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Hello everyone! Thanks for all of the interesting things you all have been
sending in!! Remember, my records are never
the Gospel truth! If you ever have information that conflicts with mine,
it in so that we can try to figure out (if that
is possible) what is correct.
From: (Dennis N. Rosencrance)
Could you ask if any Wamsley Web members have Rosencrance and Tacy
information, they would like to share with me. As you know our families
were closely related in the Elkins West Virginia area. just a thought
Dennis N. Rosencrance
My husband found this list of Wamsleys at the Library of Virginia
to War Records of the Confederate States of
America). If you are related to any of these people, or if you have any
records on these people or know who they
were, please send them in. Thanks, Wanda
Adam H. Wamsley, Virginia, 19th Cavalry, Company I, Sergeant
Adam H. Wamsley, born October 12, 1838 in Randolph County, West
(Tucker County); died August 12, 1903.
He was the son of Andrew Marcellus Wamsley and Mary Harper. He married
Christina Crouch February 19, 1863. The
1860 census listed Andrew Wamsley as a farmer, age 22, in Randolph County,
Virginia. On April 25, 1863, he enlisted in
the 19th Virginia Cavalry, Company 1, Confederate States of America, at
Beverly, West Virginia. On June 30, 1863, until February 29, 1864, he was
present, mounted; a Private in the military,
Confederate States of America. In 1864, at the age of 26, he was described
having light complexion, light hair, blue
eyes, and light whiskers, and being 6 feet tall. From February 29, 1864
August 31, 1864, he was detailed to care
for the wounded. At some time, he was promoted from Private to First
>From September 1, 1864 until October
31, 1864, Adam was present, $100 bond due. On May 10, 1865, he was paroled
Charleston, West Virginia. In 1879,
at the age of 41, he was a farmer in Valley Bend, Randolph County, West
Child of Adam Wamsley and Christina Crouch is:
i.Cyrus Crouch Wamsley, born 1864; died 1954; married Laura B. Daniels
1. Family bible entitled "A.M. & M. Wamsley" copywrited 1869.
Benjamin F. Wamsley, Georgia, Cavalry, 2nd Battalion, Company E.; also
5th Cavalry, Company C
Enoch Wamsley, Virginia, 20th Cavalry, Company C.
Enoch Wamsley, born 1836 in Randolph , Virginia (later Randolph County,
West Virginia); died December 22, 1942.
He was the son of Joseph Wamsley, Jr. and Sarah Conrad. He married
Elizabeth Heavener November 18, 1867 in
Randolph, West Virginia. She was the daughter of George Homer and Kate
Virginia Company F, 31st Virginia
Infantry, Confederate States of America. Pvt. Co. C, 19th Virgina Cavalry,
Confederate States of America. On April 25,
1863, enlisted in Pocahontas County, Virginia. Present in Randolph County,
Virginia on April 28, 1863. From June 30,
1863 until August 31, 1864, he was absent from the unit. Not stated if
present or absent on muster-in roll August 1863.
On December 26, 1863 he was captured in Pocahontas County, Virginia, became
POW, and was confined at
Atheneum Prison on January 6, 1864. On January 7, 1864, he was transferred
Camp Chase and confined there. On
March 14, 1864, he was transferred to Ft. Delaware and confined there. On
21, 1865, he took the oath of
allegiance to the United States and was released. Occasional farmer, Preston
County, West Virginia, and Randolph
County, West Virginia. (Source: 1860 census) 1879: age 44, farmer, Mingo,
Randolph Co., W. Va (1880 census) 1924:
age 89, resident of Monterville, W. Va.
December 22, 1942: died, age 107; buried in Heavener Cemetery,
Monterville, West Virginia.
G. B. Wamsley, Virginia, 19th Cavalry, Company I.
April 25, 1863 Pvt. Co. 1, 19th Va. Calvary, Conf. Army; Beverly, West
September 01, 1864 until October 31, 1864: present with Co. 1, 19th Va.
Calvary. October 31, 1864 detailed for
blacksmith in Co.; $100 bond due.
