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This newsletter has some sites to click on which have Wamsley info or info
related families. AOL members should be able to access them easily. If you
cannot access the site by typing in the words, let me know and I will send
the text.
The following site has a biography on Mary Ann Collett Wamsley, wife of
William Wamsley. Does anyone know who she is? I do not have her in my
<A HREF="http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-
87">Our Pioneer Heritage Results</A>
Our Pioneer Heritage Volume 6
Pioneer Midwives [Part Ii]
>From the "States" Emigrant's Guide
Mary Ann Collett Wamsley. In 1846, after the Saints were driven from
their homes in Nauvoo, Mary Ann Collett Wamsley was born in a wagon box
at Sugar Creek, Lee County, Iowa. Her parents,Daniel and Esther Collett,
came from England in 1841, one year after they were baptized by Wilford
Woodruff. From Sugar Creek, the Collett family went to Winter Quarters
where Mr. Collett worked as a wheelwright for three years. The Collett
family, now seven in number, crossed the plains in 1851 and settled in
Mrs. Collect was especially skilled in preparing from herbs, roots and
barks, medicines used in treating various diseases. She carefully
explained to her daughter the mixing processes and how to administer the
medicine. When Mary Ann was eleven years of age her mother passed away,
but the spark to prepare herself for a life of service to the sick and
the suffering had been kindled in the child and she determined to attain
her great desire.
The Collett family moved to Plain City, Weber County, in 1859, and it
was here that Mary Ann met William Wamsley. She continued her interest
in the sick and at the age of eighteen was assisting mothers in
childbirth. Mary Ann attended medical meetings and took pride in
preparing a display at the County Fair of the various medicinal herbs,
roots, and powdered barks familiar to her as home remedies.
Shortly after Mary Ann Collett and William Wamsley were married, they
were called by the Church authorities to pioneer Bloomington, Bear Lake
Valley, Idaho. It was fall when they reached the Valley along with other
settlers and time was short in which to build a house and prepare for
winter. While others worked to build homes, a schoolhouse, and at
numerous other projects, Mary Ann was kept busy as a midwife and nurse.
After living for a year in the new settlement her first child was born.
It was a girl and they named her Esther, for Mary Ann's mother. Now this
new mother realized more fully the importance of her life's work and she
determined to dedicate her talents to helping others. Her preparation of
home remedies became very vital and she took time to label each bottle
and to have a supply prepared in advance for emergencies. The Wamsleys
lived in Bloomington for seventeen years and during this time eight
children were born. The family accepted the fact that they were to share
their mother with the people of the community and did everything
possible to lighten her duties at home. About the year 1881, they moved
to Arizona and subsequently to Ashley Valley in Uintah County, Utah. In
both these places, Mrs. Wamsley continued her practice as midwife.
While on a visit to a daughter in Price, Utah in the fall of 1929, Mary
Ann became ill and passed away November 15th in her eighty-third year.
She lived long enough to deliver many of her grandchildren and some of
her great-grandchildren. The memory of her cheerful disposition, wisdom,
understanding and desire to serve, will long be remembered in the
communities in which she resided.
—Ivy Carroll Gray
Sharon Smith,
This is all I have about your Elizabeth Ann Wamsley:
Ancestors of Elizabeth Ann Wamsley
Generation No. 1
1. Elizabeth Ann Wamsley, born 18191. She was the daughter of 2. Isaac
Ingram Wamsley and 3. Susannah Yeager. She married (1) Forbes Wright Chipps
August 12, 1841 in Lewis County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil
Marriage Notes
Isaac Wamsley and Forbes W. Chipps are listed as the bondsmen for the
marriage of Forbes W. Chipps and Elizabeth Ann Wamsley.
Generation No. 2
2. Isaac Ingram Wamsley, died December 29, 1862 in Truby Run, Upshur
Virginia.3 He was the son of 4. Matthew Wamsley, Sr. and 5. Sarah "Sally"
Currence. He married 3. Susannah Yeager March 13, 1813 in Randolph ,
(later Randolph County, West Virginia).
3. Susannah Yeager, died November 24, 1878 in Lewis County, West Virginia.
She was the daughter of 6. George Yeager.
Marriage Notes
Susannah and Isaac were married by S. Harris.
Child of Isaac Wamsley and Susannah Yeager is:
1i.Elizabeth Ann Wamsley, born 1819; married Forbes Wright Chipps August
12, 1841 in Lewis County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War).
Generation No. 3
4. Matthew Wamsley, Sr., born December 1769; died December 03, 1851 in
Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War). He was the
of 8. John Wamsley, Sr. and 9. Judith Dorcus. He married 5. Sarah "Sally"
Currence Abt 1788 in Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia after the
5. Sarah "Sally" Currence, born Abt 1765 in Augusta County, Virginia; died
May 18, 1847. She was the daughter of 10. William Currence and 11. Lydia
Children of Matthew Wamsley and Sarah Currence are:
2i.Isaac Ingram Wamsley, died December 29, 1862 in Truby Run, Upshur
County, Virginia; married Susannah Yeager March 13, 1813 in Randolph ,
Virginia (later Randolph County, West Virginia).
ii.John Seymour Wamsley, died 1845; married Katherine Heater August 26,
1844 in Randolph , Virginia (later Randolph County, West Virginia).
iii.Sarah Ann Wamsley, married Samuel Channell.
iv.William Heater Wamsley4, died Bef 1850; married Prudence Wilmoth
03, 1828 in Elkins, Randolph County, Virginia.
v.Matthew Wamsley, Jr., born Abt 1787; married Eunice Harper.
vi.Samuel Morris Wamsley, born July 16, 1788; died in Norfolk, Virginia.
vii.Jane Wamsley, born July 25, 1790 in Mill Creek, Randolph, Virginia;
died January 20, 1832; married Jacob Yoakum, Sr. January 17, 1811.
viii.Jonathan Wamsley, born Abt 1791 in Beverly, Randolph County,
Virginia5; died May 21, 1872 in Randolph , West Virginia; married Elizabeth
Light November 23, 1820 in Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia after
Civil War).
ix.Daniel Wamsley, born 1796; died in Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie
Iowa; married February 10, 1810 in Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia
after the Civil War).
x.Abraham Skidmore Wamsley, born December 12, 1808; died in Upshur
West Virginia; married Catherine Carder January 30, 1834 in Randolph County,
Virginia (West
Virginia after the Civil War).
xi.Lydia Steele Wamsley, born 1811; died 1811.
xii.Catherine Wamsley, born Unknown; died Unknown; married James C.
February 1841 in Randolph , Virginia (later Randolph County, West Virginia).
xiii.Thomas Wamsley, born Unknown; died Unknown; married Jemima Wilmoth.
6. George Yeager.
Child of George Yeager is:
3i.Susannah Yeager, died November 24, 1878 in Lewis County, West
married Isaac Ingram Wamsley March 13, 1813 in Randolph , Virginia (later
Randolph County,
West Virginia).

