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Subject: [WEIKLE-L] Found Info
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Hello Group

This is the first installment of info I found while doing a detailed
search of the web, etc. The first section will be on PA, this is the first 2
of 50 + pages. I hope it helps some of us. Enjoy!!

Genealogical Record of Reverend Hans Herr and His Direct Lineal Descendants
Author: Theodore W. Herr
The genealogy of Reverend Hans Herr and his direct lineal descendants from
his birth A. D. 1639 to the present time, containing 13,223 persons.
Bibliographic Information: Herr, Theodore W. Herr. Genealogical Record of
Reverend Hans Herr and his Direct Lineal Descendants. Lancaster, PA: The
Examiner Printing House. 1908
7681. Jacob, Lancaster, Pa., b. Sept. 17, 1857; d. Mar. 27, 1901; m.Anna M.
Wickle, b. Oct. 17, 1864; d. Mar. 30, 1889; dau. John Wickle and Sarah E.
Hummel; m. July 14, 1898,
Adaline L. Hoak, b. Mar. 29, 1865; dau. John Hoak and Christiana
Family of JACOB ECKMAN (7681) and ANNA M. WICKLE.
10861. Laura S., Lancaster, Pa., b. Apr., 12, 1887; d. Sept. 13, 1897.
10862. Eva, Lancaster, Pa., b. Nov. 2, 1888.

