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There is also another James Weathers in Granville Co. listed in the 1810 and 1820 census. Best I can figure is that his children (some of them, anyway) were, Piety Weathers-married Winifield Morgan, Polly Weathers-married Moses Winston, Gilly Weathers-married Thomas Winston, Elizabeth Weathers-married James Buchanan.

On these children, James is listed as James jr. Was he from the line of William Weathers and Priscilla Parker?

James Weathers seems to be the mystery man in this family. Data prepared by
William H McAdams years ago constitute my principal source of information on
James. He confirms that Martha Joiner was James' second wife, the first
being unknown. Children by the first wife were: Betsy, born abt 1795, who
married Absolom Smith; Bedy, born abt 1798, who married Joseph Smith; and William
(my ancestor), born abt 1801, who married Eliza King. According to McAdams,
William married (2) Lucinda (last name unknown), who married secondly my
great-grandfather, R P Aiken. I believe she was Lucinda Weathers, William's
daughter by Eliza. Eliza was omitted in the 1850 census, which has instead
Lucinda listed as 37 years of age. That should have been Eliza, who was born in
or about 1813 and was listed in the 1860 census aged 47, with three of her

James married Martha Joiner (date not given, but their marriage bond is
to be found in Wake Co,, dated 7 Nov 1804), and their children were:
Delilah, b abt 1809, married Abel Herring; Kimbrel, born abt 1813, who married Nancy
Pace; Jesse, born abt 1814, who married Edith Sturdivant; James, born abt
1818, who married (1) Eliza Jane Dupree, (2) Martha A Dupree, and (3) Mary
Peddey; Telitha, born abt 1819, who married Alfred Smith; Charlotte, born abt
1819, who married William Hicks; Martha, born abt 1825, who married Weston
Parker; Calvin H, born abt 1826, who married Mary A Holloway

According to McAdams' account, James was born 1700-1740. In the 1850
census his age is given as 79; in the 1860 census there is a James Weathers,
living alone, aged 80. If the 1850 census age is correct, it would indicate a
birth year of 1771; and if the 1860 census is correct, he would have been
born abt 1780. This difference in birth dates makes a big difference in
determining his parentage. McAdams concluded he was too old to have been a grandson
of Thomas and Lydia Weathers of Sussex County, Virginia. but if he was born
1760-1770, that would be a possibility. (It would, however, tend to
invalidate my assumption that he was a son of William Weathers and Elizabeth of Wake
Co, who were married abt 1770. He could, of course, have been born before
the marriage.) McAdams' dates, apparently, were based on a Sussex Co.
christening record in 1761 in which James Weathers was a godfather, a Wake County
survey in 1778 for James Weathers, and an assumption that the James Weathers in
both instances referred to the same individual. Although he cites several
suggestive linkages, if that were the case, James Weathers would have lived to
a prodigious age.

But you can see why he is the mystery man in the Weathers family.

Tom Aiken
Virginia Beach

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