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Subject: [WARD] Ward from County Longford Ireland to Massachussetts toCalifornia
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2012 10:15:43 -0400

I have recently found information on my Ward line which has taken some time as my grandmother was adopted at the age of six. My great great grandfather was a John K. Ward, born in County Longsford, Ireland in 1820. He immigrated either alone or with family to Massachussetts and became naturalized as a US citizen at the Boston Municipal Court in 1842. He married my great great grandmother, Catherine, maiden surname as yet unknown, and their first child, Elizabeth A. Ward, was born in Staughton, Norfolk County, Massachussetts in 1852. The family relocated to Sacramento, California in the mid 1850s and there my great grandfather, John Thomas Ward, was born in 1856 as well as his younger brother, Joseph Henry Ward, in 1859 and younger sister, Katherine Ward, in 1862. The family moved to San Francisco in the early 1860s and the youngest child, Peter Francis Ward, was born there in 1867. Catherine died in either late 1867 or early 1868 and the baby, Peter, died in 1868. John K. Wa!
rd died July 2, 1873 in San Francisco. My great grandfather, John Thomas Ward, married my great grandmother, Ruth Ann Mathewson, called Ann or Annie, around 1874. Annie as born in either late 1849 or early 1850 in Bangor, Maine and had been married twice previously, first to Thomas F. Moran of Bangor, Maine with whom she had a son, Thomas Francis Moran, born in San Francisco in 1868, and second to Hugh Brodigan. She married John Thomas Ward around 1874 in San Francisco. Their first child, John Kearnan Ward, was born in San Francisco October 22, 1875 and their daughter, my grandmother, Ruth Ann Ward, was born February 22, 1880. Annie Ward died April 16, 1886 and John Thomas Ward soon afterward, however, I do not have a date of death for him yet. Oldest child, Thomas F. Moran, apparently lived on his own until he married Lucinda Haydon a few years later. John Kearnan Ward was raised by his paternal aunt, Katherine Ward, married to William Powers, Sr., of San Francisco. My gr!
andmother, Ruth Ann Ward, was adopted by next door neighbors, !
and Anna Ott. John Kearnan Ward was never married and committed suicide January 31, 1909. My grandmother married my grandfather, William Moccabee, born in 1862 in Columbus, Ohio, in San Francisco in 1907 and my dad, William Ellsworth Moccabee, was born in 1912. My aunt, Ruth Ellen Moccabee, was born in 1918. The family lived in Hilo, Hawaii for a few years until my grandfather suffered a heart attack and could no longer work as a sheet metal worker. They moved to Columbus, Ohio where my grandfather died in 1926 and my granmother in 1956. Any further information on this Ward line would be much appreciated. This has taken quite a few years of searching news articles, birth and death announcements and city directories as most original records before 1906 in San Francisco were destroyed in the earthquake and fire of 1906. Karen Conley

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