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From: "Richard E. Weider" <>
Subject: RE: [WEIDER] Re: Charles Nelson Weider Ohio
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 2006 18:54:55 -0400
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Hi Anna,
You and I have been in touch before. My line (Weider) goes back to the same
time as John Adam Wieder. Some early records have misspelled the two
spellings interchangeabely. Most of the Wieders that came to Lehigh Co.,
Pa. kept that spelling. Some did change to Weider. Some of them changed
simply because of the sound. "Weeders" did not like being called "Wider"
and "Widers" frowned upon the pronunciation sound of "Weeder" The correct
sound of Weider in German leaves the "e" silent and the spelling of Wieder
leaves the sound of "i" silent. Some Widers changed there name to Wider so
it would be pronounced correctly. In fact when I eat out I give them the
spelling of Wider so I will hear them when they call the name in a busy
restaurant. I would assume they were all spelled the same at onetime.
However, I do think that those that migrated to Lehigh Valley are
responsible in the early years for most of those across the country that
carry the name of Wieder today. I found very few Wieders in my research in
great numbers around Pa. in the mid 1700's in the counties of Lancaster,
York, Bucks, Berks, Cumberland, Snyder, Franklin, and Huntington. In all of
my research I have not found any Wieder bloodline in the Weider bloodline.
I published The "Book of Weider" in 1990 and put it in most of the major
genealogical libraries around the country.
To answer your original question about John Adam Wieder He may have been
related to my Christopher Weider (1732-1807) OF Franklin County, Pa. I have
no p[roof of that. Charles Nelson Weider was a brother of my Grandfather,
Daniel Albert Burton Weider. Thanks for contacting me.
Richard E. Weider

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Richard, I am a Wieder also.(note spelling) Our ancestor in the Lehigh
Valley,Pa was John Adam Wieder. I know that some of the Pennsylvania Wieders
on west. Our ancestor was born in Adelshofen Ge. in 1721. Can you tell me
about your ancestors? Is there a possibility there is a connection between
the two
families? Anna in AZ

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