Generation No. 4
8. John Wamsley, Sr., born Abt 1721 in Linshire, England (?Anne Arundel,
Maryland)6; died Abt 1782
in Augusta County, Virginia. He was the son of 16. John Wamsley and 17.
Abigail Smith. He married 9.
Judith Dorcus Abt 1751 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
9. Judith Dorcus, born 1730 in Cecil County, Maryland. She was the
of 18. Matthew Dorcus.
Source: "Absalom Wamsley Smith, his ancestry and his descendants; nine
generations of the Smith
family in West Virginia, New Jersey and Utah" by Maud Bliss Allen; Virginia
State Library call #CS71 S643
Marriage Notes
Judith and John moved to Augusta County, Virginia.
Children of John Wamsley and Judith Dorcus are:
i.Thomas Wamsley, born 1752 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland; died
1806 in Montgomery, Kentucky; married Margaret "Comfort" Ingram May 29, 1776
in Augusta County, Virginia.
ii.David Wamsley, born November 19, 1755 in Anne Arundel, Maryland7; died
March 08,
1849 in Harrison, Virginia; married Sarah (or Sallie) Delay 1780.
iii.Elizabeth Wamsley, born October 26, 1756 in Anne Arundel, Maryland;
died February
28, 1841; married McKinney Robinson.
iv.William Wamsley, born October 05, 1759 in Ann Arundel County,
January 16, 1839 in Randolph County, Virginia (Harrison County); married
Watson August 25, 1782 in Augusta County, Virginia.
v.John Wamsley, Jr., born February 10, 1762 in Augusta County, Virginia;
died March 15, 1815 in Franklin Township, Coshocton, Ohio; married (2) Mary
"Polly" Robinson June 27, 1784 in Harrison County, Virginia (West Virginia
after the Civil War); married (3) Mary Robinson July 27, 17849.
vi.James Wamsley, born March 06, 1762 in Augusta County, Virginia10; died
February 28, 1842 in Lewis, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War);
married (1) Barbara Bland 1783 in Lewis County, Virginia (West Virginia)11;
married (2) Mary Reger November 11, 1830 in Lewis County, Virginia (West
Virginia after the Civil War); married (3) Effie Perry February 12, 1838 in
Lewis County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War).
vii.Joseph Wamsley, Sr., born Abt 1768 in Augusta County, Virginia; died
1864 in Randolph County, Virginia; married (1) Eve; married (2) Martha
Jamison February 26, 1806 in Randolph , Virginia (later Randolph County,
4viii.Matthew Wamsley, Sr., born December 1769; died December 03, 1851 in
Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War); married Sarah
"Sally" Currence Abt 1788 in Randolph County, Virginia (West Virginia after
the Civil War).
ix.Mary Wamsley, born 1772; married David (John) Hull December 24, 1792
Harrison County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War)12.
x.Samuel Wamsley, Sr., born 1774 in Shinnston, Harrison, Virginia; died
1817; married Sarah Shinn March 20, 1796 in Harrison County, Virginia13.
xi.Dorcas Wamsley, born 1776; died 1806; married Solomon Shinn October
1795 in Harrison County, Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War)14.
10. William Currence, born September 16, 1727 in Ulster, Northern Ireland;
died 1780. He married 11. Lydia Steel.
11. Lydia Steel, born Abt 1725 in Bucks, Pennsylvania; died August 29,
in Mill Creek, Randolph, Virginia.
Children of William Currence and Lydia Steel are:
i.Anna Currence, married Henry Mace January 08, 1788.
5ii.Sarah "Sally" Currence, born Abt 1765 in Augusta County, Virginia;
May 18, 1847; married Matthew Wamsley, Sr. Abt 1788 in Randolph County,
Virginia (West Virginia after the Civil War).

