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Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 18:35:38 EDT

Here is some Watson information I picked up in the local library. The book I
got it from is entitled: Marriage and Death Notices from the Southern
Christian Advocate 1837-1860. The author is Brent H. Holcomb. Hope this
helps someone.

Albert G. Watson departed this life on the 19th of April last. He was born in
the State of North Carolina, Sept. 12th, 1813. (Found in the issue of July
24, 1846)

Died on the 11th inst., Rev. Anderson Watson, at his residence in Stewart
County, Ga., in the 72nd year of his age. He was born and brought up in
Virginia, and removed to this State when a young man. (found in the issue of
August 12, 1842).

Dr. Adolphus K. Watson, son of Elihu Watson, of Cokesbury was born 10 Jan
1826, and died 22 of June 1853. (found in the issue of September 2, 1853)

Died on the 11th inst., Martha Minerva, eldest daughter of Elihu and Permilia
Watson, aged 19 years and 5 months, and one hour and fifteen minutes
afterwards, their infant, Ann Eliza Turpin. (Issue of February 2, 1844)

Died in Crawford Co., Ga. Mrs. Hannah Lowman, wife of George Lowman, on the
6th of April, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Watson and born in Edgefield
dist., S. C. , % Dec 1805. (Issue of April 27, 1849)

Married on Thursday evening, the 13th inst., by the Rev. John C. Simmons, the
Rev. Jeremiah Williams, formerly of the Tennessee now of the Alabama
Conference, to Miss Mary Ann Watson, daughter of Mrs. Cassandra Watson, or
Coweta co., Ga. February 14, 1840.

Mrs. Catherine Elizabeth Watson, wife of Wm. H. Watson, died in Greenville, S.
C. , 9th May 1856 (Issue of May 29, 1856)

Died, July 26, in Talledega Co., Ala. Jacob M. Watson, son of Elihu and
Permilia Watson, of Ockesbury, S. C. , in his 27th year. (Issue of Oct. 27,

On July 24th by Rev. Joel W. Townsend, Maj. Leroy Johnson to Miss Mary
Fletcher Watson, only daughter of E. Watson, Esq., both of Abbeville Dist., S.
C. Married.
(Issue of August 7, 1856)

Mrs. Mary E. Watson died near Cokesbury, S. C. , Jan. 22d, 1859, in about the
84th year of her age. (Issue of Feb. 17, 1859)

Died on the 5th of Dec., 1850, Sister Matilda Watson, wife of Lewis Watson of
Montgomery Co., Ala...a member of the M. E. Church in S. C. , and with her
husband removed to Montgomery Co., Ala., in the fall of 1847...left husband
and children. (Issue of February 21, 1851)

Died, on the 9th ult., sister Jane Watson, daughter of Wm. McKenzie, aged 64
years. (Issue of April 2, 1847)

Died July 20, John Watson, for some time past a resident of Charlotte.
(Issue of August 26, 1853)

Married. Nov. 22d, by Rev. I. N. Craven, Joseph S. Watson of Green Co., to
Miss Almira J. Welburn, of Heard Co., Ga. (Issue of Dec. 9, 1853)

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