The Annals of the Families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler
Author: Edward W. Spangler These families settled in York County
respectively in 1729, 1732, 1751. Includes biographical and historical
sketches, and memorabilia of
contemporaneous local events. Bibliographic Information: Spangler, Edward W.
Thr Annals of the families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler.
York, Pennsylvania: The York Daily Publishing Co., 1896.
Page 33 - 6. ELIZABETH, (Daughter of Joseph) wife of SAMUEL GUNGLE, dead.
1. JOHN KUNKLE, died at Mount Royal, Pa., in 1892, aged 68 years. Children:
1. Abram S. Kunkle.
2. Mary S., wife of Jacob Kunkle.
3. Jesse Kunkle, dead.
4. Rolandus Kunkle.
5. Samuel Kunkle.
6. Louisa, deceased wife of M. B. Lease.
7. Lucinda, wife of Alexander Metzler.
8. John A. Kunkle.
9. Elizabeth, deceased wife of Howard H. Hinkle.
2. DANIEL KUNKLE. Children:
1. Elizabeth, wife of Wm. Spangler, afterwards of Frank Fisher.
2. Mary, wife of John C. Sipe.
3. Sylvester Kunkle.
4. Amanda, wife of John Harrigle.
5. Lovina, wife of Henry Brenner.
6. Anna, wife of Edward Lease.
3. JACOB S. KUNKLE, Children:
1. James M. Kunkle.
2. Mary C., wife of Wm. Kilmore.
3. Allison Kunkle.
4. Amanda, wife of Jacob Drawbaugh.
4. SAMUEL KUNKLE. Children:
1. Elizabeth, wife of Adam Neiman.
2. Washington S. Kunkle.
3. Albert Kunkle.
5. JONAS KUNKLE. Children:
1. Wm. Kunkle.
2. David Kunkle.
3. John Kunkle.
4. Jacob Kunkle.
6. ELIZA, wife of ENOCH WEIGLE. Children:
1. Louisa, wife of Levi S??elbaker.
2. James M. Weigle.
3. Samuel Weigle. Page 34 -
4. Wesley Weigle.
5. Franklin Weigle.
6. Monroe Weigle.
7. Elizabeth, wife of Henry Zeigler.
Page 255 - The first mill in York county was built on Kreutz creek about
1735. John Day built the first mill in the northern part of the county,
before 1740. It was twelve and one half miles from York. The first mill in
the western end of the county, Paradise township, was erected by George
Jacobs about 1750. One of the earliest mills of the county was the one
erected by Martin Weigle about 1738, on the Little Conewago
near the present road from York to Dover. He had first tried to build it on
the Codorus, but found the stream too large for his pioneer adventure. His
Indian neighbors viewed this encroachment with weird astonishment.
Page 424 - "THIRD COMPANY. "Return from Seacont Badalion of York County
Mauchester Tawnship fore them that hase Mostert and for them that hase not
Mostert for the year of our Lord 1779. Simon Coppen-Haffer Capt'n."
Capt., Simon Coppenhaffer. Philip Wintermoyer.
1st. Lt., Michael Schreiber. Wm. Rieth.
2nd. Lt., Andrew Smith. Conrad Weikel.
Ensign, Jacob Gotwalt. Yost Stork.
MOSTERT. John Schran. Jacob Ernst. Michael Wentz. Jonas Rudisily.
John Hoffman, George Henry Houser. John Humrichhouser. Nathan Worley. John
Kroll. Godfried Koenig. Andras Ritter. George Romig. Valentine Wilt. Jacob
Kauffman. Frederick Haeck. George Miller. Jacob Worley. Conrad E. Menges.
Henry Rudisily. John Willes. George Weiterecht. John Frey. John Krebiel.
Reinhart Klein. Nicholas Hantz. John Schmidt. Henry Ort. Jacob Gotwalt.
John Herman. Peter Weiterecht. Nicholas Krasz. Jims Worley. Peter Schultz.
Peter Bang. Andreas Hirshey. Henry Ness. Simon Kopen Haffer. Jacob Huff.
Peter Bentz. Adam Holtzapple. John Kaffman. Ludwig Shindel. Heny Decker.
Christian Kneizley. Andreas Haeck. Philip Benedick. Joshua Horten. Jacob
Ness. Frederick Ebresmann. Frank Worly. Jacob Herman. NOT MOSTERT. Andrew
Ginigam. John Hoerst. Jims Schmitd. John Nesbinger.
"FIFTH COMPANY. "Return made April 5, 1778.
Capt., Emanuel Herman. Martin Ebert.
1st Lieut., William Mower. Peter Menges.
2nd. Lt., John Brodrough. Jacob Bott.
Ensign, Herman Hoopes. Philip Ebert.
Ludwig Moll. Peter Sprenkel. John Haler. John Kauffelt. Philip Ziegler. John
Inners. Jacob Ziegler. Isaac Sterner. John Graff. Andreas Schneider. Joseph
Rothrock. Christian Eyster. Killian Zeigller. George Bott. John Emig.
Sebastian Weigel. Michael Ebert. John Romer. Robert Inners. Jacob Roemer.
Valentine Oberdorff. George Rotrock. Gottleib Riger. Adam Rolff. John Kurtz.
Peter Lienck. Peter Zeigler.
Christian Ebly. George Sprinckel. Lenhart Ebly. Henry Ottinger. Joseph
Peter Weigle. George Leekrone. George Eyster, Jr. Lenhart Holtzapple.
Jacob Ottinger. Jacob Bushong. Valentine Krantz. Abraham Greinawald.
Michael Lau. Jacob Rudy. Henry Schultz. John Hoock. John Oldhan. John Miller.
Stephen Finfrock. Conrad Eisenhard. Martin Weigel. Jacob Odenwalt. John
Hagner. Conrad Weigel. Peter Wolff. Andreas Hoock. Jacob Schmeisser. Elias
Eyster. (???) Ebly. Isaac Gartman. John Ottinger. Dietz Amand. Isaac Gartman,
Mathias Detter. Gabriel Derr. Andreas Meyer. Dietrick Ruppert. Mathias
Schmeisser. Lenhart Lecrone. Jacob Herritz. Peter Otinger. Simon Nirdmeyer.
Peter Sprenckel.
History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family Author: Alpheus H. Harlan Call
Number: R929.2 qH283 History and genealogy of the Harlan family and
particularly of the descendants of George and Michael Harlan who settled in
Chester County, Pa. In 1687. Bibliographic Information: Harlan, Alpheus H.
History and Genealogy of the Harlan Family. Baltimore, Md.: The Lord
Baltimore Press., Nd.
Page 967 - 44. John Harlan8 (James,7 Joshua6), carpenter, Methodist, b. in
Lycoming Co., Pa., 11, 4, 1820; d. there, at White Pine, 11, 7, 1876; bur.
there. He m. there, 2, 10, 1845, Sarah Straub (Methodist), b. at Muncy,
Lycoming Co., 7, 28, 1827; living, 1892; a dau. of Charles Straub (tailor),
b. in Snyder Co., Pa., 5, 6, 1805, and of Betsey Baker, b. in Dauphin Co.,
Pa., 7, 16, 1800. Issue:
Annie, b. 8, 14, 1846; m. Coleman Weigle.
Perry, b. 11, 23, 1849; m. Amelia Leitoleman.
Survet B., b. 8, 29, 1860; m. Clara Lawhead.