Generation No. 5
16. John Wamsley, born Abt 1700 in England15; died 1748 in Anne Arundel
County, Maryland. He was the son of 32. Thomas Wamsley and 33. Elizabeth
Travers. He married 17. Abigail Smith.
17. Abigail Smith, born in England.
Children of John Wamsley and Abigail Smith are:
i.Jane Wamsley, married Nathan Smith.
ii.Elinor Wamsley, married Brand.
iii.Mary Wamsley.
8iv.John Wamsley, Sr., born Abt 1721 in Linshire, England (?Anne Arundel,
Maryland); died Abt 1782 in Augusta County, Virginia; married Judith Dorcus
Abt 1751 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
18. Matthew Dorcus.
Child of Matthew Dorcus is:
9i.Judith Dorcus, born 1730 in Cecil County, Maryland; married John
Wamsley, Sr. Abt 1751 in Anne Arundel, Maryland.

Generation No. 6
32. Thomas Wamsley, born Abt 1680 in England. He married 33. Elizabeth
33. Elizabeth Travers.
Child of Thomas Wamsley and Elizabeth Travers is:
16i.John Wamsley, born Abt 1700 in England; died 1748 in Anne Arundel
County, Maryland; married Abigail Smith.

records of Sharon Smith ()
Marriage Bonds and Marriage Records 1816-1865, Lewis County, Virginia.
records of Larry Phalin ()
Parkersburg, West Virginia, 1990.
Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlements of Virginia, Vol. III - Deed Book
#14, page 488; Vol III, Will Book #V, page 247.
6th great grandfather of Paul Thompson ()
Chronicles of Scotch-Irish Settlements of Virginia, Vol. II - page
Records of Jean Snyder Loudin.Records of Edith Lanning
().Library of Virginia, Grants
59, page 588.
Harrison County Marriage Book by Wes Cochran, 1785-1894.
Patricia Vielolenave: a list of marriages celebrated in Randolph County,
Virginia from 1784 to 1794.
"John Wamsley, A Record of His Descendants" by Maude Bliss Allen
to Dick Phares, this book contains numerous errors in the first
Data by Gary Wamsley of Loveland, Colorado.References research by Francis
Again from an INDIANA WAMSLEY descendent. Will have info on wamsley land
purchases in Illinois later next week. Will try to resend my last letter.
(wamsley1.txt). Thank you.

