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From: Bob Mawby <>
Subject: [WAR]
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2002 00:43:48 -0000

Hi One and All

This batch covers 1837 to Feb 1904. I have now done from 1769 to 1904. At some point soon I will cover the period 1538 to 1768.

John Robert DAFFORN of Long Lawford Warwick to Sophia BENNETT 12 Sept 1837
John GOODE of Church Lawford Warwick to Maria MARRIOTT 20 Oct 1837
Thomas WRIGHT of Ashby St. Ledgers Northampton to Hannah SMITH 15 Oct 1839
John Stevens FREEMAN of Whilton Northampton to Mary STUBBS 7 Nov 1839
Zephaniah BROWN of Fenny Compton Warwick to Caroline STUBBS 10 Dec 1839
John WORLETT of Aston Birmingham Warwick to Elizabeth VANN 18 Oct 1840
Joseph KNOTT of Daventry to Emma Roiyeu FAULKNER of Daventry 19 Oct 1840
Thomas ANDERTON of Manchester Cheshire to Mary Bloomfield MARRIOTT 25 March 1841
Phillip Patrick BARNARD of Northampton to Mary Morgan April 22 1841
Daniel ATTURBURY of Cosgrove to Ann GARNER 14 Dec 1841
William HORTON of Welton to Janet HALL 30 Dec 1841
Thomas KENNING of Binley Warwick to Sarah NICHOLS 28 May 1842
Henry ARNOLD of Ashby St. Ledgers to Catherine LAMB 5 Nov 1842
James ASSITER of WEEDON BEC (Army Barracks) to Ann WILLS 16 Feb 1843
George TOMLINSON of St. Peters Derby to Jane Thomas 23 April 1843
Thomas ALLESTREE of Elveston Derbyshire to Ann Cattell 25 July 1844
George LINES of Bodington Northampton to Eliza LUSON 7 Jan 1845
John TILLEY of Everdon to Elizabeth Kemmis WARD 12 Jan 1845
John BARYE of Daventry to Caroline RODHOUSE 13 Feb 1845
William SHAW of Hardingstone to Anne STUBBS 13 Feb 1845
John UPTON to Maria MORRIS of Wolfhamcote Warwick 23 Nov 1845
John AYRES of Shuckburg to Harriett ELLIMAN 8 Dec 1845
James KENT OF Daventry to Elizabeth MAKEPEACE 18 March 1846
Thomas CHILDS of Stoke Bruern Northampton to Elizabeth BROWN 31 July 1846
William THORNETT of Greens Norton to Elizabeth HANDS 18 Aug 1846
Joseph HICKMAN to Emily ? RABINS ? of Packwood Warwickshire 24 May 1847
William Frederick WAITE of Daventry to Sarah Bradshaw 13 Jan 1848
William LINE of Bethnal Green Middlesex to Mary Ann FLOWERS 24 April 1848
Robert HARRIS to Betsy VANN of Catthorpe Northampton 6 June 1848
Thomas Lewis GREY of Daventry to Elizabeth Anne BUTLIN 3 Feb 1849
William Drury WATSON of Rugby Warwick to Mary Ann Batchelor 19 April 1849
Reuben CARPENTER Newbold on Avon Warwick to Mary BENNETT 5 Feb 1850
William DICKENS of Staverton to Frances BUTLER 18 May 1850
George WRIGHT of Stretton on Dunsmore to Mary Ann TURLAND 27 Aug 1850
James BRANSON of Staverton to Sarah WAWMAN 20 Feb 1851
James MORGAN of St. Thomas Birmingham Warwick to Sarah CHAMBERS 7 Sept 1851
William HEMMINGS of Wolfhamcote Warwick to Elizabeth COMPTON 17 Oct 1851
William OWEN of Woodford Northampton to Selina BAYLISS 5 Oct 1852