The Bard Family Author: G.O. Seilhamer A history and genealogy of the
Bards of "Carroll's Delight" together with a chronicle of the Bards and
genealogies of the Bard kinship. Bibliographic Information: Seilhamer, G.O.
The Bard Family.
Chambersburg, PA: Kittochtinny Press, 1908.
Page 54 & 55 - Philip Beard, younger son of Thomas and Anne (Loftus) Beard,
died in 1738. He is described in records of his time as Captain Philip Beard,
of Ballyroan, and was an extensive owner of lands in Clonenagh parish, barony
of Cullinagh, Queen's county. He was married in 1725 to Ellinor Barrington,
daughter of John and Dorcas (Wheeler) Barrington, of Cullinagh. Dorcas
Wheeler was a daughter of
Jonah Wheeler, son and heir of Dr. Jonah Wheeler, bishop of Ossory, and
Dorcas Perceval, of the Percevals of Egmont, Captain Philip Beard and Ellinor
Barrington, his wife, had a son Arthur and a daughter Dorcas. Dorcas Beard
was married, in 1759, to William Burdett, surgeon of H. M. ship, "Weigle."
Arthur Beard was lieutenant in Colonel Yorke's Regiment of Foot in 1758, and
the 9th Foot, in 1759. In 1761-63,
he was in General Whitmore's regiment.
Page 128 John Beard, son of John and Clora Beard, was a Revolutionary
soldier; he enlisted in Washington county, Md. Michael Beard, son of John and
Clora Beard, was probably identical with Michael Bawart, who was a private in
Captain William Heyser's
company, of the German regiment, commanded by Baron Arendt. Frederick Beard,
whose parentage is not ascertained, but who was probably a grandson of
Nicklaus Bard, was born at Mechanicstown, Frederick county, Md., November 1,
1767, and died in 1842. He served in the Revolution, part of the time in the
Commander-in-Chief's uard. About 1810, he removed to Liberty township, Adams
county, Pa., where he owned 2,500 acres of land at Fountaindale. He was
married to Margaret Weigle. Issue:
1. Jacob Beard, went to Michigan, in 1848.
2. John Beard, went to Janesville, Ohio.
3. Samuel Beard, lived at Fountaindale, Adams county, Pa. Issue: Lewis,
George, Jessie, Josiah, Reuben, Levi, David, Rachel, and Julia Ann.
Page 129 4. George Beard, died in November, 1843. He lived in Liberty
township, Adams county, Pa. He was married to Sarah Minta, and had, among
other children, Daniel Beard, who was born July 8, 1822. Daniel Beard went to
Illinois as a young man and settled in McLean county, but returned to Adams
county, Pa., in 1861, and made his home in Highland township. He was married,
first, November 11, 1847, to
Barbara Kelly, who died March 29, 1882, and second, April 8, 1886, to
Catharine Haldeman. Among his children by his first marriage were Charles E.,
Virginia and Henry Foster.
5. David Beard, killed on the "Tapeworm" railroad, in 1838.
6. Frederick Beard, settled in Chambersburg, Pa.
7. Elizabeth Beard, married (???) Siter.
8. Mary Beard, married (???) Lum.
9. Magdalena Beard, married, first, John Carr; second, (???) Kelly.
10. Margaret Beard, married John McIntyre.