G. F. Wamsley, Virginia, 19th Cavalry, Company I
(My great-grandfather)
George Fisher Wamsley, born August 10, 1845 in Randolph County, West
Virginia; died February 21, 1881. He was
the son of Andrew Marcellus Wamsley and Mary Harper. He married S.
Margaret Talbott March 29, 18661. She was
the daughter of Elisha Talbott and Millie (Amelia/ Mildred)
The war record of Confederate Soldier George Fisher Wamsley is on
at the Department of Archives,
Charleston, West Virginia. He was a Private Company I, 19th Regular
According to the Company Muster Roll,
he enlisted April 12, 1963, Camp N. West by J.W. Marshall, Huntersville,
Virginia. He was a prisoner of war captured by
Union Troops April 5, 1864 and taken with other prisoners to Military prison
at Wheeling, Virginia, also known as
Atheneum Prison. He was sent to Camp Chase April 8, 1864 and was released
order of Secretary of Washington,
D.C. August 24, 1864. His father, Andrew M. Wamsley, posted a land
bond for his release and George signed that he would never again take up
against the United States.
Children of George Wamsley and S. Talbott are:
i.Elisha T. Wamsley, born 1867; died March 18, 1905.
ii.Lash Wamsley, died Deceased.
iii.Russie Wamsley.
iv.Will Wamsley.
v.Jasper Newton (Jack) Wamsley, born April 27, 1873 in Indiana; died
02, 1962 in
Petersburg, Virginia
vi.John Huff Wamsley, born October 10, 1875 in Elkins, West Virginia;
August 13,1964
vii.Robert Plummer "Bob" Wamsley, born January 29, 1880 in Elkins,
Virginia; died April 29,
1971; married Sarah Thorne.
1. Family bible entitled "A.M. & M. Wamsley" copywrited 1869.
Joseph Wamsley, Georgia, Infantry, 1st City Battalion (Columbus), Company D
J. S. Wamsley, Virginia, 19th Cavalry, Company I, 1st Lieutenant
Jacob See Wamsley, born September 04, 1823; died April 22, 1898. He was
son of Samuel B. Wamsley and
Elizabeth Crouch. He married Minerva Hamilton January 09, 18491. She was
the daughter of Col. William L. Hamilton
and Amelia Brockmire. The 1850 Randolph County census showed Celeste and
Manerva living in the household of
Jacob S.
Wamsley. Jacob See Wamsley owned 2300 acres, 800 improved. With his
Samuel, he acquired 385 acres on
the waters of Elk Water Run in Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia
the Civil War) on April 1,
1856. (source: Library of Virginia, Grants 112, page 343) 30 acres of
additional land was purchased on January 1,
1858 on a branch of Elk Water Run adjoining their own land. (source: Library
of Virginia, Grants
114, page 456) Captain Wamsley was a sympathizer with the South in the
War. In 1861 he took his family to
Virginia and left them near Lexington while he joined the army, soon
captain of Company D, 19th Va. Cavalry.
He saw much active service. His company was mostly made up of men from
Randolph and Pocahontas Counties. In
civil life he was largely identified with public affairs; was six years
president of the
county court, and was a man of wide influence and of sterling worth, who was
leader among men and whose
influence lives after him. On June 3, 1863, Major D. Boston Stewart's
battalian repulsed Federal Calvalry at Daniel's
Farm. Among the officers commended was Lt. Jacob S. Wamsley. Marriage
year may have been 1849.
Children of Jacob Wamsley and Minerva Hamilton are:
i.Celeste Wamsley, born Bef 1850.
ii.Salina Amelia Wamsley
iii.Jared Lee Wamsley, born February 05, 1854; died January 31, 1916
iv.Edgar Donaldson Wamsley, born February 27, 1856; died 1939
v.Stuart McClung Wamsley, born April 25, 1858 in Randolph County, West
Virginia; died
vi.Jacob Emerson Wamsley, born 1860; died 1897 in Montana
1. Randolph County, Virginia marriage records
2. "History of Randolph County, West Virginia" by Maxwell, page 324.
