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From: "Hope C. Pees" <>
Subject: [WALKER-L] Lunenburg County, Virginia, USA
Date: Sat, 12 Jun 1999 07:31:37 -0700

Have not been able to determine the parents of my ancestor, Thomas Walker.
would appreciate any information at all.

Seguin, Texas

Family Group Report - June 12, 1999

Husband: Thomas WALKER
Birth: About 1699/1709
Death: June 6, 1793 Place: Nottoway County, Virginia
Father: Perhaps Thomas WALKER
Mother: JORDAN(?)
Marriage: About 1735 Place: Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Wife: Elizabeth "Betty" ELLIS
Death: Before 1798
Father: John ELLIS Sr. (1685-1762)
Mother: Sarah AUSTIN(?)
1. M Child: Thomas WALKER Jr.
Birth: About 1737 Place: Lunenburg County, Virginia
Death: October 18, 1802 Place: Lunenburg County, Virginia
Spouse: Mary BEUFORD
Marriage: Place: Lunenburg County, Virginia
Spouse: Susannah KEMP
Marriage: December 20, 1783 Place: Lunenburg County, Virginia
2. M Child: John WALKER
Birth: About 1740
Spouse: (Walker, Thomas, Wife Of)
3. F Child: Elizabeth "Betty" WALKER
Birth: About 1750 Place: Amelia County, Virginia
Death: After 1832 Place: Greenville County, South Carolina
Spouse: John SAMMON Sr.
Marriage: About 1772 Place: Probably Virginia
4. M Child: Henry WALKER Sr.
Birth: About 1744/1745 Place: Probably Spotsylvania County, Virginia
Death: June 5, 1815 Place: Giles County, Tennessee
Burial: Place: Walker Cemetery, Giles County, Tennessee
Spouse: Susannah JEFFRESS
Marriage: About 1766 Place: Amelia County, Virginia (Perhaps Nottaway
5. M Child: Richard WALKER
Birth: About 1745 Place: Amelia County, Virginia
Death: December 14, 1801 Place: Mecklenberg County, Virginia
Religion: Will probated December 14, 1801
Spouse: Lucy WILLIAMS
6. F Child: Susannah WALKER
Birth: About 1745 Place: Probably Virginia
Spouse: Zachariah HOOPER
7. F Child: Mary WALKER
Birth: About 1746
Spouse: Benjamin JONES
8. F Child: Barbara WALKER
Birth: About 1749/1750 Place: Virginia
Death: Before January 25, 1819 Place: Probably Elbert County, Georgia
Spouse: Matthew Jouett WILLIAMS
Marriage: September 1772 Place: King & Queen County, Virginia
9. F Child: Martha "Patty" "Polly" WALKER
Birth: About 1750
Death: After April 18, 1816 Place: Lunenburg County, Virginia
Spouse: David WOOD

Husband’s Notes...

Thomas Walker Sr. may be the grandson of one THOMAS WALKER who died circa
1760. In this Thomas's will he names a son, Thomas, and two grandsons
Thomas. One is the son of a deceased son and the other is Thomas, son of
Thomas. To this grandson Thomas, son of Thomas, he leaves a slave, a
mulatto boy, Lewis.

In the 1784 Lunenburg County, Virginia Tax Records, Thomas Walker Jr. has a
slave listed as Lewis

The DAR says that Thomas Walker, Senior performed "Patriotic Service" for
Virginia during the Revolution and they list him as born about 1719 and died
about June 6, 1793, Virginia. He married BETTY ________.

The following coped from Notes of Mrs. Carl C. Dotson.

Dorman Book 2, page 109

It is ordered George Chapman to be overseer of the road from the line
between this and Spotsylvania County to the main road that leads to Conway's
Warehouse and to have Michel Smith's, Joseph Stevens, Geo. Goodloe's &
Marshall's, William Emmerson's, and Joseph Waring Jr. people to assist him
in clearing the same and also to have Marshal's and Ellis's gang to clear
the road the first time.


Claim of A. Speirs & Co., Lunenburg Store:

page 53

Thomas Walker, Senr., Account pounds 64.18.11 1/2. He died in Nottoway
County about 1796, solvent. His son Richard Walker of Lunenburg County
qualified as executor and has sufficiency of assets. He says his testator
claimed an additional credit for a quantity of tobacco furnished John
Patterson which was not credited. He believes part of the debt is still
justy due and has bond from the several legatees to refund in case the debt
was recovered.

The following information from DAR application of Eleanor Charles Coleman
Garrick, wife of David Pickens Garrick, Jr., Route 2, Box 617, Marietta,
South Carolina 29661, dated March 5, 1985. Approved November 5, 1986.

Thomas Walker Sr., who was quite an old man when the Revolutionary War
began, did Public Service by furnishing supplies for his country. He
furnished beef supplies for the Continental Army as per record.

Thomas Walker's four sons served as soldiers and officers and also, some of
his sons-in-law are known to have given service to their country.

