then to MS bet 1808-17 where Asa George Washington
Walker and Issac Newton Jr. were born 1817 and 1819 respectively. If
you have a TX connection let me know and I'll see if I can find the
LDS number for you.

H. Walker

BTW I think we've all heard enough on the Census Lookup issue!

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Subject: Descendants of Isaac Newton Walker
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 22:21:08 -0600

Greetings once again to all. For those of you who have already seen this
inquiry, I apologize, but I am reposting it in hope that a new member may
recognize these people. I am looking for any information on Isaac Newton
Walker, his family, and his ancestors. Does anyone out there recognize this
line? Thanks!

Walter Fuller

genealogy database: http://www.gower.net/wfuller/genealogy.html

Descendants of Isaac Newton Walker

Generation No. 1

1. ISAAC NEWTON WALKER was born Abt 1780 in North Carolina, and died in
Mississippi. He married MILLY Abt 1804 in North Carolina or Tennessee.

Children of Isaac Walker and Milly are:
2.i.JAMES WALKER, b. 1805, Tennessee.
3.ii.WILLIAM EDSEL H. WALKER, b. 1808, Tennessee; d. Unknown.
4.iii.ASA GEORGE WASHINGTON WALKER, b. 1817, Mississippi; d. February
1897, San Jacinto County, Texas.
5.iv.ISAAC NEWTON WALKER, JR., b. 1819, Mississippi; d. February 05,
1860, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
v.MELISSA WALKER, b. Unknown; m. ISAAC FARMER, August 18, 1853, Bienville
Parish, Louisiana.

Generation No. 2

2. JAMES WALKER (ISAAC NEWTON) was born 1805 in Tennessee. He married

Children of James Walker and Nancy are:
i.STEPHEN WALKER, b. 1836, Mississippi; m. NANCY JANE MCMULLIN, February
27, 1856, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
ii.JOSHUA JAMES WALKER, b. 1848; m. SARAH JANE MOFFETT, October 27, 1867,
Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

3. WILLIAM EDSEL H. WALKER (ISAAC NEWTON) was born 1808 in Tennessee, and
died Unknown. He married (1) ?. He married (2) DRUCILLA COLLINS July 28,
1864 in Newton County, Texas.

Children of William Walker and ? are:
i.GEORGE W. WALKER, b. 1848; m. NEPPY BURNS, September 06, 1972,
Montgomery County, Texas.
ii.JOSEPH S. WALKER, b. 1850; d. April 18, 1936; m. MARY ESTER WEST,
February 04, 1867.
iii.MARTHA WALKER, b. 1851.
iv.MARION WALKER, b. 1852; m. LUCY HAMLET, May 04, 1877, Calcasieu
Parish, Louisiana.
December 23, 1876, Montgomery County, Texas.
vi.MARY WALKER, b. 1857.

Children of William Walker and Drucilla Collins are:
vii.AARON WALKER, b. 1865.
viii.WILLIAM WALKER, b. 1866.
ix.DRUCILLA WALKER, b. 1870.

Mississippi, and died February 1897 in San Jacinto County, Texas. He
married (1) SUSAN LORANEY CARPENTER April 27, 1835 in Carroll County,
Mississippi. He married (2) MARTHA ANN REEVES August 19, 1876 in
Montgomery County, Texas, daughter of ? Reeves and Roxanne.

Children of Asa Walker and Susan Carpenter are:
i.MARTHA ANN WALKER, b. 1836, Mississippi; d. May 29, 1908; m. MAJOR
ELLIS PARKER, October 05, 1854, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
ii.ISAAC A. WALKER, b. 1838, Mississippi; d. Bef 1865; m. HOLLIE
ELIZABETH KOONCE, June 17, 1857, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
iii.WILLIAM JAMES WALKER, b. September 30, 1839, Mississippi; d. February
14, 1904; m. HOLLIE ELIZABETH KOONCE, May 05, 1865, Calcasieu Parish,
iv.JASPER N. WALKER, b. 1841, Mississippi.
v.JOHN JACKSON WALKER, b. March 17, 1843, Hinds County, Mississippi; d.
August 20, 1915; m. MARY ANN KOONCE.
vi.MILLY ANN WALKER, b. October 16, 1844, Mississippi; d. October 31,
1911; m. JOHN LOUIS COLLINS, August 09, 1865, Newton County, Texas.
vii.SUSAN ANN WALKER, b. April 21, 1847, Mississippi; d. April 24, 1904;
m. JOHN WESLEY MCWILLIAMS, January 25, 1872.
viii.ROBERT THOMPSON WALKER, b. March 07, 1849, Mississippi; d. October
12, 1917; m. MARGANIA PULLIAM, January 11, 1869, Calcasieu Parish,
ix.SAPHRONIA ELIZABETH WALKER, b. July 18, 1850, Bienville Parish,
Louisiana; d. 1900; m. JACKSON NAPOLEON PARKER.
x.DAVID DERRELL WALKER, b. 1852, Bienville Parish, Louisiana; m. MISSOURI
xi.OWEN MONROE WALKER, b. December 08, 1856, Bienville Parish, Louisiana;
d. February 06, 1929; m. MARY ELLEN DEAN, December 06, 1879, San Jacinto
County, Texas.

Child of Asa Walker and Martha Reeves is:
xii.GEORGE ANN WALKER, b. August 22, 1878, Montgomery County, Texas; d.
September 03, 1969, Tyler, Smith County, Texas; m. DANIEL MORGAN DAVIS,
November 04, 1897, Montgomery County, Texas.

5. ISAAC NEWTON WALKER, JR. (ISAAC NEWTON) was born 1819 in Mississippi,
and died February 05, 1860 in Bienville Parish, Louisiana. He married (1)
JANE WILLIAMS October 14, 1838 in Hinds County, Mississippi, daughter of
James Williams and Francis. He married (2) MARY PARKER September 28, 1854
in Bienville Parish, Louisiana, daughter of Benjamin Parker and Dempsy

Children of Isaac Walker and Jane Williams are:
i.ASA GEORGE WASHINGTON WALKER, b. 1839, Hinds County, Mississippi; d.
Unknown; m. FRANCIS HILBERN, December 03, 1857, Bienville Parish,
ii.ROBERT J. WALKER, b. 1841, Hinds County, Mississippi.
iii.CORDELIA JANE WALKER, b. January 01, 1844, Hinds County, Mississippi;
d. November 08, 1930; m. (1) SAMUEL A. MCKEE; m. (2) LEMUEL ANDREW
CRAIGHEAD, October 1866.
iv.SEYMOUR COLUMBUS WALKER, b. 1846, Hinds County, Mississippi; d.
January 23, 1923, Kirbyville, Jasper County, Texas; m. (1) MARGARET
ANGELINE PARKER, December 17, 1867, Newton County, Texas; m. (2) ANNE
CAROLINE SWEET, April 22, 1880, Montgomery County, Texas.
v.EDWARD FRANKLIN WALKER, b. 1849, Bienville Parish, Louisiana; d.
December 02, 1937; m. (1) CORDELIA PULLIAM; m. (2) WILLIAM REBECCA DAVIS,
August 19, 1879, Montgomery County, Texas.
vi.LOUVENIA M. WALKER, b. 1851, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.

Children of Isaac Walker and Mary Parker are:
viii.ROSE ANN WALKER, b. 1858.
ix.WALKER, b. 1860.

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