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From: Cheryl Parr <>
Subject: Re: [WALTERS] Walters: Virginia to Jefferson Co., TN to Fulton Co.,IL to Nebraska
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 01:50:58 -0700 (PDT)

 THOMAS T WALTERS, SR  md  Lucy Walker.  DAR: Mrs. Thelma Hastings Richardson RR 2 Springfield TN 3824? (1966) #513754 from Van A Stilley attorney at law 718 Ninth ST S E Washington DC 20003   phone 202 546 9271---Thomas T Walters b Scotland   April 28 1732 Pittsylvannia VA/settledVA; m ca 1750 Halifax CO VA ;fought in War for Independence; took Oath of Allegaince 1777.  He d 1796 residing Pittsylvania CO VA
???Thomas Walters, Sr b  14 APR 1733 South Leith, Midlothian Scotland D:18 AUG 1796 Pittsylvania CO VA Christening: 17 APR 1733 South Leith, Midlothian, Scotland
Occupation: Bat. Guilford Courthouse
Note [jcrislip.FTW] 1.MAR: Another source says Thomas Walters md Lucy Walker in Pittsylvania CO VA 1752. [markm.ged] Will of Thomas Walters D&W 10, Pg 366-368 Pittsylvania CO VA To my beloved wife Lucy Walters the land and plantation whereon I now live and negroes: Hector, Sam, Bettand Fillis, and half the furniture and stock except that which will hereinafterbe given during her natural life or widowhood.
To my son Clement Walters negro Cate. To my son William Walters the land and plantation that joins Charles Cooley, and negro Anthony. To my son Abraham Walters negro Daniel, horse, saddle and after the decease of my wife the land and plantation where I now live. To my grandson, John Walters, son and heir of my son Thomas Walters, deceased, 200 acres and the plantation that joins McMurrey,it being the land where the said Thomas, dec'd, formerly lived and a horse. Also the bond that is against me for his fathers effects. To my daughter Margaret Walters a negro Pat, also a horse and saddle and one third part of the pewter, a bed, furniture, cow and calf, and a ten pound note on Walter Gooding.   After the decease of my wife all my personal estate remaining to be divided between my children: John, Robert, Archer,Obediah, William, Abraham, Wilmoth Scott, Agatha Matthis, Lucy Walker and Margaret Walters.
Appoint my sons John and Robert Walters executors. Signed 25th day of August 1795. Thomas (X) Walters   Wit: George Dodson, Jackson Walters, John Mading
Codicil:  It appears that negro Daniel, bequested to my son Abraham Walters is at the point of death, should this happen, Abraham is to have the first child of either Betty or Fillis. 18 Feb. 1796      Submitted by Gayle Austin
Father: William Walters   Mother: Elizabeth Robertson
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown or Lucy Clement then Lucy Walker???
Marriage 2 Lucy Clement Walker b: AFT 1733 Halifax CO VA
Married: 1747 Halifax CO VA
Married: 1752 Halifax CO VA
Children: Abraham Walters b: 1771 VA   Clement Walters b: 1760 VA
*Robert Walters b: ABT 1750  Halifax CO VA ---
            1. May Ann
            2. William H Walters son of Captain Robert C Walters and Seletha "Lethia" McBee was  b Apr 15  
               1787 ???- d Sept 16 1877 Jefferson CO TN.  On 03 Dec 1814, he md Annie Belle "Betsy" Farmer
               b 1797-d 1852.  Children: Rebecca Jane b 12 Sep 1815 Jefferson CO TN - d 24 Jan 1879 Fulton
               CO IL , Greenbury Taylor b 01 Jan 1817 Jefferson CO TN-d 18 Mar 1861 Fulton CO IL , Nancy 
               Caroline b 16 Mar 1823-d 28 Dec 1887, HIRAM who would have been in the 1800's, Daniel,    
               Lucinda, Mary, John, William H Jr m Marietta Jane Shields, Taylor, Infant, Thomas Jefferson
            3.Laban L Walters son of Robert C and Seletha "Lethia" (McBee) Walters was born in 1779 
               Pittslyvannia VA. He md Nancy??. Child:Gilbert  from 1820 Davidson CO TN to 1840 to the 1880
               census Williamson CO TN He and his wife were there.  No Laban 1880 Nancy is 80
            4. Elizabeth "Betsy" b 1871
            5. Archibald Walters-son of Captain Robert C and Seletha "Lethia" (McBee) Walters was born
               1782.  He md Catherine Stamps on 1798.
            6. Violet Lettice "Letty" Walters daughter of Captain Robert C and Seletha Lethia" (McBee) Walters
               was born in 1785.  She md William Simpson 07 Nov 1803 TN
           7. (Cheryl Walters Parr's line)LEMUEL A WALTERS - son of Robert and Selethia "Lethia" (McBee) 
              Walters. He was b June 30 1786 Halifax CO VA & d abt 1857 Maury CO TN. He md Elizabeth
              Dodson  Dec 29 1807 Pittsylvannia CO VA.  She was b April 24 1784  Halifax CO or Pittsylvannia
              CO VA.  She d abt 1870. Their children were: Thomas Allen, Amy C, Christopher C; Elizabeth D;
              Joel Bixby; Anderson M;William;Martha J "Nancy";and Lemuel J Walters. He was to have spoken 
              the Indian language.  They first moved to Maury CO TN abt 1821.
           8. John Jackson Walters-son of Captain Robert C and Seletha "Letia" (McBee) Walters was
               b 1787 NC?. He md Elizabeth "Polly" Herring. Children: Joseph C 1836; Caroliine 1838; Mary A
              1839; John N 1844; Willie J 1845; Francis M 1847; Columbus 1849; E (f) 1851; S (f) 1856; and
              S (M) 1858. (1820 Warren CO KY then on to Decatur CO TN until death aft 1880)
            9.Louvania "Levina" Walters-dau of Captain Robert C and Seletha "Lethia" (McBee) Walters.  She   
              was b 1788. She md John Dodson 26 Dec 1806 TN?.
           10. Thomas Walters-son of Captain Robert C and Seletha "Lethia" (McBee) Walters.  He was b
                1789.  He md Betsy Farmer 09 Dec 1805. Children: Richard S Walters
           11. Robert Wister (C) Walters-son of Robert C and Selethat "Lethia" (McBee) Walters.  He
                was b 1795.  He md Elizabeth B Atkinson 21 Jan 1813.  Children Richard S Walters
           12. Seletha "Selty" Walters- dau of Captain Robert C and Seletha "Lethia". She was b 1791. She
                md Noel Waldell 13 Nov 1817.
 Greenbury Taylor b 01 Jan 1817 Jefferson CO TN -- d 18 Mar 1861 Fulton CO IL , Nancy Caroline b 16 Mar 1823 --d  28 Dec 1887,
HIRAM who would have been in the 1800's,
Daniel, Lucinda, Lucinda, Mary, John, William H Jr m Marietta Jane Shields, Taylor, Infant, Thomas Jefferson

