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Subject: Re: [WEBB] Webbs from Gloucestershire, England
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 17:41:41 -0500
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Hello Kathryn,the info.you have provided could very well be correct,but on
the other hand we have Webb researchers from the Webb/Boone line that give
the name Richard has the father of John Sr.
I don't know for sure which one is correct,but it would be great if we could
find some factual data that has more answers.I am dead locked at going back
any further then John 1661 at this time until I can clear up the Richard or
Robert issue.
I'm sending quite a bit of info.here and I hope "Dan" is okay with that!!!!

I will send you what I have from the Webb book update 2002,where it speaks
of this line coming here from Eng.in 1699.Robert is listed as the father.

Note: Eleanor McCallum,a descendent of George Webb 1723(same as I)has
researched this line of Webb's for over 35 yrs.She has authored the "Webb"
book updates and also worked with Dr.Henry G.Martin when he first put
together the book"Webb"back about 1978.I rely heavily on her input because
she has many references.

July 6, 2002 Webb book 2002

Thirty years ago (1969) Donald E. Webb of Dayton, Ohio and Henry Martin,
a Webb cousin, joined efforts to write a History of the Webb Family of
Eastern Kentucky. A newsletter was begun to contact various family members.
After three issues of the newsletter (1972), Donald E. Webb became ill and
died. Henry Martin decided to write a book which primarily focused on the
descendants of William Webb born1785 who was the son of John Webb
(@1750-1806) of Scott Co., Virginia .William was the first of the family to
live in Kentucky. He moved to Floyd Co., Ky. after the 1810 census . This
book was privately published in 1977 and a second edition was printed in
1978. A third edition was printed in 1985.

The authors of this book, also Webb cousins, wanted to make the material in
our previous Webb Family History more current and to have a new book which
would include more genealogical history of the beginnings of our family
found in England and early America. Diligent research has been ongoing for
20 years among many scholars as well as family members to update this
material. It is hoped that future generations will add to the book as new
discoveries are made.

Mr. Donald E. Webb of Dayton, Ohio had attempted to locate our direct line
in England. According to his newsletter of the Summer of 1969 he had been
able to trace our line to a Thomas Webb of Draycott, County Wilts, who, in
1430 gave his daughter and only heir, Alice Webb, in marriage to William
Richmond of Wiltshire and Yorkshire.. However, repeated searches have not
been able to duplicate his findings.

Robert Webb of Tetbury and of the Ashleworth parish (north of Gloucester
City) who in the 1660's had issue of Joseph, John and Richard Webb is the
earliest documented progenitor of our Webb line. By the year 1699, John and
Richard had become affliated with the Quaker movement and had settled in
Gloucester City. However, they retained their Quaker membership in the
Yearly Meeting at Nailsworth.

In the fall of 1699, John and Richard Webb with their families sailed from
Cowes, Isle of Wight, England on the ship "Canterbury" in the company with
William Penn who was making his second visit to the colony of Pennsylvania.
The ship sailed on 9 Sept 1699 and arrived in Philadelphia 10 December 1699.
Also, the widow of their brother, Joseph, Hannah Hopton Webb had married
John Lea and they brought the children of Joseph Webb on this journey.

Richard Webb, whose wife, Elizabeth, was a noted Friends minister, settled
at Brandywine in Lancaster County, Pa. where many descendants reside today.

John Webb b. @1655/65,(Note:we now have info.that gives birthdate,see
below)whose wife is not mentioned in any records, but some have speculated
her to be Ann Harrod b. 1664, remained in the environs of Philadelphia where
he died in 1711.According to Quaker Records in Pennsylvania, his known
children are 1) Susannah who married William Monington on 13 August 1709 at
Philadelphia, 2) James, 3) Joseph, 4) Benjamin, 5) Samuel , 6) Richard, and
7) John, Jr. b. 1694/5 who married Mary Boone.

Continuing on with other info.I have:

The names of children born to John Webb b.1661 taken from Quaker Records of
1.Susannah 2.James 3.Joseph 4.Benjamin 5.Samuel 6.Richard 7.John
Jr.b.1694/95 who married Mary Boone.

I also have info.taken from the book by F.E.Wright"Abstracts of
Philadelphia Co.Wills 1682-1726"published in 1995 about the Will of John
Webb b.8-23-1661 who died 1-27-1711.
The Will names his daughter Susannah Webb wife of William Moningham,kinsman
Joseph Webb(a nephew)son of Hannah(widow of John's bro Joseph)now Lea,sister
Sarah Webb wife of Nathaniel Perrin,sister Mary Webb,sister Rachel Webb and
brother Daniel Webb still living in Great Britain.

Below is mention to Richard Webb being John 1661's parents:

Richard Webb b.1630 Gloucester,Eng.and Mary Hollyday.It also has a Richard
Webb and a Elizabeth given as Richard 1630's parents!!!!
Taken from a Family Group Record which lists these other names as siblings
to John 1661,but his birthdate is given 6-23-1661 Gloucester,Eng.
1.Richard b.1-19-1656 Eng. I believe this to be the brother who was on the
ship with John when they arrived in PA.1699.mentioned above.
2.Mary Webb b.6-30-1659 Eng.mentioned above
3.Joseph Webb b.11-17-1663 Eng.I believe this to be the brother who was
married to Hannah,mentioned above,who died in Eng.
4.Micah Webb b.3-1-1665 Eng.
5.Sarah Webb b.12-18-1666 Eng. mentioned above
6.James Webb b.2-27-1670 Eng.
7.Rachel Webb b.1-27-1673 Eng.mentioned above
8.Daniel Webb b.9-21-1676 Eng. mentioned above.
There are 2 names here that are not in John's Will and they are Micah and
Rather these 2 had passed on,I don't have this info.

I also have seen referenced that there was another brother by the name of
Robert who died on the ship or shortly after their arrival in PA.1699.I
don't see any mention of his name among the listing above.
Any questions to the above info.just let me know.
Diane aka Diana Webb Evans

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Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2003 11:16 AM
Subject: [WEBB] Webbs from Gloucestershire, England

> My cousin has just sent me some information about early Webb's in
Marshfield, Gloucestershire, England. My understanding is that this Webb
line, from which John Webb, who married Mary Boone, is descended, began with
Christopher Webb, through Nicholas>William>Christopher>Nicholas>Robert>John
Sr>John Jr.
> Does anyone have this information too and any dates etc. If so, I will be
happy to post what was sent to me. If not, then the information is not
> Also, does anyone know for certain that Robert of Tetbury emigrated to PA
and died there in 1703?
> Thanks for your help,
> Kathryn
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