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From: Faye Moran <>
Subject: My Wall notes
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 1997 13:01:51 -0400 (EDT)

Here are some of my notes that I've made over the past several months while
looking for the parents of George W. Wall (b. ca. 1829) in the
Stokes/Forsyth Counties, North Carolina. Hopefully it will help others that
are researching in this area.

Pls. remembert that these are only my NOTES, nothing is set in concrete at
this point.

Children of Bird Wall m. Lucy Griffin in 1809 (probably d/o John Griffin and
Sally Parrish)
James Masten Wall (b. 1816 in VA) m. 1) Rebecca Barr m. 2) Rebecca Booze m.
3) Nancy Fulk Carolisles


Children of James Masten Wall and Rebecca Barr
Andrew Jackson Wall
Martha Wall m. Moser
Temperance (Tempsy) Wall m. 1) Stone m. 2) Vest
Lucy Wall m. Loggins
George Wall (died in KY)


Children of James Masten Wall and Nancy Fulk Carolisles
Adam Wall ______not sure about this one


Children of George Wall and unknown
James Mastin Wall Jr. (Maury Co TN)
Isaac B. Wall
John Wall
Senthy Wall m. Chandler
William J. Wall
Allie C. Wall (b. 1845) m. 1) Harriet Elizabeth Payne m. 2) Sarah Jane
Scales (m. in 1886)

(Who is the A. C. Wall that married Martha Wright in 1893??, Forsyth County)


Children of Allie C. Wall and Harriet Elizabeth Payne
Robert Lee Wall (1871-1910) m. Flora Hutchinson
Charles Alexander Wall (1875-1944) m. Rosa Mae Hill
James Andrew Wall (1876-1962) m. 1) Sarah (Sallie) Belle Martin (1881-1929)
m. 2) Louvie Joyce Bullins (1889-1930)
George Washington Wall (b. 1880 -d. 1943) m. Nancy Jane Knight (1887-1956)
Harriet Wall (c1883-1932) m. John Reed (died in Warren Ohio)

Children of Allie C. Wall and Sarah Jane Scales
Fannie Wall (1887-1977) m. Frank Moorefield
Allie Herman Wall (1889-1950) m. Ola Pilcher (b. 1893)
John William Wall (1891-1956) m. Annie Lucy Neal (b. 1894)
Albert Ottaway Wall (1893-d. 1975) m. Edna Violet Vernon (1896-1972)
Sarah Lemma Rebecca Wall (1895-1974) m. Robah Scales Culler (1893-1976)

Another Wall Family (Lived near Madison)


Children of Robert Wall (b. c. 1710/20) and wife unknown (lived in Calvert
Co, MD) (moved to Culpepper VA)
Zachariah Wall I (1741-18ll/1816) m. Annie Everette (1737-1819)

(Robert Wall moved to NC in 1797 on Beaver Island Creek on the land of
Anthony Dearing who received a grant of land from Governor Martin in 1784)

Children of Zacharia Wall and Annie Everette
Robert Wall (1763-1844) m. Fannie Parsons (1767-1807) (m. 1787, Culpepper VA)

(Robert Wall's family moved to NC in 1797 on Beaver Island Creek on the land
of Anthony Dearing who received a grant of land from Governor Martin in
1784) In 1797 Zachariah moved in the vicinity of Madison NC.


Children of Robert Wall and Fannie Parsons
Zachariah Wall (1785-1851) m. 1) Elizabeth Granville Smith (m. c. 1815) m.
2) Jane Peoples m. 3) Elizabeth Zieglar


Children of Zachariah Wall and 1) Elizabeth Smith
Robert Wall (b. 1816-1890) m. Penelope Lindsey Smith (a widow) (1819-1883)

Children of Zachariah and 2) Jane Peoples
Zachariah (b. 1827) m. Celia Matthews
Lizzie Jane


Children of Zachariah D. (?) Wall (1837) and Celia Matthews (d/o James and
Eliza Matthews) (James d. 1856/57 Henry Co, VA)
James M. Wall
Elizabeth Jane
Walter Zachariah
Samuel Granville (or Granville S.) (1859-1945) m. Sallie McAnally
John D. Wall (died 1906) m. Molly G.
Charles R. Wall
Nannie Wall m. McNally
Muncey Wall
Hunter G. Wall (died 1930) (his parents are listed as D. Wall and Celia
Matthews on Death Certificate)
Catherina Wall m. Charles A. Reynolds

5th Children of Robert Wall and Penelope Lindsey Smith (a widow) (1819-1883)
Zachariah Lindsay Wall (1844-1890) m. Susan Elizabeth Wester (1848-1928)