Wilmoth Walters b: ABT 1750 VA   John Walters b: 1753 Lunnenburg CO VA 
 Thomas Walters , Jr b: FEB 1757 Halifax CO VA or Lunenburg CO VA
 Agatha Walters b: ABT 1760 Pittsylvania CO VA
 Archibald Walters b ABT 1761 Halifax CO VA William Walters b 1763 Pittsylvania CO VA  Lucy Walters b: BET 1764 AND 1773  Obadiah Walters b: 1765  Halifax CO  VA
 Margaret Walters b: ABT 1775 Pittsylvania CO VA
*THOMAS T WALTERS was born Feb  1756 Halifax CO VA (now Pittsylvannia) and died on August 25 1795 in Pittsylvannia CO VA.  He married Mary Elizabeth Sibley. She was born abt 1756 PA and died abt 1837
***Their known to me children are:Ezra b 1773-1840; John b 30 Apr 1779 Pittsylvannia CO VA and d Dec 12 1860 Union CO TN ; Spiers 1781-1859.  I would think that Ezra and Spiers were born in Va, also.
I. EZRA WALTERS was the son of Thomas T and Mary Elizabeth Sibley.  He was born 1773 and died 1840.  He md Elizabeth Shackleford.  Their children were: Sarah "Sally" Walters md possibly a ??? Ivans and Tabitha Walters b 1880 d 1880.
II. *JOHN WALTERS, SR  was born April 30 1779 in Pittsylvannia CO VA to Thomas T and Mary Elizabeth (Sibley/found in email as Sivley ) Walters, Jr.  He died on Dec 12 1860 in Union CO TN.  He married Rhoda Jane Walters on July 7 1799 in Pittsylvannia CO VA.  She was born 29 Jan 1778 in Pittsylvannia CO VA &  died on 11 Oct 1839 in Grainger CO TN.  Children:    
   1. Sarah
   2. Pleasant---PLEASANT WALTERS  was the son of John and Rhoda Jane ( ) Walters.  He was born abt 1812 in Grainger CO TN and died Sept 3 1874 in Gordon TX Palo Pinto CO  He married Ester Thompson Yadon 1835 in Grainger CO TN.  She was b Sept 3 1814 Grainger CO TN; d Nov 21 1847 KY. Children:    
     a. Rachel b 1837 m Will H Mays
     b. Mary Ann b 1838 d 1880 m 1 Hiram Johnson 2 Stephen Chesnut ---Walters.  She was b 9 MAY 1838 
         Laurel CO KY d 19 AUG 1880  Laurel CO KY.  She md 2.Stephen Chestnut  on Jan 10 1856 Laurel
         CO  KY.  He was b 1832 KY. Another husband was 1. Hiram Johnson         
     c. Rhoda Jane  d. David Capps b 1843 d 1861; e.Eskial S Jones b 1845 d 1921m Mary Bradshaw;  
     f. Jacob Pennybaker b 1847 d 1921 m Mary Ellen Wade;  g.Mary Ellen m Brad Holder Hopper.
   3. Braxton
   4. Nancy md Thomas Walters son of Obediah and Abigail "Aby"  on 03 Dec 1821 Grainger CO TN
   5 Thomas Spiers
   8 Joel Oscar Jr
   9 Abner, Sr
  11 James
  12 Lewis 
  13 Samuel
III. SPIERS WALTERS was the son of Thomas T and Mary Elizabeth (Sibley).  He was b 1780 d 1859.  He md Lydia Stamps.  Their children Mary C; Joel P; Rufus D; William T; and Martha Ann Walters. who md?? Henry Powell.