Greetings from an INDIANA WAMSLEY descendant. I am still trying to find
for my line: William Allen Wamsley married Rebecca Huron, daughter Cora
Wamsley, b. Oct. 3, 1871, d. Feb 4, 1964 , Married David Leonard Scroggin,
Sr. June 22, 1893. Ck'd the web page "Indiana History" and found 10 other
links including Indiana State Library Genealogy Division where you will find
this list of Indiana Marriages Through 1850; Elizabeth Wamsley married Hiram
G. Stout in Decatur Co. 5-24-1846, Elizabeth Wamsley married Stephen C.
in Franklin Co. 10-5-1838, Fanny Wamsley married Reuben Putnam in Franklin
12-18-1833, Joseph Wamsley married Julia Ann Tuttle in Marshall Co.
Lawrence G. Wamsley married Malinda Gant in Franklin Co. 4-9-1840, Mary
Wamsley married Stephen W. Craig in Franklin Co. 4-20-1837, Thomas O.
married Sarah Ristine in Fountain Co. 12-30-1834, William Wamsley married
James in Franklin Co. 11-8-1827, Willam Wamsley married Catherine Bridgwater
in Orange Co. 5-9-1839. You might want to rearrange this list to be more
readable in your newsletter. Perhaps this info may help others. Thank you.
From: (J Wright)

Hi Wanda,
I guess I'm just finding this message. Somehow I missed it earlier.
Yes, I am researching the CANFIELD line.
Rebecca Alice CANFIELD b.March 10, 1878 Montrose, Randolph Co. WV d. June
03, 1966 Randolph Co WV.
Her parents were:
Francis Marion Canfield b.September 24, 1854 Barbour Co. WV d. 1932
Montrose, Randolph Co, WV and Ester Murphy b.1857 Tucker Co. WV d.May 14,
1883 Randolph Co, WV. They were married October 28, 1874 Randolph Co, WV.

She married John Huff Wamsley b.October 10, 1875 Randolph Co, WV d.August
13, 1964 Elkins, Randolph Co. WV.
Wanda, I have much more on the Wamsley and Canfield lines.

>At the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants site, I saw that you are
>researching "Canfield". My grandfather's brother, John Huff Wamsley,
>Rebecca Alice Canfield (I do not know sho her parents were). Any
> Also, Levi Smith's wife Sarah Wamsley was my gggrandfather's (Andrew
>Marcellus Wamsley) second cousin. Wanda
From: (Kathy Williams)

Monday, 3/30/1998
Wanda -- Here are some "reprints" of Wamsley history I found in histories,
Could you please let me know if you get my two web contributions? Thanks.

