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Subject: Re: WASHBURN(E)
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2005 04:55:58 EDT

Unfortunately, the information in "The Washburn family in America is
incorrect. Joel Washburn and Gale Wsahburn are NOT the same person. Joel Washburn
was the son of Levi Washburn & Abigail Porter, Gale Washburn was not.

Alvin is the son of Gale Washburn not Joel Washburn.

Joel Washburn lived in Marlborough, Hartford Co., CT until early in 1820. On
14 Mar 1820 while still a resident of Marlborough, CT he purchased land in
Manlius Twp, Onondaga Co., NY [ Onondaga Deeds v. p.30] and was residing
there at the time of the 1820 census. By 1830 he had died [widow Lydia was head
of household in the 1830 census Onondaga Co., NY] That portion of Manlius Twp
had split off and become Skaneateles, NY. In 1835 Lydia and her sons sold
their portion of the land which they inherited from Joel Washburn [Onondaga Deeds
v.58 p. 53] The sons were Willard and Ralph.

Joel Washburn never lived in Otsego or Ontario Co., NY

Alvin Washburn was the son of Gale Washburn. Gale Washburn died about
1921/1822 in Naples, Ontario Co., NY. Alvin was listed as one of the children of
Gale in the History of Stephenson Co. Illinois. No other source has yet been
found for the names of the children of Gale Washburn. No primary source has
been found to verify the statement in the History of Springwater that Gale
Washburn's full name was J. Horace Gaylord Washburn nor that a man by that name
arrived in Springwater in 1798. Gael Washbon was listed as a resident of Worcester
Otsego Co., NY in the 1800 census.
WIlliam Sullivan Jr, the son-in- Law of Gaiel Washburn, late of Naples,
Ontario Co., NY deceased was appointed as administrator of Gaiel's estate on 18
Mar 1822. Another researcher, Doris Napoli stated that she had seen a petition
to partition the estate of Gaeil Washburn filed by WIlliam Sullivan Jr in
Ontario Co., NY in 1822. If you can find the division of the estate, you will get
a list of names of the heirs - widow and children.

In any case Joel Washburn was definitely not the father of Alvin Washburn,
Gaiel Washburn probably was, but further proof beyond a county history is
needed. Unfortunately nothing further has turned up on the ancestry of Gaiel
Washburn, we do not know if he had brothers or sisters or who his parents were.

Susan L. Bingler

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