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From: gary wright <>
Sent: Thursday, June 26, 2008 8:09:35 AM
Subject: Re: [WALTERS] Walters: Virginia to Jefferson Co., TN to Fulton Co., IL to Nebraska

might have connection here. my gggg grandfather thomas walters married a
elizabeth sively. and the jefferson tenn. to fulyon cty ill to neb. really
got me going. my name is gary clinton wright.born in pasadena ca. father was
clinton h. wright born in lushton ne.whose mother was altha walters, i think
born in lushton ne or fulton cty. ill. father clinton dewitt walters born in
fulton cty. ill. fatherwilliam thomas walters born in fulton cty ill.,
father wiliam walters born in jefferson cty tenn. his father was thomas
walters born feb 1757  his wife of course was elizibeth sively. now my
family ended up in calif. lushton neb is just a dust pile now. i hope this
all helps. i have some dates that i didn't include. we might have split off
into different lines back someplace, but we'll see. gary
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Sent: Tuesday, June 24, 2008 1:10 PM
Subject: [WALTERS] Walters: Virginia to Jefferson Co., TN to Fulton Co.,IL
to Nebraska

> Hoping to find information about my direct line of Walters that migrated
> from
> Virginia via Jefferson County, TN (late 1790's to early 1810's) to Fulton
> Co.,
> IL (early to mid 1800's) and then to Nebraska (mid to late 1800's)
> Looking especially for information about:
> 1. Absalom Walters - b. 18/ Feb 1786 Virginia-
> Born most likely Shenandoah Co. VA although one account says he was born
> in
> Dandridge, TN; he registered into the Army there in 1813 or so.
> Looking for conclusive evidence of his parents - so far cannot confirm his
> parents..... either John Walters and Sarah Sively or their siblings,
> Thomas Walters
> and Mary Elizabeth Sively. 2 Sively brothers were thought to have come
> with
> these 2 Walters brothers from Shenadoah Co, VA around 1786-87 or 1790's.
> Anything to help confirm his parents, marriage, children's births, etc
> would be greatly
> appreciated!!!  Please note:  Absalom is not related to Walters of Halifax
> or Pittsylvania Counties, VA.
> 2. Any specific information on three (or more??) sons of Absalom
> Walters --  especially
> Peter (b. 10 Oct 1816 Jefferson Co.,TN) and
> Daniel b. ~1820 Jefferson Co., TN)
> Have a lot of information on first-born son John
> -----
> I descend from Peter, who had sons: Marion, Joseph, Robert, John, and
> George; daughters Elizabeth,
> Martha A., Lucy -- all born in Fulton Co., IL
> Any information about Peter's life, family, etc in Fulton Co., IL ?
> 3. Son of Peter - Joseph Walters born in McDonough Co. in 18440's; spouse
> Silvia (Miller);
> lived in Fulton Co. in 1880. Any information about his life in and around
> McDonough
> and Fulton Counties, Illinois, then migration to Nebraska?
> Joseph and/or some of the children moved west to Nebraska / several
> children
> died during a Typhoid epidemic in Fall 1894. My great grandfather Eugene
> and
> some siblings eventually ended up in Hitchcock Co., NE.
> THANKS FOR ANY HELP!  These are my brickwalls!!!
> -------------------------------
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