Pennsylvania Genealogies Author: William Henry Egle This book contains the
history and genealogy of many families from Pennsylvania. Bibliographic
Information: Egle, William Henry. Pennsylvania Genealogies. Lane S. Hart.
Harrisburg. 1886.
Page 614 ix. Margaret-Lovina, b. January 23, 1854, in Reading township, Adams
county, Pa.; m., October 17, 1875, by Rev. C. J. Deininger, Lewis Schriver,
b. September 17, 1839, in West Manchester township, York county, Pa.; son of
Frederick Schriver and Sarah Weigle; and had issue (surname Schriver):
1. Isabella-Jane, b. April 17, 1876.
2. Howard-Lewis, b. June 4, 1878; d. May 29, 1879.
3. Elizabeth, b. August 18, 1880.
4. Clara-May, b. February 10, 1882.

The Flickinger Family History Author: Robert Elliott Flickinger The history
and genealogy of the Flickinger Families in the United States of America,
including photographs. Bibliographic Information: Flickinger, Robert Elliot.
The Flickinger
Family History. Des Moines, Iowa. Success Composition and Printing Co. 1927.
Page 625 ABRAHAM FLICKINGER--SARAH WERTZ "Abraham believed God, and it was
counted to him for righteousness."
II Abraham Flickinger, b Aug. 21, 1829 at Smith's Station, fmr, carpenter,
Luth, md Sarah Wertz. They lived near Jefferson, Pa., and raised a family of
8: Ellen, Joshua, Emma, Matilda, Jennie, Lillian, Abraham, Charles.
1 Ellen Jane Flickinger, b 1850, md Joseph Raber, fmr, Luth, Smith's Station,
Pa. F--5.
Millie Raber md Henry Sell, Luth, Hanover.
Bert Raber, Baltimore, Md.
Curvin & Charles R., Philadelphia, Pa.
Maude, Hanover, Pa.
2 Joshua Flickinger, b July 15, 1854, mcht, Luth, Hanover, md Ella Weigle,

A Genealogy of the Nye Family, Volume III Author: R. Glen Nye Genealogy of
the Nye Family, descendants from the NEU family of Germany. Bibliographic
Information: Curtis, Mrs. Buford C. A Genealogy of the Nye Family Vol. 3.
N.p.: The Nye Family of America Association Inc., 1965.
FIRST GENERATION 1. GEORGE NIGH, born January 21, 1755 in Pennsylvania. He
married November 15, 1777, Mary Magdalena Saylor (Sailor), daughter of
Matthias and Magdalena Sailor. George was a man of considerable means and
importance in his area. His name appears often in affairs of Washington
County, Maryland. Records show he was supervisor in charge of building roads
in the county. He was Justice of the Peace there from 1802 to 1806. In 1799
he was "Trustee of the Poor". He was a senior member of a committee which met
July 14, 1807 to draft resolutions "upon the dastardly outrages committed by
the British Squadron stationed on our coast on the flag and citizens of the
United States". He used a number of spellings of his name in transactions and
records the names of Nye, Neu, Nigh and possibly Ney and Neigh. He died
November 16, 1830 in Amanda Twp., Fairfield Co., Ohio. He is buried near
Amanda, Ohio on land which he had set aside for family burial. His wife,
Magdalena who was born February 12, 1754, died November 12, 1821.
* 2 George, Jr., born June 10, 1779.
* 3 Michael, born 1782.
* 4 Samuel, born 1793.
* 5 Jacob, born 1794.
* 6 Adam, born July 25, 1795.
7 Polly, born April 5, 1795; married John Wilshirer.
8 John;; served in Capt. John Spangler's Company of Riflemen Ohio
Militia, War of 1812.
9 Peter
10 Elizabeth; married Daniel Peters.
11 Susanna; married John Neff.
LAST WILL & TESTAMENT OF MATHIAS SAYLOR In the name of God Amen. I, Mathias
Saylor of Hagerstown, Washington County Maryland being weak in body but of
sound mind and memory thanks be to God for the Same, do make Ordain publish
and declare this my Last Will & Testament in manner and form following/
Imprimies/ first I recommend my Soul into the hands of Almighty God, who gave
it any my body to the Earth to be decently Baried, and as to worldly Estate
which it has pleased God to bless me with I give and Bestow in manner and
form following. I leave to my Son Peter Saylor three hundred Acres of Land
with all the Buildings, that he now lives on for Ever on the Condition that
he pays the following Legacies out of the said Estate. After my decease to my
children hereafter named I leave to my Daughter Catherine Leatherman Fifty
Pounds Specie Wife of Frederick Leatherman, and to Daughter Mary Wilt, wife
of John Wilt One Hundred Pound Specie, and to my son John Saylor, One English
Shilling Sterling he having before received his share of fortune and to my
daughter Magdelena Nigh wife of George Nigh, One English Shilling Sterling
she having before reced her share of fortune and to my Daughter Mary
Elizabeth Harry wife of Jacob Harry One Hundred Pounds Specie, and to my
Daughter Susannah Harry wife Martin Harry one Hundred pounds Specie, and to
my Daughter Elizabeth Harry wife of John Harry One Hundred Specie, and to my
beloved wife
Magdelena Harry I leave as follows to be paid by aforesaid Son Peter Sayler
Yearly and every year during her Natural life, Twenty Bushels wheat, twenty
bushels Rie, Ten bushels of Corn, half a Hundred weight of Hemp from the
Break, 1 load of Hay from the first Crop and one Load of Hay from the Second
Crop. Two Barrels of Cyder yearly and to take her choice of Six Apple Trees.
I likewise leave to my aforesaid
wife the House in Hagerstown which I now live in with all the furniture &
Bonds, Cash & c which are now due or Owing to me, but it is my Will and
Pleasure that if my Said Wife should so happen to Marry again after my
decease, then I do order that my said House & c in Hagerstown shall
immediately be sold and the money so Accruing shall be divided share and
Share alike between all my daughters before named, my Sons Excepted and I do
hereby constitute and Appoint Peter Wagoner and Henry Weigle of Hagerstown
whole and sole Executors of this my last Will, hereby revoking all former
Will and Wills made by me before. In Witness Whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my Seal the day and year above written his Mathias M Sayler
(Seal) Mark x Seal Signed & Sealed & Delivered by the
Testator as his last Will and Testament Peter Wagoner, Henry Weigle, William