#1 From: Adams County, Ohio: History, Cemetaries, Marriages by Robert D.
"The Wamsley Family. Isaac Wamsley was born in Northern Germany
the 18th century, a seafaring man who appears in American waters about 1770.
settled in Maryland or Delaware, but after the Revolutionary War settled on
Brush Creek, at Forge Dam in Jefferson Township, Adams County, Ohio. His
consisted of his wife and four sons: Isaac, Jr.; Jonathan; Christopher; and
William. The last three settled in the boundary of Adams County, however,
Jr., settled further west.
William, the youngest son, married Sarah Wikoff in 1798. To them were
eight boys and one girl. Leah, the daughter, died at an early age. Peter,
Isaac, William, John, Samuel and Christopher (twins), Leah, Amos and Jesse.
William and his sons were very religious men and helped build the M.E.
called "Wamsley Chapel." [As far as I know, this no longer stands]. William
died 26 Sept 1845 in the 70th year. His wife died 27 Apr 1850 in her 79th
and are buried in the Wamsley cemetary [a very peaceful, quiet cemetary
out in the country just outside of the village of Wamsley, Ohio].
Rev. Jesse Wamsley (youngest son of William), was born 11 July 1813 and
married Mary McCormack 15 Dec. 1831. To them were born two children: James
Pilcher and William Finley. Pilcher was born 30 Mar 1833 and married 23 Oct
1856 to Miss Elizabeth A. Graham.
William Wamsley, born in 1804, died 12 Oct 1868. He was married to
Elizabeth Bolton in 1825." --Except for my [comments] this is the article
# 2. Entry found in the family Bible of Iva Mae Wamsley Workman (now
-the daughter of Wm. and Goldie):
"William Bland Wamsley departed this life Dec 9, 1959 on Wednesday. At
home. Goldie Gertrude [Tomblin] Wamsley departed this life June 14, 1966,
Tuesday, 15 till 9 p.m., at the Adams Co. Hospital."
#3 Obit for Wm. Bland Wamsley:
"Funeral services were Saturday for William B. Wamsley, 76, who died
noon, Wednesday at his home on Peebles [Ohio], Route 3.
He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Goldie Wamsley; five daughters, Mrs.
Riley of Sinking Springs [a misspelling - Granny's name is actually spelled
"Birdie". She still lives in S.S.]; Mrs. May Workman of Peebles [now
full name Ivy May Wamsley. Married to Thomas Workman]; Mrs. Sarah Osborne of
Lebanon [married to John Osborne -- he is now deceased]; Mrs. Eva Haron of
Vanceburg, Ky. [I have no idea who this woman is -- does anyone else?]; and
Mary Rudal of Otway [another type-o. Aunt Mary's last name is actually
- she is married to Ollie Rudd] and a sister, Mrs. Maye VanZant of Peebles.
The last rites were held at Antioch church with Rev. W.E. Mills
Burial was in Evergreen cemetary [on Steam Furnace Road outside of Peebles,
Adams Co., Ohio] under the direction of Trefz Funeral Home [now defunct]."
This obit should be taken with a grain of salt, so to speak, as it has
several errors.
#4 Obit: "Mrs. Goldie Wamsley. Funeral services were held at Antioch
Peebles for Mrs. Goldie Wamsley, 68 of Peebles Rt. 3, who died last Tuesday
Adams County Hospital.
Surviving are five daughters, Mrs. Birdie Riley of Sinking Springs, Mrs.
Workman and Mrs. Jane Hawn, both of Peebles, Mrs. Sarah Osborn of Lebanon
Mrs. Mary Rudd of Otway, and three brothers Elmer, Chester and McCell
[Tomblin], all of Urbana.
Rev. Crawford Crabtree officiated at the services. Burial was in
Cemetary at Peebles." [This obit is correct in its info. Neither of these
clippings had dates on them].

I have a couple of other obits, articles and clippings that I will
later. I don't want to hog up all of the next newsletter. If any Adams
Ohio Wamsley descendents read this info, please let me know.
From: (Kathy Williams)

I really love getting the Wamsley newsletter and want to give you a big
"thanks" for maintaining this newsletter for all of the various clans of
I have some info on the Adams County Wamsleys. I am a direct descendent
Isaac "the German" Wamsley. I am going to give you my direct lineage in
that it may provide some info to some long lost cousin somewhere! Here

--Isaac Harvey Wamsley (1735-1825) m. 7-2-1770 Leah Stout Taylor ( ) of
--son, Wm. Wamsley (1/23/1776-9/26/1845) m. 1798 Sarah Wikoff ( ) of
--son, Christopher Wamsley ( ) m. _________ Mary Wikoff ( ) of Adams Co.,
--son, Wm. Trimble Wamsley (8/22/1849-7/12/1932) m. 1-7-1877 Olevia Jane
( )
--son, Wm. Bland Wamsley (8/1/1883-12-9-1959) m. 6-2-1919 Goldie Gertrude
Tomblin (7/13/1897-6-14-1966)
--daughter, Birdie Ione Wamsley (2/29/1920 to living) m. 2/13/1943 William
Foster Riley (Bill) (2/25/1920 to living) of Urbana, Champaign Co.,

My grandparents divorced in the 1960s. My ggrandparents, William
Goldie, had no male children.
--daughter, Goldie Ann Riley (1/9/1946-living) m. 8/14/1964 Charles Theodore
Williams (4/12/1943-living) of Rarden, Adams Co., Ohio.
--daughter, Kathy Ann Williams (b. 11/5/1964). So far, I am not married and
have no children!
If anyone has any info on any of the relations of these folks, please
know. I am especially interested in the Stout and Wikoff lines. I may be
contacted via email: , snail-mail Kathy Williams,
Morningside Drive, Berea, KY 40403 or by phone: 606/986/9412. I will post

hi all,

first, thank you for allowing me to join this fine group, yes im new and
the looks of the newsletter and the info i have seen prior- confused... help
me out.
perhaps someone has info on how my (our) tree works out.and pardon my lack

my great-grandmother is Vida Myrtle (wamsley) Zacot. she was born 17 apr
in Elkins,Wv. Her parents were John Wamsley(info unknown) and Aletha