Children of Samuel Granville and Sallie McAnally
Walter Zachariah

Children of Zachariah Lindsay Wall and Susan Elizabeth Webster (1848-1928)
Lenora Lindsay Wall (b. 1869)
Benjamin Robert Wall (1878-1944) m. Sadie Estes Martin


Marriage records Stokes County, NC

Joel Wall m. Caty Miller 23 Nov. 1810, Stokes County
Linny Wall m. William Vest , 9 Jan 1828, Stokes County (is this the same
William Vest who m. Nancy Phandora Ogburn in 1817??)
Charles Wall m. Mahala Wall 23 Sept 1832, Stokes County
Susan Wall m. James H. Logins 31 Dec. 1834, Stokes County
Martha Wall m. Samuel Styers 9 Dec 1834, Stokes County
Masten Wall m. Rebeca Barr 13 Dec 1836. Stokes County
Lucy E. Wall m. Solomon Kreeger, 16 Dec 1837, Stokes County
Nancy Wall m. Harman Teague 4 Feb 1837, Stokes County
Isaac Wall m. Mary Styers 24 Feb 1838
James Wall m. Fellicia Grabbs 10 Oct 1839
Berymon Wall m. Sarah Moser 1 Apr 1841
Elizabeth Wall m. Pleasant Griffin, 27 Mar 1841
John Wall m. Nancy Kizer 11 Dec 1843
Eliza Wall m. Timothy T. Linbach 13 Mar 1845
Elizabeth Wall m. Israel Sides, 6 Apr 1846, Stokes County
Berryman Wall m. Charity Parks, 7 Mar 1846
Sarah Wall m. Jeferson Smith, 23 Nov. 1849
Granville Wall m. Mary F. Roberson, 5 May 1852
Louisa M. Wall m. John W. Johnson, 6 Jan 1854, Stokes County
Drury Wall m. Susanna Bowen 18 Jul 1856
Lucy Ann Wall m. Wiley Smith, 10 Dec 1856
John W. Wall m. Sarah Ann Schaub 7 Jan 1860
Sarah E. Wall m. Vachel Burrow, 21 Jul 1860
Mastin Wall m. Rebeca Booze 8 Jun 1864
Alfred Wall m. Caroline Leak, 22 Dec 1866, Stokes County
Peter Wall m. Jinnie Carter 27 Dec 1866, Stokes County
Anderson Wall m. Mariah Matthews , 1 Jun 1867, Stokes County
Lurana Jane Wall m. Wm. G. Slate, 16 Dec 1867, Stokes County

Children of Daniel Wall (b. 1790/6, VA) m. Mary "Polly" Gregg (Griff/Craig)
(b. c1805, NC - d. c1850/60) (m. 1830, Stokes)
William A. Wall (b. 1831)
Angelina Wall (b. 1831)
Selena Wall (b. 1834)
Anderson Goodman Wall (b. 1836) m. Emeline Kinglsey Newsom (b. 1836) (m.
1854, Surry County)
Isaac Harrison Wall (b. 1840)
Mary Wall (b. 1845)

Children of Adam Wall (b. 1803, VA) m. Polly Barr (b. 1810) (m. 1830, Stokes
Esinah/Iseriah Wall (b. 1831) m. M. M. J. M Scott (m. 1854, Stokes County)

Louzana/Louisana Wall (b. 1833) m. Thomas M. Scott (Stokes Co, 1853)
Calvin Wall (b.1835) m. Milinda Shamel (Stokes County, 1859)
Hanley Wall (b. 1838)
Mary Wall (b. 1840)
Daniel Wall (b. 1844)
Katherine Wall (b. 1846) m. Abram Martin (Stokes Co, 1868)
Anna Wall (b. 1848)

Children of Drury and Tabitha Wall (1800-1880)
Elizabeth Wall m. unknown Shields
James Wall (1824 - d. bef. 1876) m. Elizabeth Bowen and then ?? Catherine
John Wall (b. c1835, VA) m. Elizabeth Glascock (b. 1839) in 1856
Jesse P. Wall (b. c1837, Va - 1904) m. Sarah E. Golding (Jesse is buried
Macedonia Baptist, Tobaccoville) (m. 1853, Stokes Co)

Tabitha Wall's will, probated 1880, Forsyth County, lists sons Jesse, John,
James (deceased) and dau. Elizabeth Shields. The will also names Isabella
Wall, Martha Romley but it is not clear if they are her children.

Martha Wall m. Noah Rumley in 1856.
Malinda A. Wall m. John A. Moser in 1859

This will mentions John Walls heirs, Malina Moser, Mary Bain, Wm. C. Wall,
which does NOT correspond witht the information below. fm.