Louis W. Wamsley, Florida, 8th Infantry, Company K
Randolph J. Wamsley, Virginia, 17th Cavalry, Company C; also Virginia, 19th
Company I
Randolph was a Confederate Soldier, Pvt Virginia Company I, 19th
Confederate States of America. He
enlisted at Huntersville, Pocohontas County, Virginia (West Virginia after
Civil War) March
19, 1863; he was listed as present on muster-in roll for the month of March.
On July 2, 1863, he acted as a guide for
Maj. D.B. Stewart in Beverly, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War).
July 3, 1863, he was
killed in action near Beverly. Buried in Holly Bush Road Cemetery, Mingo,
Randolph County, West Virginia. ?? Does
anyone know who his parents were???
R. R. Wamsley, Mississippi, 22nd Infantry
S. B. Wamsley, Virginia, 19th Cavalry, Company I
Samuel Blaine Wamsley, Jr., born January 28, 18401; died July 28, 1930.
was the son of Andrew
Marcellus Wamsley and Mary Harper. He married Margaret Crouch January 05,
18692. He
married Elizabeth W. Parsons November 23, 1876. She was the daughter of
Parsons and Sarah A..
In 1860, at the age of 20, Samuel was a farmer in Randolph County,
Virginia according to the 1860 census. On April
25, 1863, he enlisted as a Private, Company 1, 19th Virginia Cavalry,
Confederate States of
America, at Beverly, West Virginia. From June 30, 1863 until February
February 29, 1864 he was sick. He was present
again from February 29, 1864 until August 31, 1864. He was imprisoned and
paroled at Charleston,
West Virginia on May 10, 1865. In 1865, at the age of 25, Samuel was
described as having fair complexion, brown hair
and blue eyes. He
was 5 feet, 9 inches at that time. Post Civil War rosters show him as being
from Tucker Co., W. Va., and that he was a
member of Co. D. Post war resident of Randolph Co., W. Va. and Ft. Cobb,
Oklahoma. Post war rosters show him as a
farmer, residing at Horse Shoe,Tucker Co., W. Va. Attended Confederate
Reunion, Randolph Co., W. Va., 1906.
Resident of Ft. Cobb, Oklahoma, 1916.
Children of Samuel Wamsley and Margaret Crouch are:
i.Maggie Wamsley, born December 30, 1870; died December 31, 1870.
ii.Oscar Bruce Wamsley, born October 24, 1871; died January 26, 1875.
1. Records of Jean Snyder Loudin.
2. Family bible entitled "A.M. & M. Wamsley" copywrited 1869.
T. M. Wamsley, Florida, Cavalry, 5th Battalion, Comapany F
W. E. Wamsley, Louisiana Infantry, 1st Battalion (State Guards), Company B,
2nd Lieutenant; also 13th Battalion (Part. Rangers), Company E
William H. Wamsley, Virginia, 31st Infantry, Company F
William H. Wamsley, born March 29, 1844; died March 01, 1901.
William was 17 years old at the time of the 1860 census in Randolph
County, Virginia; he was listed as a laborer.
William enlisted as a Private into Company F, 31st Regiment Virginia
on May 1, 1863 in Randolph County,
Virginia at the age of 19. From June 30, 1863 until August 31, 1864 he was
listed as being inside enemy lines and never
reported; he was not stated as present or absent on the muster-in roll of
Company C.
William is shown as being 37 years old and a farmer in Mingo, Randolph
County, West Virginia in the 1880 census.
He is buried in the Wamsley-Yokum Cemetary, Randolph County, West Virginia.
??Does anyone know who his parents
W. M. Wamsley, Virginia, 20th Cavalry, Company C
Chris Straight: could this be your g-g-grandfather?
Index to Revolutionary War Service Records: (from the Library of Virginia)
??Can anyone add any information to these records??
Wamsley, ? first name - served as Lieutenant in the New Jersey Troops.
Daniel Wamsley - served as a Private in the 4th Maine Regiment.