Now, the confusing part for me.. Aletha Snelson was born in 1868 to James A
Snelson and Catherine Channel. Catherine was born to Elizabeth Channel and
(first name unknown) WAMSLEY. both Catherine and Elizabeth are from
Huttonsville,Randolph cnty,Wv. Elizabeth and Mr. Wamsley were married in

Is it,-for which im sure- that the John Wamsley she married , could be
related to her father in some distant way?

thanks for your time..

andy markle


my name is andy markle, and im researching my wamsley lineage. i understand
there is a newsletter(martha valentine told me) of the wamsley's. i would
love to subscribe to this newsletter..

please advise me on how to subscribe, or this is enough to subscribe, ill be

my snail mail address is

andy markle
260 w nees #102
fresno, ca 93711

thank you
andy markle

Yvonne at wrote in the #9 web about anyone researching the
Adams Co OH Wamsleys. She mentioned the STOUT line and I just wanted to
point out that there are quite a few STOUT ref. in the Katherine Hart
Frame book (which I happen to have and will look up for anyone)..

One of the sources Frame used seems to be Ege's "pioneers of Old
Hopewell" Stout Genealogy & family research.
the 21st line was NaNCY STOUT b. Hopewell, NJ July 25, 1756 d. FEb 25,
1844 Beverly,VA m. Edward HART b. Hopewell, N.J. 1755 d. 1812
Beverly,VA. Shirley Toohey

NOTICED in the line of Jacob Wamsley & wife Minerva Hamilton child #3
Jared Lee Wamsley b. fEb 1854 d Jan 1916 there was no wife listed.

Could be your may not wish to list the latest names as they are still
living..or were when book published. I'm not sure what the
rules are about this. You may already have this info.

There are several Wamsleys mentioned in the book Harts of RAndolph Co. by
Katherine Hart Frame. Page 267 gives the following:

Florence May Butcher b. May 20, 1856 at Huttonsville,VA
d. Aug 21, 1934 at Beverly, WV. m. Aug 7, 1880 Jaret Lee Wamsley
b. FEb 5, 1854 d. Jan 31. 1916 (tombstone) Both buried in BEverly,
Cemetery. No children.

Edgar Donaldson WAmsley, bro to Jared, m. sister of Florence (above)
Mary Hart Butcher b. Apr 10, 1858 Huttonsvile, VA. d Nov 22, 1937 at
Moundsville, WV buried in Currence Wamsley-Cemetery, east side Tygart
Valley River near Don Bosco Conference Center.
m. May 13, 1879 at Beverly, WV Edgar & Jared were sons of Jacob See and
Minerva (Hamilton) WAMSLEY.

Edgar b. FEb 27, 1856 d. Sept 1, 1939 buried in Currence-Wamsley
Cemetery. 5 Ch: all b on a farm east side of Tygart Valley River near
Don Bosco Farm except Wilfred.

ch of Mary Hart Butcher & Edgar Donaldson Wamsley:

1. Wilfred DAiley WAmsley b. FEb 18, 1881 in home of paternal
grandparents d. Agu 7, 1947. St Paul, Minn. buried in Marietta, OH
m. Blanche Leeper of Marietta, OH . 3 ch Nancy, Stuart & Donald.

2. Helen Jacob Wamsley b. Dec 1, 1883 d. Jan 28, 1918 buried
in Currence-Wamsley Cemetery. Unmarried.

3. Norman Butcher WAmsley b. Jan 6, 1886 Lives at DAiley, WV.
m. 1st.. Feb 19.1919 at Williamson, WV, Olive Rohrbaugh b. Jan 7, 1889,
dau of William Harrison & Annie (Conley) Rohrbaugh d. July 20, 1940,
buried in Old Brick Church Cemetery. No ch.

m. 2nd.. Dec 23, 1943 at Huttonsville, WV, Augustine June Miller, dau of
Cecil R. & Zada (Tallman) Miller. Div. and she has remarried and lives
in OH. 4 ch.