BENNINGTON Family A genealogical history of the Bennington family
Page 92 - 868. SARAH ELLEN BENNINGTON (see page 101)(daughter of Jacob
Bennington and Ruth Ann _____) was born September 3, 1862, probably in
Fayette County, Pennsylvania, died May 25, 1921, Houston, Texas, married
WILLIAM MAIRS LAYBURN, born May 31, 1861, Steubenville, Ohio, died November
28, 1937. Issue:
898. Ralph Layburn, born August 22, 1884, died October 9, 1884.
899. Minnie Myrtle Layburn (1886- ), married J. B. Weigel. See page 106.
900. Carl William Layburn (1889- ), married Lela Marshall. See page 106.
901. Arthur J. Layburn, born June 25, 1891, Connellsville, Pennsylvania,
died November 29, 1892.
Page 94 - 937. SARA ELIZABETH WEIGEL (see page 106) (daughter of Minnie
Myrtle Layburn and J . B. Weigel ) was born August 27, 1911, Springfield,
Missouri, married LIONEL C. SMALTZ. Issue:
946. Nancy Elaine Smaltz, born June 22, 1937, Mansfield, Ohio.
947. Sally Joann Smaltz, born July 9, 198, Mansfield, Ohio.

House of Sanger Author: Nettie M. Senger History of Descendants of Conrad
Sanger, son of John Sanger Bibliographic Information: Senger, Nettie
Maybelle. House of Sanger. N.p.n.d.
No. 198--Fourth Generation--p. 484
Martin Driver, son of Barbara Miller (No. 34) and Benjamin F. Driver, was
married to Katie Wichael. Deceased.
No. 202--Fourth Generation--p. 500
Joseph Driver, son of Barbara Miller (No. 34) and Benjamin F. Driver, was
married to Nellie Wichael and later died Jan. 16, 1938. They had one child
who is: Mary Driver, b. No. 751
No. 751--Fifth Generation--p. 501
Mary Driver, daughter of Joseph Driver (No. 202) and Nellie Wichael, and was
married to Chester Statzer. They have one child.

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