Children of John Wall (b. c1835) and Elizabeth Glascock
James Wesley Wall (1857-1924)
Elmira Wall (b. 1858)
Augustine (b. 1860)
Tabitha Wall (b. 1863)

Children of Jesse Wall (b. c1837) and Sarah E. Golding
Martha E. Wall (b. 1855)
Tabitha C. Wall (b. 1858)
Walter L. Wall (1859-1918)
Ida T. Wall (b. 1869)

WALL, George W., Private, Resided in Stokes Co. where he enlisted at age
33, July 25, 1862, for
the war. Present or accounted for until captured at or near Harpers Ferry,
West VA, on or about July 5, 1864. Confined at Old Capitol Prison,
Washington, D.C., until transferred to Elmira, New York, July 23, 1864.
Paroled at Elmira and transferred to James River, VA, Feb. 20, 1865, for
exchange. Reported absent sick through March 3, 1865.<P>


Children of George W. Wall (b. 1829) and <a href="newsom.html">Elizabeth O.
Newsom </a> (1834-1873) (d/o Thomas T. Newsom and Lettice Drake)<BR>
Lettia Wall (b. c.1855)
Susan Wall (b. c1858)
Andrew Thomas Wall (1860-1935) m. 1) <a href="kiger.html">Sarah C. Kiger</a>
(b. 1864) m. 2) Rozena Myers Fishel (d/o John Myers and Margaret Beckel)<P>

Children of Sarah C. Kiger (1864) and Andrew Thomas "Nat" Wall<BR>
Addie Louisa Wall (1888-1960) m. <a href="hall.html">Jesse Daniel Hall</a><BR>
Carrie Wall (b. 1893-1965) m. William M. Cofer Sr. (1890-1948)<BR>
Lethia Wall (1895-1962) m. (Lee) Carl Randleman (1892-1936)<BR>
Dewey Wall (1899-1932) m. Annie D. Roberson (b. 1901)<BR>
Tanny Wall m. Julius Moser<BR>
Fanny Wall (1891-1918) m. R. Evertt Denny<BR>
Jesse A. (Bessie) Wall (1897-1920) m. Lee Wilson <BR>
Elmer T. Wall (1901-1904)<P>

Children of Anderson Goodman Wall and Emeline Kingsley Newsome (b. 1836)
(dau. of Thomas T. Newsom and Lettice Drake)
Robert Littleberry Wall
Maline Haseltine Wall
Julina Saffire Wall
Masaline Henry Wall
Naoma Wall Wise
Cora Emma Maud Wall
Elizabeth B. "Bessie" Wall

Emeline K. Newsome was the dau. of
Thomas T. Newsom 1792 VA 1864) Forsyth Co ware of 1812
Lettice Drake b 1805 SC 1880 (was this his second wife)?????
Andrew T. Newsome (b. 1830)
Elizabeth O. Newsome 1834 1873 m. George W. Wall
Emeline K. Newsome (b. 1836) Anderson G. Wall (son of Daniel Wall)
Sally B. 1841
Samira T. C. b. 1844
Amanda K. S. b. 1846


W 141 Page 116 Probated June 1863 Dated 20 March 1862

Will of George Walls
Wife Anna Walls
Two Children: Samuel M. Walls exec
Sally I. Teague
Charly L. Teague exec
John Teague
James C. Crews G

x George Walls


Catharine Wall age 73 NC
Mahala 43
Lucy 37
Addison I 18
Catharine E. 16
1850 Census

Catherine Wall, age 84
Lucy Wall age 48

Mahala Wall 53
Addison 28
Peggy Wall 26
EdmundTeague 21
Timothy Yates 28 Laborer
Living next door to each other and Yates and Miller and Yates and Vest

Wills Dated 1856, probaed 1857 James Matthews
Son Robert Matthews
Son Edward M. Mathews
Dau Mary Ann Dalton
Son William A. Matthews, David Matthews,
Dau Elisa Mathews
Wife Elisa Mthews
Son Caleb Mathews

Drury Wall 63 (VA)
Tobitha 50 VA
John Wall 17 VA
Martha 13 VA
Malinda 12 VA
James Wall VA 9
Mary age 6 NC

James H. Wall 36 VA
Feleicia 25 NC
Permelia I 7 NC
Alson C. 4 NC
Tire Wall 5/12 NC

Richard Wall 38 (VA)
Rebecca 25 NV
Nancy J Wall 11 NC
Martha E. 9 NC
John H. Wall 7 NC
Mary K. 5 NC
Rebecca A 3 NC
James W. 1 NC
Lucetta Henning 15 NC
1850 Census

Drury, Richard and James all living in close proximity to each other.