Fuller Wamsley - served as a Private in Topham's Regiment of Rhode
Island State Troops
James Wamsley - served as a Private in the 3rd Maine Regiment
Thomas Wamsley - served as a Private in the 12th Virginia Regiment
William Wamsley - served as a Private in the Western Battalion of the
Virginia State Troops
I believe that this may be this "William" (What do you think?):
William Wamsley, born October 05, 1759 in Ann Arundel County, Maryland1;
died January 16, 1839 in
Randolph County, Virginia (Harrison County). He was the son of John
Sr. and Judith
Dorcus. He married Susannah Watson August 25, 1782 in Augusta County,
Virginia. William became legal guardian of
his brothers Joseph and Matthew on March 21, 1786. He was already married
this time. William Wamsley, of
Harrison County, served as a private with the Virginia State Troops. On
7, 1833, at the age of 74, his pension
was started. He received $80.00 annual allowance, $240.00 amount received.
William served in the Revolution, but only listed son Jonathan on his
pension papers.
Family Bible.
Children of William Wamsley and Susannah Watson are:
i.John Wamsley, born June 09, 1783 in Beverly, Randolph County, West
Virginia; died June
21, 1783.
ii.Margaret Wamsley, born February 04, 17852; died July 29, 1871; married
Adam Harper,
Sr. April 19, 1807.
iii.Jonathan Wamsley, born September 10, 1786 in Beverly, Randolph,
Virginia3; died May
21, 1872; married Hannah Newton May 25, 1817.
iv.David Wamsley, born April 11, 1788; died September 26, 1795.
v.Mary Wamsley, born March 14, 1790; died Aft July 18, 1824; married
B. Marshall
July 18, 1824.
vi.Ruth Wamsley, born June 07, 1792 in Randolph , Virginia; died April
1862; married (1)
Robert Parks March 18, 1835; married (2) Jacob Shinn March 01, 18554.
vii.Susannah W. Wamsley, born February 05, 1794; married Benjamin Arnold
October 24,
viii.William G. Wamsley, born October 22, 17955; married Bashabe Nutter.
ix.Jehu Wamsley, born September 25, 1798.
x.Watson Wamsley, born April 03, 1800; died May 29, 1800.
xi.James D. Wamsley, born March 15, 1802; married Sarah Bushlong April
1. Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlements of Virginia, Vol. II - page
2. Birth is listed in the William Wamsley Bible.
3. Records of Dick Phares.
4. Harrison County Marriage Book by Wes Cochran, 1785-1894.
5. Maud Bliss Allen, "John Wamsley, A Record of His Descendants"
Subj: Wamsleys newsletter
Date:98-03-11 19:10:51 EST
From: (Jean Loudin)
Dick Phares suggested I write you and ask to be put on the list for this
newsletter. I am descended through three daughters of Joseph Wamsley, son of
John of Pendleton. Dick and I share
descendency through 1 of these girls. If any of the back issues contain
or his descendents, could I also have
them? I would be happy to contribute if you would tell me how I could be of
help. Dear Joseph has about drove me mad
in running him down.
Jean Loudin
From: (S.Smith)
Mary Ann Wamsley told me about your group
and suggested that I join. My great-great-
grandmother was Elizabeth Ann Wamsley (b. 1819)
who married Forbes Wright Chipps, 12 Aug 1841
in Lewis County WV. I believe she is the daughter
of Isaac Wamsley and Susannah Yeager.
I would like to join the group to see if I
can learn more about this line of my family.
Sharon Smith
Subj: Re: Elam T. Talbott
Date:98-03-17 10:12:32 EST
CC:, , ,
Hi Connie,
Well, it seems like we have a dilemma here.
We worked on trying to find the first wife of Dr. Elam Talbott last fall and
decided it must have been Keziah Proudfoot. This would mean that Keziah
died before he married Julia Ann Capito in 1860. Dr. Elam was born 1810
died in 1881. If you have Keziah and
Elam's death dates from their tombstones, then the Elam that married Keziah
Proudfoot may NOT be Dr Elam, but his
nephew, son of Elisha and Millie Stephens Talbott.