James ADAMS of Daventry to Elizabeth WAWMAN 17 Oct 1852
James MONTGOMERY to Mary Ann REYNOLDS of Ashby St. Ledgers 15 Nov 1852
John DAVIS of Leamington Riss to Sophia LOVELL 25 Dec 1852
John HAIGH of Temple Hill in Lindley, Parish of Huddersfield to Elizabeth BOWERS 27 Jan 1853
Joseph WALTON of Yelvertoft to Ann Elizabeth TRUMAN 18 May 1853
John SMITH of Holy Trinity Coventry Warwick to Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON 7 June 1853
Thomas HAYNES of Watford Northampton to Sarah DUNN 7 Feb 1855
Thomas MIDDLETON of Potters Marston Leicester to Ann ASHWIN 25 Dec 1855
William WINKLESS of Hellidon Northampton to Mary Ann COWLEY 30 July 1858
Henry HAWLEY of Coventry Warwick to Harriett FLOWERS 30 Aug 1858
Harry HURST of St. Giles Cripplegate London to Elizabeth HANCOCK 21 Nov 1859
William KENEY of Burton Hastings to Mary Ann CHOWN 25 Dec 1860
Richard UNDERWOOD of St. Mary's Leicester Leicester to Betsy WAWMAN 1 Feb 1861
George EAGLES of Barby to Ellen Jenkins JACKSON 7 March 1861
Henry LUCK to Mary GREEN of Long Buckby 9 Nov 1862
Stephen DICKENS of Wootton Northampton to Maria Eliza HARRIS 10 Sept 1863
James BLISS of Bicester Northampton to Mary Leeson HUGHES 5 May 1864
George GIDDINGS ????? Parish Oxford to Emma CHAMBERS 2 Oct 1864
James MAWBY to Catherine HAY Peterculter Aberdeenshire 27 Dec 1864
Thomas Henry ATKINS of St. Peters Islington to Mary Ann DICKINS 15 April 1865
Thomas Henry ANDERTON of St. Peters Islington to Sarah Ann BROWN 11 June 1867
Frederick Wordman WILLIAMS of Sercombe Cheshire to Elizabeth ?????? WORTH 21 Nov 1867
John REEVE of Newnham to Mary Matilda NORMAN 15 Sept 1868
William WEBB of Napton Warwick to Elizabeth ROWLEDGE 8 Oct 1868
John Rowland Lovell HASLEDINE of Shrewsbury to Sarah Grace Bovey CLOUGH 29 Dec 1868
John WILKINS of Hillmorton Warwick to Sarah BOYES of Hillmorton Warwick 30 Dec 1869
George CORBETT of St. ??? Well to Alice Eliza CROSS 22 Feb 1870
Richard THOMPSON of Willoughby to Sarah Jane WILD 23 Feb 1871
William SUMMERS of Peno?? Luney to Anne WEST 17 July 1871
Joseph WORLEY of Daventry to Mary Anne LEESON 25 Sept 1872
Edward GRIFFITHS of Wolverhampton to Elizabeth Ann WESTWOOD 10 Nov 1872
Thomas MONK of Stockton to Charlotte KENDALL 4 Dec 1872
William Augustus Dillon BROWNE of Charlton Barrow Spetisbury Dorset to Catherine Florence ARNOLD 23 April 1873
John Andrew ATKINS of Hillmorton Warwick to Hannah REYNOLDS 23 Dec 1873
Albert William LEWIS of Edingdale Staffordshire to Esther Sheasby 29 Dec 1873
Joseph FARRIER of Stow Hill to Mary LYNE 12 Feb 1874 (Vicar put Joseph, groom signed Chas Joseph)
Andrew STEWART (w) of Hillmorton Warwick to Elizabeth Fall (w) 8 Nov 1874
Thomas SHAW of Sambrook Shropshire to Elizabeth Reynolds 24 June 1875
