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Subject: [WALLINGFORD-L] Letter from Kentucky Historical Society - May 20, 1947
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 00:34:27 EST

Letter from Kentucky Historical Society, Frankfort, Kentucky dated May 20,

Dear Mr. Wallingsford:

Referring to your recent letter, we have examined the tax books of Mason
County, Kentucky, through the year 1825 , and found the following

B. John, or John B., appears through 1806, having 60 acres of land on Cabin

Benjamin appears through 1825, having 100 acres of land sometimes listed on
North Fork of Licking, and somtimes on Stone Lick.

Another Benjamin appears through 1804, without land.

Nicholas appears through 1825, having no land until 1810, when he had 200
acres on Indian Creek. He is listed with this in 1811, but afterwards had 150
acres on Indian Creek.

Richard is listed through 1802, but no more.

Joseph Sr. is listed through 1806, without land.
Joseph Jr. is listed through 1825. Both of these appear in 1800. Jos. Jr. is
listed without land until 1810, when he had 200 acres on Indian Creek. This
he continues to be listed with through 1825. In 1817 Jos. Jr. is listed as
guardian for the heirs of Mark Wallingsford, and continues to be listed as
the guardian through 1825. In 1825 he is listed as Joseph Sr., because
another Jos. Jr. appears that year, without land.

This Mark above appears in 1804 and is listed through 1815, having no land
until 1810, when he had 200 acres on Indian Creek.

Another Mark appears in 1819 and 1820, without land.

John is listed through 1806.
Another John appears 1820-1824. Neither had land.

Reuben is listed in 1803, but no more.

James is listed in 1811, but no more.

William appears in 1817 through 1824 with 50 acres of land on Indian Creek.

Samuel is listed 1822-1825 without land.

In the marriages of Mason County appear the following Wallingsford marriages:

Joseph to Susan Conway in 1824
John to Catherine Ryans in 1821
Nicholas (Warringford) to Polly Given in 1811
Mark to Mary Whaley in 1803
John to Prudence Willett in 1799

The few abstracts of wills of the county which we have show nothing on the
Wallingsfords, however an index of the wills of the county shows the

Mark in 1815
Mark's heirs 1819
Mary's dower (Mark's wife) 1819
Joseph 1823
John, guardian to S. Froman's heirs 1823
Joseph, dower 1826
Nicholas 1829
Joseph's account as guardian 1829
Further wills and marriages will be found in the court house of Maysville,
the county seat.

Mason County was formed in 1788 from Bourbon. Paris is the county seat of
Bourbon, but it is doubtful that there would be records of importance much

Vital statistics were kept in Kentucky in the 1850's only, after which they
were not kept until 1911.

We know of no county maps for sale, unless they are available in the Dept. of
Mines & Minerals, University of Kentucky, Lexington.

Sincerely yours,

Bayless Hardin

Jacque Wallingford

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