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From: "r.deloyde" <>
Subject: [WAR] The Muster Roll of The Hundreds of Barlichway & Kineton 1599 Part 2
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 21:15:08 +0100


The view of trayned men taken at Alcester the Sixth day of July
1599 before Sir John Conway & Sir Edward Grevyle.

palmer thomas lived in alcester
dewes john lived in alcester
sexton john alcester
ffulford john alcester
soccavin nicholas alcester
emmes thomas kynnerte
strayne wm weetheley
ffyld george weetheley
emes henry weetheley
woodward henry weetheley
smyth john rinne alne
harrys clemen rinne alne
hemynge john rinne alne
greene roger coughton
ffurlonge john coughton
byrd robert coughton
jones robert coughton
robyns richard studley
parker richard studley
strayne george studley
perkinson john studley
perkinson thomas studley
baggott olyver ipsley
parr will`m ipsley
bryrd george sambourne
jones thomas sambourne
heminge george sambourne
rutter phillipp sambourne
butcher valentyne spernall
bryreley robert spernall
jackson ???? spernall
ffrearefaxe henry moorton
saunders willm baggott
beesley john baggott
hopkyns thomas baggott
ffreeman edward tutnell and cobley
wilks john tutnell and cobley
dunne john tutnell and cobley

mr cookes division

blackwell wm hampton curlew
brill thomas hampton curlew
rutter clement hampton curlew
wilmore willm hampton curlew
mathew roger hampton curlew
reades willm hampton curlew
bleeke wm hampton curlew
wilmore willm hampton curlew
hawkyns john hampton curlew
wilmore john hampton curlew
hudson raphe hampton curlew
cookes roger hampton curlew
townsend henry snytterfyld
ryland john snytterfyld
hill john snytterfyld
rogers thomas snytterfyld
ainge richard snytterfyld
jorden thomas snytterfyld
savage edward snytterfyld
wilmore john snytterfyld
mayde willm snytterfyld
hudson raphe snytterfyld
mayde richard snytterfyld
cookes roger snytterfyld
wa?ford hughe snytterfyld
cookes john snytterfyld
hawkes thomas hampton lucy
pigeon john hampton lucy
wilkyns john hampton lucy
hawkes robtus hampton lucy
hawkes willm hampton lucy
towsend edward alveston
murrell willm tyddington
lorde edward tyddington
lorde edward loxley
higgins humfrey loxley
walford clement loxley
morrell john loxley
simpcocks john loxley

leveyed for the trayninge
hunt mr
brooks mr
williams mr
kempson mr

mr kempson division

smart john old stratford
lawrence john old stratford
buriman richard old stratford
ainge william old stratford
hathwey john old stratford
herin symon old stratford
court thomas old stratford
jenyinge tho aston cantlow
greene george aston cantlow
jenks geo aston cantlow
ingram richard aston cantlow
aston richard aston cantlow
beesley john aston cantlow
gunne richard aston cantlow
edkyns josua aston cantlow
applbye morrys grafton
harbage john grafton
harbage wm grafton
parsons john grafton
walford milus bynton
hobbyns avery bynton
jakeman thomas bynton
edwards john luddington & drayton
murrell john luddington & drayton
bromley richard luddington & drayton
banks morrys wickesford & exhall
sturdye morrys wickesford & exhall
green thomas haseler
reynolds john haseler
bayliss willm haseler
gybbes mychaell haseler
addams william haseler
brooke robt haseler
byrt wm haseler
ffyld henry haseler
ballard willm pryors salford
wheler richard pryors salford
woodborne thomas pryors salford
ballard john pryors salford
kent willm pryors salford
heynes thomas pryors salford
jelfs richard pryors salford
dertye richard pryors salford
paggett wll`m bydford
grimmell richard bydford
isard leonard bydford
sturdye john bydford
hollens thomas bydford
blundell willm bydford
salter richard bydford