Do you happen to have a list of the children of Elam T and Keziah Proudfoot
Talbott--from his estate or from an
Elam Talbott b 1828/9 was the son of Elisha Talbott b 7 Jan 1804 d 24 May
1880 Barbour Co WV +(1) Amelia "Millie"
Stephens m 20 Dec 1820
+(2) Sarah Thompson b 1801 m 5 Feb 1857
(1) Robert R Talbottt
Isaac D Talbott b 1823
+Martha Mitchell b 1823
Edwin S Talbott
+Margaret Capito b 20 Oct 1824 d 8 May 1897 m 20 Jan 1841
William C Talbott
Irvin F Talbott
Elam Talbott b 1829
+Kesiah b 1829
Elizabeth Talbott b 1831
+Addison Reed
Evan Talbott b 1836 d Before 1880
Josephine Talbott b 1838 Single in 1880
Angeline Talbott b 1840
+William B Woodford m 27 Jun 1858
Sarah Talbott b 1844 d Before 1880
S Margaret Talbott b 1846 d 1908
+(1) George Fisher Wamsley
+(2) John Alonzo Gibson
Elisha was the son of Richard Talbott b 16 Nov 1764 d 6 Nov 1847 Barbour Co
+Margaret Dowden b 25 Dec 1776 d 13 Sep 1859 m 22 Dec 1788
Millie's sister Elizabeth was married to Gideon Ellyson.
Gideon Ellyson b 10 Nov 1791 d 20 Dec 1877 Gilmer Co WV
+Elizabeth Stevens b 1800 d 13 Mar 1863 m 30 Mar 1825
I am descended from Richard and Margaret Talbott's daughter Mary Ann who
married Zachariah Ellyson, brother of
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Subj: Are we connected?
Date:98-03-18 22:44:32 EST
From: (Frank Walmsley)
I have been searching for my father's (Frank Philip Walmsley; B. Nov 11,
1896 in Mpls, MN) ancestors. It appears that the spelling used in
England could have been Wamsley or Walmsley.
My father's parents:
John Henry Walmsley; B. Jan 27, 1861 in Plymouth, New Hamshire.
catherine Ignatious McCann; B. Dec 19, 1856, in Philadelphia.
John's parents:
John Henry Walmsley; B abt 1827 in England.
Sarah Sanborn; B abt 18xx
John's parents:
Henry Walmsley; B abt 179x in England.
Ann ??
I would appreciate any information you may have!
Thanks.(-: frank walmsley :-)
PS: email at work=
Subj: Re: Wamsley family
Date:98-03-20 01:45:13 EST
From: (kathrynb)
To: (Wamsleyweb)
>I am descended from the West Virginia Wamsleys. I saw your info somewhere
>the net while I was looking around (cannot remember where), and would like
>know who your Jennie Elizabeth Wamsley is

¦William WAMSLEY (RN=36) (ID=36) born 1785
¦Samuel WAMSLEY (RN=18) (ID=18) born 1820
¦ ¦
¦ ¦ ¦Moses S BUSSELL (RN=74) (ID=74)
¦ ¦ ¦
¦ ¦Nancy BUSSELL (RN=37) (ID=37)
¦ ¦
¦ ¦Margaret (__________) (RN=75) (ID=75)
Jennie Elizabeth WAMSLEY (RN=9) (ID=9) born 1845 she marr my
Rhinehart ancestor and they are my Great Grandparents - so she isn't going
to help you any.
But, maybe you can help me. I'm familiar with the Randolph Co Wamsleys and
wouldn't be suprised if there is a connection *somehow*, but I haven't come
up with it yet. I *do* know that mine are *not* part of the Athens Co OH
Do you have info on the descendants of Thomas Wamsley and Margaret "Comfort"
Ingram? Comfort names some grandchildren in her will but that's it. I've
found very little on this branch. They seem to have had John (b1787),
Thomas, and 2 girls With naming patterns, it seems likely they might have
had a William as well. Since they went to KY (at least she died there),
there is a possiblity of a tie-in.
By the way, I have a Dec 1996 address for another Randolph Co WV Walmsly
researcher. Eva Loeffelbein <> or <
Here's what I have on William's family.
