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Subject: 10 Generations of Descendants of John Washburn, Jr. and Elizabeth M
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 1996 22:28:48 -0400

Hello everyone:

I am new to the Washburn list (in fact a newbie to mailing lists in general
-- please bear with me and feel free to offer any pointers along the way).

I'm responding to a recent post <<I am always looking for information on
the John Washburn, Elizabeth Mitchell connection (descendants), and would
be glad to both share and receive any informaiton regarding this line, or
other collateral lines that bump in!>>

Who actually sent this post to begin with? Should I respond to that person
alone or am I correct to share my information with all of you? Well, here
goes anyway...



First Generation
1. John Washburn Jr. Born About 1620. Christen 26 Nov 1620 in Bengeworth,
Worcestershire, England11. Died 12 Nov 1686 in Bridgewater, Plymouth
Colony. He married Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of Experience Mitchell &
Jane Cooke, 6 Dec 1645 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony14. Born 1628 in
Plymouth, Plymouth Colony11. Died Before 5 Dec 1684 in Bridgewater,
Plymouth Colony. They had the following children:
2i.John Washburn III
3ii.Thomas Washburn
4iii.Samuel Washburn
5iv.Joseph Washburn
6v.Jonathan Washburn
7vi.Benjamin Washburn
8vii.Mary Washburn
9viii.Elizabeth Washburn
10ix.Jane Washburn
11x.James Washburn
12xi.Sarah Washburn

Second Generation

2. John Washburn III. Born About 1646 in Duxbury, Plymouth Colony14. Died
1719 in Bridgewater, MA Bay Colony14. He married Rebecca who died 1717.
They had the following children:
13i.Josiah Washburn
14ii.John Washburn IV
15iii.Joseph Washburn II
16iv.William Washburn
17v.Abigail Washburn
18vi.Rebecca Washburn

Third Generation
14. John Washburn IV. Born 5 Apr 1682 in Bridgewater, MA12. Died 6 Jul 1746
in Bridgewater, MA12. He married Margret Packard, 16 Feb 1709/1710 in
Bridgewater, MA12. Born About 1682. Died 10 Dec 1743 in Bridgewater, MA12.
They had the following children:
19i.John Washburn
20ii.Nathanael Washburn
21iii.Robert Washburn
22iv.Abraham Washburn
23v.Margret Washburn
24vi.Abishai Washburn
25vii.Jane Washburn
26viii.Content Washburn

Fourth Generation

24. Abishai Washburn. Born 16 Jun 172013 in Bridgewater, MA12. Died 14 Sep
1812. Buried in District 1 Graveyard, Middlebury, Addison County, VT11.
Abishai appears in the First Census of the United States, 1790 living in
the town of Middlebury, Addison County, VT with 1 other white male over the
age of 16, 1 white male under the age of 16, 3 white females and no others.
He is not however listed in the Second Census of 1800 in Middlebury, VT. He
is listed in "Inscriptions Copied from the Gravestones of Middlebury, VT"
as appearing in the Massachusetts Rolls for the Revolutionary War, Vol. XVI
page 652. He also appears in "Massachusetts Soilders and Sailors", page
656. There are two listings for Abishai, one, an order from the Town
Treasurer of Attleborough, dated 5 July 1776 for "wages due said Washburn
and others for service on the alarm caused by the battle of Bunker Hill"
and two, a listing for Abishai Washburn described as a Private in Capt.
Moses Willmarth's company, Col. Thomas Carpenter's regt. during "service
from 17 August 1778 to 9 Sept. 1778, 24 days, on expedition to Rhode
Island." Abisha Washburn is also listed in the "Genealogical Abstracts of
Revolutionary War Pension Files, Vol. I" on page 360 under his daughter
Mercy Washburn Bradley Brownson's pension claim on her first husband,
Lemuel Bradley's service in the War. Abisha and Hannah Morton are listed as
Mercy's parents, their birth and death dates are recorded and the names and
birth and death dates of their nine daughters are given (some of these
dates conflict with other sources or are not logical themselves -- for
example one sister is listed as being born 13 years after her own death).
He married Hannah Morton. Born Oct 172813. Died 28 Nov 1815. Buried in
District 1 Graveyard, Middlebury, Addison County, VT11. They had the
following children:
27i.Bethia Washburn
28ii.Peggy Washburn
29iii.Sarah Washburn
30iv.Mercy Washburn
31v.Hannah Washburn
32vi.Lucy Washburn
33vii.Mary (May) Washburn
34viii.Olive Washburn
35ix.Rebecca Washburn