mr williams`s division

benton humfrey henley
parker thomas henley
horsley tho henley
hodges tho henley
gryffin olivir henley
baker jno henley
smyth william henley
ainge richard henley
horsley john henley
horsley john rowington
smyth michaell rowington
griswold robt rowington
saunders george rowington
griswold henry rowington
hill willm rowington
horsley wm rowington
greswold clement rowington
saunders richard rowington
cowper richard rowington
wilson john claverdon
willm`s job claverdon
howse richard claverdon
rogers richard claverdon
walford mathew claverdon
howse edward claverdon
orton richard claverdon
hobdays thos claverdon
dale john claverdon
beedle richard woottom & ullen-hall
knight edward woottom & ullen-hall
jenynges richard woottom & ullen-hall
lea thomas woottom & ullen-hall
rogers tho woottom & ullen-hall
ffearefaxe thomas woottom & ullen-hall
hollington phillip woottom & ullen-hall
cowper henry woottom & ullen-hall
arden wm woottom & ullen-hall
gryffin thomas warwick
jarvys thomas warwick
lynsey marmaduke warwick
clements wm warwick
campden robt warwick
whood john warwick
fyeld thomas warwick
byrd henry warwick
west xpofer warwick
willis wm warwick
tybbotts robt warwick
marrys raph warwick
walton ffrancys warwick
varaham thomas warwick
variser john shotswell
pratt mychaell shotswell
pole thomas brayles
wilks richard brayles
steele john brayles
tustyan gyles brayles
warde john brayles
cockbill wm brayles
cape henry brayles
walter john barford
whyte wm barford
reynolds john ffarinborrer
hawks thomas ffarinborrer
durnel john ffarinborrer
fflower richard pryors marston
carter wm pryors marston
cleaver wm pryors marston
man wm pryors marston
cleaver thomas pryors marston
perkyns henry warmington
ffyfyld thomas warmington
judd ezechiell warmington
shaw richard warmington
washbrok wm aaorne & newbold
gylbert thomas packwood
comander thomas tachbrook
hynde thomas tachbrook
bowers wm fenny compton
hartell john fenny compton
knibb thomas fenny compton
baseley thomas fenny compton
townsend richard fenny compton
ffurner wm fenny compton
meade thomas wasperton
cornwell thomas wasperton
archard wm ratcliff
lucas john ratcliff
sabell ffraneys ratcliff
fyld thos eatington
warner edward eatington
court avery eatington
warwick john lythorne
palmer thomas chesteron
shurley gyles chesteron
williams john whytecurch
arredge thomas whytecurch
moseley robert whytecurch
wilkyns valentyne whytecurch
marten richard ydlecot
marshall wm ydlecot
rose wm avon daasett
palmer wm avon daasett
baker wm avon daasett
wayt richard avon daasett
collett john avon daasett
seele thos moreton marell
hacoks george moreton marell
collett edward welsbourne
hall thomas mountford
horner hillary welsbourn
ward thos hasting
ward henry hasting
york richard hasting
mills richard radway
whitley walter radway
palmer thomas radway
mister wm tyso
whyte wm tyso
clarke thomas tyso
tysoo hughe tyso
robyns olyver pillerton hersey
stevens francis pillerton hersey
bowker thomas kyton
bratt john kyton
townsend john kyton
smyth george halford
southam walter halford
slye edmond lapworth
slye peter lapworth
mountford john lapworth
wagstaff rich tanworth
marksfield ffrancys tanworth
heywood richard tanworth
schemes wm tanworth
hawhick thos chadson & gaydon
wall john chadson & gaydon
holbach rich chadson & gaydon
sandyfer tho molington
taylor george shugborer
steele john shugborer
hodges rich shugborer
proffett henry dassett magna
palmer walter dassett magna
turner xrofer dassett magna
tompson wm dassett magna
freeman henry dassett magna
archard thomas dassett magna
bayliss robt butlers marston
collens richard butlers marston
hewes tobye long compton
kerrys o long compton
franchlyn wm long compton
taylor john long compton
maunder richard long compton
bruedon john long compton
awbury thomas whichford
ffrayur john whichford
hichinson thomas whichford
berrye john whichford
morell thomas honington
humfreys richard honington
hands xpofer honington
longe thomas honington
perkyns thomas honington
cookes wm honington
parker ffrancys honington
woorkman robt woolford
phipps wm woolford
newall john woolford
rose walter woolford
hyggyns richard woolford
garrett wm woolford
smyth john pillerton pryor
blackford thos pillerton pryor
walton wm pillerton pryor
mose wm pillerton pryor
pilkington wm whatcote
tooley rich pryors hardwick
bradshaw robt pryors hardwick
jakeman phillipp charlcott
winston wm ilmington
dingley wm ilmington
gunne humfrey ilmington

Wanted information on Hugh D`LOYDE, or Hugh BLYDE, ,BLOYDE,
a licensed Victualler, before 1850,

My new web page is on
(when i can get me head around the software
according to my data base I have over 41,000
names to choose from)

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Robert Deloyde

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