Edwin ELLARD of Willoughby to Mary MASTERS 18 Dec 1877
James AUSTEN of Daventry to Jane Maria THOMAS 25 Dec 1877
Thomas Edward HIGHAM of Birmingham Warwick to Mary Anne Eliza HALL 25 Dec 1877
Thomas BUTLIN of Ashby to Annie PARROTT 24 Jan 1878
Henry MONK of Stockton to Mary Ann KENDALL 4 Feb 1878
William RICHARD of Northampton to Fanny Carter 22 April 1878
Joseph MASTERS of Willoughby to Anne GIBSON 25 April 1878
Henry Asaph CLEAVER of St. Asaph to Fanny Esther MASON 9 May 1878
Samuel Thomas SMITH of Daventry to Harriett WEST 28 Nov 1878
John VINCENT of Leamington Warwick to Frances STANGER 25 Dec 1878
Jenkin JENKINS of Ashby St. Ledger Northampton to Jane Catherine LAMB of Bragborough Hall 12 June 1879
John STEVENS of Worcester to Emma WRIGHT 14 Sept 1879
Frank OVERTON of Welton Northampton to Mary Elizabeth GARNER 20 April 1880
Edward JACKSON of Nuneaton Warwick to Clara Bates BENNETT 16 MAY 1880
Frank Sims GOODE of Birmingham Warwick to Laura MASON 28 Oct 1880
Jospeh CHARLTON of Welwyn Hertfordshire to Elizabeth Thurbor 23 Dec 1880
William Henry SUCH of Rugby Warwick to Elizabeth ALLIBONE 14 July 1881
George COX of Newnham Northampton to Sarah Ann Hands of Bengfield Lodge 18 Oct 1881
Charles Blackley ARCHER to Agnes Ellen YOUNGS of Swafham Norfolk 19 July 1882
Josiah Calar WOOD of Derby Derbyshire to Sarah Jane SPRAGGETT 9 Jan 1883
Thomas Henry PULVER of Broughton Northampton to Elizabeth West WEST 2 July 1883 (this is not a typo.)
Edwin COLLINS of Flecknoe to May BEASELEY 1 Jan 1884
George William JEFFS of Rugby to Lavinia ROSE 12 May 1884
Edward WARREN of Daventry to Ann Elizabeth BARRETT 26 July 1885
Amos HANSOM of Emscote Warwick to Rebecca EDWARDS 26 April 1886
William Edward FOSTER to Harriett Elizabeth GARRETT of West Haddon 9 June 1886
Henry LINES of Fulham Surrey to Mary Elizabeth CHILDS 2 Aug 1886
Fred TIMMS of Stratford Manchester Sarah Ann LUCAS 31 Aug 1886
Samuel Alfred PAGE of Great Bowden Leicester to Agnes Jane HEWETT 30 Dec 1886
Francis DODSON of Rugby Warwick to Mary Ann CHAMBERS 29 May 1887
Henry George TANNER of Donhead St. Mary Wiltshire to Mary SWAIN 30 May 1887
William Harvey RAVEN of Chapel Bampton Northampton to Annie KITCHEN 23 June 1887
James Joseph Leeson TOWERS of Oadby Leicester to Mary Ann CLAY 22 Aug 1887
James Edwin BROWN of Lambeth London to Martha YORK 17 Sept 1887
Frank NEAL of Ashby Lodge Northampton to Jane Elizabeth POWELL 26 Sept 1887
Charles MAJOR of Daventry to Emily Jane NEAL 26 Dec 1887
Arthur GILBY of Husbands Bosworth Leicester to Mary Jane SMITH 2 April 1888
William David INWOOD of Rugby Warwick to Agnes SMALLWOOD 26 Dec 1888
John William BOYES to Mary Ann PEARSALL of Crick Northampton 1 July 1889
George TAYLOR of "On the Canal" to Mary Ada BOND of Braunston Lock 9 Oct 1890 (In 1954 this entry was corrected to Ada Mary).
