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From: David Hutton <>
Subject: [WAPIERCE] Old Photographs
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2009 17:52:56 +0000 (UTC)


I received a box of old photographs after my father passed away a number of years ago and have finally attempted to scan them all and upload to a photo album. However, my computer is getting old and slow so have taken a break from it.

I think that most of the photo's are of the old logging camps. Some in McKenna and also one from Ashford. At least according to the handwritten messages on back of some photo's. Also, on the front of some of them, they are inscribed as Kinsey Photo; Seattle, Wash. along with photo number.

Alot of the photo's include Al HUTTON and some mention the names of others. One that I can't read too well is an old photo with five men logging. I can make out the name John THIEL and the other two names are difficult to read. One looks like it could be Ole MOE and the other is either Ray or Roy and the last name I believe is CRUIKSHANK or Crukshaw.

I have a school photo of McKenna School which is inscribed: UPPER GRADES; McKenna School. Sept. 1942 which includes my father, Don HUTTON, ten other students and a male teacher.

Theres a photo of two horses pulling a railroad car loaded with logs and two men. No name for the man leading the horses but mention of Bill SMITH being the man in the white shirt.

Another photo shows a logging camp and on a large wooden box, it says: No 5 (?) There are seven men in this photo and only mention of John BURNSIDE sitting next to load.

Here is Camp #9; Ashford, Wn., 1901 This is a group photo with 40+ men and 2 women. No names listed.

One large faded camp photo has no names or location. Inscribed on front is Kinsey, 5273 and on the back all that is written in the year 1885. There are 11 men in this photo.

Another old photo has 10 men and inscribed on front of photo: 12x15 Tacoma Donkey which blowed up june 9, 1911 in North Coast Camp 23 near Orting, Wash. Engineer killed. The only other info is the number 5199 on bottom right of photo.

McKenna Lumber Co; Kinsey Photo, no. 626 is a group photo. Handwritten on back says: Mckenna, Camp #8. Approximately 60 people in photo.

Nice photo of McKenna, Camp #7, 1914 includes 4 men and a cool old locomotive.

McKenna Logging, 1926. My grandfather, Art HUTTON and 13 other men

McKenna Camp12, 1927 is a photo of the kitchen crew. 6 women and 2 men. Names listed are Gertrude, Mom HUTTON (Bernice), Ann and Zola.

Not sure which camp this is but it says McKenna Log Co., 1920. Art HUTTON and 6 other men.

Theres a nice photo of McKenna Log Co., Camp 12. No people in this photo.

Heres an old group photo of 26 men sitting and standing in front of an old building. This is a very clear and close up photo that each person can be seen clearly. Al HUTTON is included and the date is 1900.

Another large group photo is dated: about 1912. Approximately 50 people and the only handwritten info is: Bob & Imogene PORTER and their pet wolf. Also says, John HOFER, 2nd row, below Al HUTTON.

The last two are my favorites. One is inscribed on front as: Largest Fir Tree in WASH. C. Kinsey Photo, Seattle. No. 100. This tree is huge and you can see by the size of the two men standing on each side at the base of the tree.

The other photo is also a Kinsey Photo and according to inscription, it is a Falling Redwood. Looks like it says Humboldt. (? Humboldt County, California ?) Not sure. It says: Dia. 22 ft. There is one guy standing on each side of tree holding an axe and two guys laying on base of trunk with tree leaning back. This is a way cool photo. My new favorite screen saver.

Work is not complete on photo album so if anyone is interested I can scan and send. Any help identifying these people, logging camps, locations and dates would be appreciated.

Dave Hutton
Tacoma, WA

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