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> The Roster of Confederate Soldiers
> 1861-1865
> Volume XV
> Sudellert, James D
> -to-
> Warn, R.C.
> Page
> 558
> Walraven, James Ga 6th cav. Co L
> Walraven, Berry GA 1st Inf (St. Guards) CO G
> Walraven, C GA Lt. Arty. Barnwell's Btty.
> Walraven, Christoper C, GA Phillips' Legion CO. O
> Walraven, David GA Inf. 8th Bn.
> Walraven, D.C. GA Inf. 8th Bn. Co. C
> Walraven, Elijah GA 3rd Bn. S.S. Co.E
> Walraven, Elisha C. GA 18th Inf. Co. A
> Walraven, Enoch GA 23rd Inf. Co. F
> Walraven, Floyd 40th INf. CO. E
> Walraven, Hesakiah GA 21st Inf. Co. G
> Walraven, James J. GA 60th Inf. Co. K sgt.
> Walraven, James K.P. GA 14th INf. Res. Co. C
> Walraven, Jonas VA 5th Cav. (12 mo. '61-2) CO. D
> Walraven, Jonathan GA 1st Inf. (St. Guards)
> Walraven, Milton MS 29th Inf. Co. D,G
> Walraven, Mitchell GA Phillips' Legion CO. L
> Walraven, O GA 6th Cav CO. L
> Walraven, Orange GA 4th Inf. Co. F
> Walraven, Perry Ga 21st INf. Co. G Sgt
> Walraven, President Ga 1st Inf. (St Guards) CO.G Sgt.
> Walraven, Shadric GA 4th INf. CO. F
> Walraven, W.H. GA 40th Inf. CO F
> Walraven, William GA 1st INf (St. Guards) CO. G
> Walraven, William GA Inf. 8th Bn. CO C
> Walraven, John M. AL 40th Inf. CO. E
> Ed
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O. Walraven, Co. L., 6th Georgia Cavalry, and Orange Walraven, Co. F, 4th
Infantry, are the same person, Orange Walraven, son of William Walraven and
Elizabeth Hogan of Gordon County. He was in the infantry first and was
wounded at Sharpsburg in 1862. In 1863 he transferred to the cavalry. He was
killed January 1, 1864, in the Battle of Mossy Creek, Tennessee. He was
married to Julia Malone, and they had one daughter, Amanda, who married
Upson Wilson and has many, many descendants today.

Orange was the older brother of John Walraven, Co. K., 14th Infantry, who
served but does not appear on this list.

Shadric (Shadrack or Shade), who is on the list, was a still younger
brother. He was captured and died in Richmond in the spring of 1865 shortly
after he was paroled out of the Union prison camp in Delaware. He is buried,
along with Jefferson Davis and many other Confederates, in Hollywood
Cemetery, Richmond (although they mistakenly have his home listed as

Ricky & Bill Walraven

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