Matthew Clark MILLS of Norton Worcestershire to Sarah Elizabeth CLAY 9 Nov 1890
Walter WAIT of Daventry to Florence Elizabeth FOSTER 9 Feb 1891
Walter Faldo BUNTING of Northampton to Lucy Ann SMITH of Northampton 27 April 1891
William Blin STOYLE of Hook Norton Oxford to Catherine Alice Ann REEVE 13 June 1891
George James FOX of Reading Berkshire to Alice Sarah CHILDS 2 Nov 1891
Joseph LOCKE of Rugby Warwick to Eleanor SMALLWOOD 26 Dec 1891
John MAYLOR of Coventry Warwick to Mary Ann HOLLOWELL 29 February 1892
James David COCKBURN of Leith to Ellen Jane WHITE 14 May 1892
Edward Thomas BROWNING of Daventry to Edith Mary SIVEY 6 June 1892
Henry DAWSON of Warwick Warwick to Eliza CLEAVER 4 Oct 1892
Alfred Joseph VALENTINE Northampton Northampton to Emma Clara Florence NURSER 20 Oct 1892
William WINDRIDGE of Redford to Henrietta EVITTS 20 June 1893
James TOTTMAN of Bilton Warwick to Frances SMITH 4 Sept 1894
Joseph PETTY (w) of High Wycomb to Ada Gertrude LINE 6 Nov 1894
Henry Charles Edward WESTROP of Preston to Mary Frances Ann LOWNDES 8 Nov 1894
William CLARKE of Rugby Warwick to Fanny Elizabeth SMITH 5 Feb 1895
George WATSON to Catherine CORDEN of Levenshulme Manchester 19 Oct 1896
George William LUCK of New Duston Northampton to Emily Lake 17 Feb 1896
Albert HALL of Willoughby to Alice ROBBINS 6 April 1896
Arthur James JORDAN of Harlesden Middlesex to Kate CHILDS 9 Sept 1896
Thomas Alexander MERCER of Yelvertoft Northampton to Elizabeth HEALEY 17 Spt 1896
George PARRENT of Catford to Rose BENNETT 23 Sept 1896
William WALKER of Daventry Northampton to Matilda CARVELL 24 Dec 1896
William ROSS of Cutts Fifeshire to Ellen Turner CHILDS 15 Feb 1897
John Edward KING of Fenny Stratford to Clara AVERTON 5 May 1897
Thomas GOODYEAR of Aston Warwickshire to Phoebe LAWLEY 1 June 1897
Harry BUCKNALL of Stratford on Avon to Ethel Hastings LOWNDES 29 July 1897
John William HOPE of St. Pauls Grangetown Cardiff to Esther Lizzie DICKENS 2 Aug 1897
Arthur BILSDON of Ayston to Mary Jane DICKENS 26 Oct 1897
Charles Bernard HARRIS of Rugby to Harriett Boswell RUSHALL 25 Dec 1897
Henry Dunham SIMPSON of Daventry to Viola Ann FOSTER 28 April 1898
George Francis TUCKWELL of Water Orton to Mary Elizabeth STEANES 25 Oct 1898
Thomas BEASLEY of Rugby to Elizabeth Lydia NORMAN 11 Jan 1900
William Henry FOXALL of Rugby to Matilda Jane MONK 27 Feb 1900
Charles DODD of St. Margarets Leicester to Frances Emma HAYNES 4 June 1900
Edward POWELL to Mary BEECHEY of Thrupp Northampton 12 Sept 1900
Matthew John HAGUE of St. Andrews Lincoln Lincoln to Maude Evelyn LINE 5 Nov 1900
William Ernest WARD of Cubbington Warwick to Florence LAKE 25 Dec 1900
Wilfred William OVERTON to Emily Facer GRANT 27 May 1901
Frank BOLTON of Great Bowden to Hannah Eliza SMALLWOOD 7 Aug 1901
George Brian COX of Henor Derbyshire to Ellen Eliza ROBBINS 25 Nov 1901
Frederick Thomas BROWN of Grandborough Warwick to Malvina MONTGOMERY 30 Jan 1902
Charles Benwell KNIGHT of Reading Berkshire to Lucy CHILDS 10 March 1902
Thomas Ernest WELCH of Coddington to Annie REYNOLDS 27 May 1902
Henry WALTER of Coventry Warwick to Adelaide Mary BERRY 21 Oct 1902
Charles William HILTON of Shirebrook to Ruth Amy STEANES Dec 24 1902
Alfred Henry SENDALL of Rugby Warwick to Alice Elizabeth BRIGHTMAN 3 Aug 1903
Ernest George BRIMSON of Kingskerswell to Mary Jane Rowledge 7 Sept 1903
William John GOW of St. Pauls Harringay to Emily Miriam ANDERTON 8 Oct 1903
Thomas COX of Bidford Elizabeth Ann BOWERS 29 Oct 1903
Richard Owen JONES of Corfe Castle to Isabelle HITCHEN 18 Nov 1903

Bob Mawby
Brownsover, Rugby
Warwickshire UK

Bob Mawby
Brownsover, Rugby
Warwickshire UK

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