Husband: William WAMSLEY (RN=36) (ID=36)
Born: 1785 At: , , Virginia
Marr: 23 May 1810 At: , Boone, Kentucky
Died: 1837 At: , Ripley, Indiana
Buried: Relation: 3G Grf
Residence 1: 1810 Boone KY 00100-00100, 2: From Kentucky to Ohio in 1815
per Evd 799.
Source 1: Birth & death dates from History of Miami Township (Evd 779), 2:
Have both marriage records - 1st is Evd 750, 2nd is Evd 751., 3: 2nd
marriage performed in Hamilton Co OH by W. Harrell, Justice of Peace
Note 1: Hamilton Co Ohio History by Ford 1881 (Evd 799) says William died
Ripley Co Indiana, but I haven't found anything to support this.
Note 2: It also says his first Ohio settlement was made at North Bend, on
the farm now the property of Charles Short. In politics he was an Old
Line Whig.
Note 3: Check New Jersey as a birth place as son Samuel's death cert says
WM was born there. Nothing else supports this though.
Other Wives: Fanny MADBY (RN=2780) (ID=36.WB) mar 22 Nov 1824
bk2 pg 352, Hamilton, Ohio
Father: Male WAMSLEY (RN=72) (ID=72) Mother: (__________) (__________)
Wife: Nancy BUSSELL (RN=37) (ID=37)
Born: circa 1790 At: , , Virginia
Died: 1822 At: Miami, Hamilton, Ohio
Buried: Relation: 3G Grm
Residence :
Source 1: Born in VA per son's 1880 & 1900 census, 2: Death year & place
from Hist of Hamilton Co OH (Evd 799).
Father: Moses S BUSSELL (RN=74) Mother: Margaret (__________) (RN=75)
(ID=74) (ID=75)
M RN= 2781CODE= 36.1
Relation= Possibly, ,Texas
Source :
Residence 1: Lived in Texas in 1881 per Hist of Hamilton Co OH
2 Moses Bussell WAMSLEY 1812 Eunice HAYES (RN=2786) (ID=36.2W)
M RN= 2782CODE= 36.2 , Boone, before 1881
Relation= Kentucky
Comments: Has bio in Hist of Hamilton Co OH
Source :
Residence :
3 William B 'John?' Mary Jane INGRAHAM (RN=2787)
M RN= 2783CODE= 36.3 1839 1855
Source 1: Land Record (evd 749)
Residence :
4 Eliza WAMSLEY David JONES (RN=2788) (ID=36.4H)
F RN= 2784CODE= 36.4
Source :
Residence 1: 1881 in Indiana per Hist of Hamilton Co OH
5 Samuel WAMSLEY 20 Aug 1820 Catharine GROENDYKE (RN=19)
M RN= 18 CODE= 18 Cleves, 26 or 31 Jan 1844 24 Feb 1903
Relation= 2G Grf Hamilton, bk 12 pg 284, Cleves,
Ohio Hamilton, Ohio Hamilton,
Comments: Need to find 1900 census
Source 1: Have entire military file (Evd 1009) in which an A.B.Wamsley & S.
V.Hayes signed as witnesses. Other names were Wm Jessup and Leah H Guard.
Residence 1: He was in Roodhouse, Greene, Illinois 8 Apr 1884 for 3-4
years per Argos in pension Sep 1892. WHY WAS HE THERE? CK RAILROADS??
(Argos was also Adm when daughter Anna died.)
6 Stephen W WAMSLEY Mary VANGORDER (RN=2789) (ID=36.6W)
M RN= 2785CODE= 36.6 17 Dec 1846
Relation= , Hamilton, Ohio
Source :
Residence 1: 1881 in Indiana per Hist of Hamilton Co OH
Children's Notes Children's Other Marriages
(5)-1 Blacksmith
(5)-2 A.B. Wamsley also buried Berea
Cem (Evd 744), send for his
military record. A.B. probably
Moses B.'s son
(5)-3 Sheldon Earl Wamsley estate
administered 1899-1902 (evd 757),
who's he?
Various Wamsley's to check out.