Source: Public Service Claims: Amelia County, Virginia, Public Court Book
I, Number 5 - Microfiche.
"Fourth Order Book I, Amelia County, Virginia"

Reference Notes:
®210 ®173 ®185

Will Book 1, Nottoway County, Virginia

With Inventory and Accounts, 1789-1802

page 89:


In the name of God amen. I Thomas Walker of the parish and county of
Nottoway being in good health and perfect disposing mind and memory but
knowing the uncertainty of this mortal life do make constitute and appoint
this to be my last will and testament in manner and form following VIZ

After all my just debts are paid I give and dispose of my estate as follows:

Item: I lend to my loving wife Betty Walker the whole of my estate both
real and personal during her life or widowhood and at her death to dispose
of one half of the land I now live on as she thinks proper, also at the
death of my wife I desire that the whole of my stock of horses cattle hogs
and sheep be sold and divided between my children Thomas Walker, Henry
Walker, Richard Walker, Mary Jones, Betty Sammons, Susannah Hooper, Barbara
Williams, Polly Wood and John Walker's children ---

Item: I give to my daughter Susannah Hooper one half of the land I now live
on when divided for her to take her choice to her and her heirs forever ---

Item: I give the other half of my land to my grandson Allen Walker to him
and his heirs forever ---

My will is that my wife Betty Walker shall dispose of all my household
furniture at her death as she thinks proper ---

Item: My desire is that all the negroes that I have let my children have in
their possession to them with their future increase ---

Item: I give to my son Richard Walker my negro man named Reubin ---

Item: My will and desire is that all the negroes that I now have not given
with the future increase at my and my wife's death be equally divided
between my children VIZ -- Henry Walker, Richard Walker, Mary Jones, Betty
Sammons, Susannah Hooper, Barbara Williams, Polly Wood and the children of
John Walker to them and their heirs forever.

Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty second day
of June 1792.

Signed, sealed and acknowledged in the presence of:

Peter Lamkin
Daniel Walker
John Haymes

Thos. Walker (Seal)

Acknowledged by witnesses 6 June 1793

page 94: Inventory and appraisement by
Samuel Jordan, Thomas Jordan, John Evans on June 7, 1793.

Slaves: Eve and John, 70; Chloe, Will, Dilsa & James, 100; Ellick, 70; Bob,
70; Mary, 35; Sam 100.

At a court held for Nottoway County on Thursday the 6th day of June 1793
this last will and testament of Thomas Walker was {illegible} into court &
proved by the oaths of two of the witnesses thereunto and ordered to be
recorded and on the motion of Richard Walker, one of the Executors therein
named who under oath to the {illegible} and entered into and acknowledged
{illegible} with {illegible} as the law directs {illegible} is granted him
to obtain probate thereof in due form.

[From records of Nottoway County on microfilm in the Virginia State
Archives. Sent to me by Susan Johanson June 2, 1998]

Nottoway County, Virginia
Order Book No. 2
pp 226-27 (1798)

Thomas Walker, Henry Walker, Benjamin Jones and Mary his wife, John Sammons
and Betty his wife, Susannah Hooper, Matthew Williams and Barbara his wife,
David Wood and Patty his wife, which said Thomas, Henry, Mary, Betty,
Susanna, Barbara and Patty are children of Thomas Walker deceased, also
Benjamin Walker, Jacob Wray and Elizabeth his wife, William Walker, Mary
Walker, Barbara Walker and Thomas Walker, Jr. which said last mentioned
Benjamin, Elizabeth, William, Mary, Barbara and Thomas Walker, Jr. are
children of John Walker dec'd who was a son of Thomas Walker, Sr. dec'd
against Richard Walker, executor of Thomas Walker deceased.

This day came the parties by George Craighead their counsel and the
defendant acknowledging the service of a subpoena this cause came on to be
heard on the bill answer and exhibit whereof it is decreed and ordered that
the defendant do render his account current as executor of the deceased
before John Doswell, William Doswell, John Evans, Burrel Smith and Thomas
Jordan or any three of them who are appointed commissioners to state and
adjust the same after which the said commissioners or any three of them are
directed to divide in equal parts or portions so each of the following
persons to wit to Henry Walker, Richard Walker, Mary Jones, Betty Sammons,
Susannah Hooper, Barbara Williams, Patty Wood, and to the children of John
Walker dec'd who are mentioned in the said bill and agreeable to the said
will so that one of said 8th equal parts be assigned to the children of the
said John Walker deceased and that the said commissioners or any three of
them do divide the residue of the personal estate of the said decedent into
nine equal parts and that they do allot and assign unto such of the
following persons one of said lots or portions to wit to Thomas Walker,
Henry Walker, Barbaray [sic] Walker, Mary Jones, Betty Sammons, Susannah
Hooper, Barbara [sic] Williams, Patty Wood, and to the children of John
Walker deceased as named in the said bill so that one of said portions be
equally divided among the children of the said John Walker, and it is
further ordered and decreed that the aforesaid legatees shall refund to the
said executor their proportion of the said estate in case any debts or other
demands should hereafter appear, to render such restitution necessary, and
that they return a report of their proceedings to the Court.

(Report of commissioners dated 4th September 1800, is recorded in Nottoway
County Order Book No. 4, page 109.)

Last Modified: June 12, 1999

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