John W. Wall living with the John Null family in 1850. John W. Wall is 24
years old in 1850. On either side of the Nulls are Kigers

Boyd Wall age 65 (VA)
Lucy 50 NC
John Wall age 19 NC
Linna age 13, NC
1850 Census
(living next door to Westmorelands and Banners)

James Wall age 23 VA
Elizabeth Wall 23 NC
1850 Census

living next door to : Levi Kiger 22, NC
Adeline Kiger 20 and California age 1
1850 Census

)Seek help in finding parents of Bird WALL md Lucy Griffin 1809 Halifax Co
VA moved from VA to Stokes Co NC 1833, d. Forsyth Co 1853 left only
inventory with Nathaniel Westmoreland adm.
2.Samuel Kiger m:Jane Griffin
2.John Augustine Kiger,"Jack",m:Mary Bodenheimer
2.Abram Kiger,m:1st.Polly Coley,m:2nd: Sarah Misamore
2.Catherine Kiger,m:Hart Sapp
2.Ellen Kiger,m:Hanson Westmoreland
2.Lewis Kiger, m:Sarah Edwards
2.Mary A.Kiger,m:E.A. Moser
2.Tandy Kiger, died Civil War.


Jesse Wall, age 22, VA living with the Squire J. Walker family

1890 Tax List
J. D. Wall w, 27 years of age
Samuel w, 42 years of age

Master Winna Wall, of the Vienna section, this county has trapped 100
rabbits this winter, besides a number of 'possums and birds.

Feb. 10 1898, The Republican, Winston, Forsyth Co NC


1850 Agricultureal Listing
Bird Wall next door to John Kiser and Tayler Westmoreland

James H. Wall next door to Drury Wall (close to Kapps and Miller and Vest
and Tate and Henry Kiger Sen.


Index to 1860 Census, Stokes Co NC
A Wall
Adam Wall
Calvin Wall
Daniel Wall
Elizabeth Wall
George Wall
Johnothan W. Wall
Mary F. Wall
Robert Wall
Robert Wall
Samuel Wall
William Wall (3)
Z. L. Wall.

Wall and Kiger/Kreeger family

1850 Census:

Drury Wall age 63 (b. 1787) in Virginia, 200 acres
Tobitha Wall age to (b. 1800) in Virginia
(all children except last born in VA, which means this family probably moved
to NC ca. 1841 and 1844

John 17
Martha 13
Malinda 12
James 9
Mary 6, born in NC


Henry Kreeger age 22 NC
Leanna 21 NC
Augustin 10/12 NC

John H Kreeger 25 NC
Martha E. 24 NC
- ----------------------------

Richard Wall 38, born in VA (b. ca. 1812)
Rebecca Wall NC
Nancy J 11
Martha E. 9
John H 7
Mary K 5
Rebecca A 3
James W. 1
Lucetta Henning 15, NC


William Kiger age 41, born in NC
Nancy 40
William 12
Francis 9
Martha J. Merrit 16


John W. Wall age 24, born in NC , living with John Null family

Henry Kiger Sen. age 50 (b. 1800, NC)
Elizabeth 52
Temperance 23
Edward 20
Anna 18
Armested 16
Henry 13
Christine 12
Susanna 10
Margaret 3
Robert James, Labourer, 45

Elizabeth Kiger, 62, born in VA (b. 1788, VA)
Lucinda 35 NC
Charlotte 24
Charity 22 born in VA


Simon Kiger 46, born in NC
Mary M 43
Jeremiah L 18
Edwin H 16
John A. 16
Wiley 13
Adam 11
Tandy T 7
Selena K 6
Samuel W 4
Polly A 3
Abraham M 1

Alfred Kiser, 19 living with the Levi Shore family, born in NC


Lewis Kiger age 42, born in NC
Polina 26
Thomas F. 5
Henry A. 4
James M. 2
Julia A. E. 1/12

Henry Kiger age 34, born in NC
Eliza 34
Selena C 9
William 7
George 5
Jacob Kiger 76, born in NC (b. 1774, NC)
Nancy Kiger, age 69, (b. 1781, PA)

GEorge Kiger 28, born in NCElizabeth 25
John H 5
Selena 6

Polly Wall, age 24, born in VA, living with the Ledford Vaugham family, also
born in VA


James Wall age 23, born in VA
Elizabeth 23, NC

Levi S. Kiger, age 22, born in NC
Adeline 20
California 1


Malodi Wall age 60, born in VA ca. 1790
Elizabeth 28 , born in VA
Drusa 20, labourer born in VA


Ivey Walls, age 42, labourer born in VA. ca. 1808
Lauley 36 born in VA
Lucy A 15
Julia E 13
William 10
Charles 8
Malissa 5
Rufus 2

All the children born in NC

Best regards,
Faye Jarvis Moran

Stokes Co, NC GenWeb /stokes/stokes.html
Forsyth Co, NC GenWeb /forsyth/forsyth.html
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Forsyth Co. Gen. Society /gensoc/gensoc.html

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