a.Judy Hart Wamsley b. Agu 23, 1945 in Elkins, WV d. June 25,1970 near
Portsmouth, VA in a car accident. Cremated. m.1st James
McWilliams of Beverly, WV. Div. 1 ch. Elizabeth Jane McWilliams b. Jan
27, 1961 in Elkins,WV & Lisa Marie McWilliams b. July 10,1963 in Elkins,
m. 2nd Lawrence D.Gargano. no ch.

b. Ellen Wamsley b. Mar 23, 1948 in Elkins,WV m. James Haddox of St
Marys,WV Live at Belmont,WV 2 ch.

Rebecca Ann Haddox b. Jan.19 1967.
James Haddox Jr. b. Nov 17, 1970

c. Sally WAmsley b. July 18, 1951 in Elkins, WV
m. Wm. Allison Burkholder. Children:
Wm. Allison Burkholder b. June 24, 1970 Warren,OH

d. Eve WAmsley, twin of above Sally b. July 18, 1951 in Elkins WV
m. Curtis Mason, div.

4. James Kenneth WAmsley b. July 17, 1887 d May 10, 1959 in Elkins,WV
buried in CUrrence wAmsley Cemetrey. WWI vet. Married and divorced no

5. Robert Hart Wamsley b Sept 3, 1896 WWI vet. m. Margaret Varner.
Live in Philadelphia,PA l ch; Norma K. Wamsley.

If you need the ancestry of Florence May Buthcer b. 1856 m. Jared Lee
Wamsley it is also included in this Frame Book.

Hope this helps. Shirley
Who were the parents of William B., Erastus F., David M., Sarah E., and
Wamsley? I am having a hard time figuring it out. Even though I am related
to the West Virginia Wamsleys and not this line, as far as I know, I am
keeping the information in case we ever find a link between the families.
Thanks, Wanda
The following is a letter from Doris Jean Ferguson:
Dear Wanda,
I am enclosing a Pedigree Chart, starting with my father, which will fill in
some of the blanks in the Ancestor Chart which you prepared for me. My
grandparents and two of their sons added "e" to the name "Sharpe". However,
have three uncles who did not. Was glad to know that we are sixth cousins!
The materials that I have on my Wamsley ancestors are as follows:
1. I have a copy of the death certificate of my grandfather, Eslie G.
which shows Liza Wamsley and John Sharp as his parents.
2. I have a copy of the death certificate of Sarah Ann Eliza Wamsley Beal,
who was married first to John T. Sharp aka John Sharp and after his death to
J.M. Beal. Her death certificate shows Solomon Wamsley and Elizabeth
Stalnaker as parents.
3. I have a copy of the death certificate of Solomon Wamsley, but it does
show who his parents were.
4. Vickers' "Compendium of American Genealogy" - Volume VI, p. 602, shows
marriage of Solomon and Elizabeth, as does "American Families With British
Ancestry". I have copies of these pages.
5. I have the book, "A Chronology of the Stalnaker Family in America." It
lists 51 Mary Stalnakers. None of them were married to Ebenezer Mace and
are married to a White. This book also shows the marriage of Elizabeth L.
Stalnaker to Solomon Wamsley, "son of Jesse and Sarah (Mace) Wamsley."
I have a copy of Hu Maswell's "History of Randolph County", and in that
on page 359, it shows ten children of William and Lydia Steele Currence.
of course, as mentioned in your "Endnotes", it shows William M. Wamsley as
son of Jesse and Sarah (Mace) Wamsley and J. Lafayette Wamsley as the son of
Solomon and Elizabeth (Stalnaker) Wamsley, which sets up the marriage of
and Sarah and of Solomon and Elizabeth.
I had someone in Elkins, West Virginia, do some research for me. He said
I was the first person he had heard say that Henry and Anne (Currence) mace
were the parents of Sarah. I wrote him that I did not dream this up - that
the Family History Library of the Mormon Church shows that. I have a copy
the will of Henry Mace, as I wrote you before, he does not name Sarah as a

The ancestor line that Jean sent me will be in the next newsletter (will not
fit in this one).
Thank you for all of the very interesting information that you sent. I was
especially glad to find out what happened to Samuel Blaine Wamsley, my g-
grandfather's brother. -Wanda
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