Fifth Generation

31. Hannah Washburn. Born 16 Jul 175813. Died 1 Jan 1813. Buried in
District 1 Graveyard, Middlebury, Addison County, VT11. She married Abraham
Berthrong. Born 12 May 1754. Died 4 Nov 1821 in Middlebury, VT. Abraham
does not appear in any records in the Town of Middlebury CT, as is
suggested in the Tabular Pedigree "Decendants of Henry Berthrong, Son of
Abraham Berthrong." He does however appear in the Second Census of the
United States 1800 living in Middlebury, Addison County, VT along with 2
males under the age of 10, 2 males between the ages of 16 and 26, 1 female
between the ages of 10 and 16, and one female between the ages of 26 and 45
(presumably his wife, Hannah). Abraham does not however appear to be buried
with his wife in Middlebury, VT according to the inscription on her
gravestone (which lists her as the wife of Abraham "Bethrong").11 They had
the following children:
36i.Horatio Berthrong
37ii.Sarah Berthrong
38iii.James Berthrong
39iv.Henry (Harry) Berthrong
40v.Lucy Washburn Burthrong
41vi.John Berthrong
42vii.Abraham Berthrong
43viii.Lucien Berthrong

Sixth Generation

39. Henry (Harry) Berthrong. Born 25 Aug 1784 in Possibly Rochester, NY.
Died 25 Jul 1841. He married Mabel Parsons, daughter of Ithamer Parsons.
Born 5 Apr 1784. Died 31 Oct 1872. They had the following children:
44i.Linus P. Berthrong
45ii.Henry Berthrong
46iii.Elizabeth C. Berthrong

Seventh Generation

44. Linus P. Berthrong. Born 29 Sep 1812 in Rochester, NY. Died 17 Apr
1856. He married Mary McPherson. Born 8 Mar 1820. Died 10 Jan 1892. They
had the following children:
47i.Henry W. Berthrong
48ii.Elizabeth C. (Libbie) Berthrong
49iii.Gideon C. Berthrong
50iv.Mabel Berthrong
51v.Ithamer Berthrong

Eighth Generation
47. Henry W. Berthrong. Born 1 Jan 1844 in Mumford, or Northfordville, NY.
Died 24 Apr 1928 in Chelsea, MA. He first married Annie L. Thompson. Born
22 Apr 1850. Died 11 Dec 1907. They had the following children:
52i.May D. Berthrong

He second married Hannah B. Boutwell, daughter of James Boutwell & Mary
Raymond Kendall, 1 Jan 1873. Born 3 Sep 1848 in Woburn, MA. Died 3 Jan
1927. They had the following children:
53i.Linus P. Berthrong
54ii.Henry Washburn Berthrong
55iii.Louis P. Berthrong
56iv.Mabel Madge Berthrong
57v.Chester A. Berthrong

Ninth Generation

56. Mabel Madge Berthrong. Born 8 Oct 1879 in Arlington, MA. Died 23 Apr
1942 in Somerville, MA. Buried 25 Apr 1942 in Woodlawn Cemetery, Everett,
MA. She married Charles Harrington Russell, son of Josiah Willard Russell &
Cleora F. Ramsay. Born 21 Jul 1876 in Arlington, MA. Died After 1942 in MA.
They had the following children:
58i.Marie E. Russell
59ii.Cleora A. Russell
60iii.Henry W. Russell
61iv.Mabel B. Marie Russell
62v.George W. Russell
63vi.Charles P. Russell

10th Generation

61. Mabel B. Marie Russell. Born 4 Jan 1907 in Revere, MA. Christen 20 Nov
1907 in Our Lady of Lourdes, Beachmont, MA8. Died 27 Jul 1971 in New Haven,
CT. Buried in All Saints Cemetery, North Haven, CT. Religion converted to
Roman Catholic to marry Edward John McCreven Sr., son of Edward McCreven &
Helen Lynch, Before 1929. Born 14 Jan 1904 in Charlestown, MA. Died 5 Mar
1975 in CT. Buried in All Saints Cemetery, North Haven, CT1. Occupation a
National Representative to the Utility Workers Union. Religion Roman
Catholic. They had the following children:

64i.Edward John McCreven Jr.
65ii.Russell James McCrevenReference Note 1
All Saints Cemetery Section:14, Lot:0-54, Graves: 5 & 6

Reference Note 8
Mabel Marie Russell McCreven's Certificate of Baptism
Marie Shaughnessy, sponsor (god-mother)

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Middlebury, VT
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Reference Note 14
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