1790 VA Hampshire David 4 whites.
Harrison David 5 whites.
John 2 whites.
1800 VA Harrison David pg 965.
Samuel pg 957.
Bath John pg 443.
1810 VA Harrison David pg 108 21101-10201-00.
Bath John pg 444 00101-00000-00.
1787 tax lists Womsley, David & John & various under Wamsley pg 532
Harrison list "C".
1830 NJ Gloucester Amos pg 094.
James pg 122.
1793 NJ militia census has William Wamsley in Mannington, Salem, NJ.
William Inventory 1816 Salem Co - 3309Q.
Jonathan Walmsley 859Q bk 8 pg 91 in 1753 Salem Co NJ.
There's Wamsley's in Bergen, Monmouth, & Gloucester counties too.
William Walsbey & Rachel Reynear marr Burlington Co NJ 14 Oct 1780.
Salem Co NJ is next to Delaware Co, Gloucester is next to Salem & next to
Stryker Rodda has Rev census of NJ list II 1778-1780 with Christopher,
Isaac, and William in Pequannock, Morris, NJ (they are Isaac & Leah Stout
Wamsley's sons).
1790 Ballstown, Albany, NY Walmseley, Christopher 2m16+ 1m16- 5f 5
1790 Newton, Queens, NY Wamsley, John 2m16+ 0m16- 4f.
1790 NYC East Ward, NY, NY Wannsley, William 1m16+ 0m16- 2f.
1800 not looked up yet - CHNG 818:8 James, NYRK 278:30 William, ALBY 11:2
1800 , Montgomery, KY Wamsley, Thomas tax list date 22 Aug 1800.
, Pulaski, KY Wamsley, William tax list date 28 Jul 1800.
Pulaksi County index to wills - William Inv & Adm 1801 bk 1 pg 1,
Amt of Est 1802 bk 1 pg 9 (SLC 598753) - Inv & allowance to Thomas adm for
Wm, Inv was 25 Jun 1801 and allowance was 23 Aug 1802.
Montgomery Co KY will bk E pg 112 Will of Comfort Wamsley,
grandsons: Melvin Thomas Riggs, Silas Mason Riggs, and one of witnesses was
Thomas Wamsley. (This is Margaret Comfort, dau-in-law of John the
Will bk F - John Walmsly - wife Sarah, on her death the heirs of A.D.
Walmsly desc: that is John Walmsly, James Walmsly, N(ancy?) A. Walmsly, and
Amas Walmsly; & heirs of Thomas Walmsley desc: that is Martha, John, Mary,
Sarah, & Howard; son Matthew Will 4 Apr 1855, codicil 1860, proved 1861.
Sprinfield Township, Franklin, IN - one of first blacksmiths father of
Isaac Wamsly per 1915 History of Franklin Co pg 144.
Subj: Joseph
Date:98-03-19 15:09:45 EST
From: (Jean Loudin)
To: (Wamsleyweb)
I am Jean Snyder Loudin that you mention. One, Joseph never had a Daniel.
The Rebecca and Sarah Ann are not proven daughters as far as I know.
Rebecca and Sarah Ann's birth dates fit for two unknown daughters, but both
were gone in 1820 and Sarah Ann did not marry until 1821. Also Joseph Sr.
died between 1840-50 in Randolph Co. Dick Phares and I have spent untold
hours on this man trying to get his family straightened out. I feel there
is some scandal attached as I could get nothing out of my family who
remembered generations back, except that he had a bunch of girls. Yeah,
since 3 of them are my ancestors, that was an understatement.
Willing to help anyone on this line. What various stories do you have on
the birthplace, etc. of Joseph's father? Absolutely nothing has been proven
on his ancestors either. All those Maryland Wamsleys may or may not be
There is an Isacc Wamsley family that established itself in Ohio about the
time that John was in Pendleton and of all things, they have many of the
same traditions, but no one has been able to connect them together. They
certainly sound as if they are.
Enought now, got to get supper and get ready to watch WVU beat Utah in the
NCAA tournaments.
More later.
Till next time, Wanda

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