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Subject: RE: [WarBrides] Joan Corney and The Lady Rodney
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 04:17:28 +0100
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Hello Taryn

Welcome to Warbrides! As for what may or may not be posted on this list, we
welcome all messages having anything at all to do with Warbrides so your
message certainly fits in with that!

I've been looking at my database of warbride sailings to try to reconcile
your information. The source of information for the database records are the
original passenger lists from the Public Record Office in England. The
problem is that the warbride records probably shouldn't really have been
kept, as they didn't strictly fall into the category of information
required. However, most (and I think it is 'all') of them have survived
though not on the correct forms so some information is not guaranteed.
Amongst that is the dates of sailing. Southampton was still a military port,
still largely closed to civilian traffic, and sailing dates could be (and
were often) altered at very short notice - this is not always reflected in
the dates on the front of each list.

The Lady Rodney appears to have made 9 warbride voyages during 1946. There
was a sailing recorded as the 15 May, and that would have got your
grandmother to Canada before the end of the month. The possible problem with
that one however is that the Queen Mary is recorded as having sailed on 4
May - I think she did sail very close to 4 May for other reasons, and that
would make it rather unlikely that the Lady Rodney's passengers would have
seen her.

Both ships were in together in March (14 March departure date for both) but
there wasn't apparently an April sailing for the Lady Rodney. However during
June, (so your grandmother would have left home in May...) the Queen Mary is
recorded as leaving on 11 June, and the Lady Rodney on 12 June.

So - either the sailing date for one or other ship was altered considerably,
and that hasn't been changed on the front of the list, or your grandmother
sailed in June - remember she would almost certainly have spent some time
'being processed' probably in Tidworth Camp before she sailed.

Sorry if this has muddied the waters, I'll be interested to know if there
are any other subscribers on the list who can correct my dates for me.

Best wishes

Debbie Beavis

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> Subject: [WarBrides] Joan Corney and The Lady Rodney
> Hello
> I am the 16 year old granddaughter of Joan (Burrows) Corney, who
> arrived in Canada in 1946 on the Lady Rodney. She married my
> grandfather, John Robert "Bob" Corney in Jan. 1946. He was born in
> Duncan, BC and she in London. I am currently tracing my
> family tree and
> would love to hear from others who may remember my
> grandmother (grasping
> at straws) or the voyage over on the Lady Rodney. I believe
> she arrived
> in Halifax in May 1946. My grandmother is now bedridden in a nursing
> home, and unable to speak and tell me of her war experiences.
> However,
> before she became ill, she would tell me that the Lady Rodney
> was docked
> near the Queen Mary. Everyone belived they were to travel on
> the Queen
> Mary ( "ooh how grand!"), and were quite disappointed when they found
> out they were to travel on "the dinky little Lady Rodney".
> My grandmother also took the train to Vancouver, and as she
> was going to
> sleep, a hand passed an apple through to her. She never knew
> who it was
> from. Anyone have an ancestor who was fond of passing apples?! :-)
> I would love to share my grandmother's story with you, if
> you'll have me
> (not sure yet what is and isn't to be posted on this list.)
> It is also
> in the book, "Blackouts to Bright Lights", if anyone is interested.
> Sincerely
> Taryn Jones
> Vancouver Island, BC Canada
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