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From: Greg and Pam Greene <>
Subject: [WELCH-L] Welch's of Virginia/Illinois/Iowa (1800s)
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 17:55:45 -0500

My Welch ancestor came from Virginia in the early 1800's to southern
Indiana (Floyd and Harrison Counties) to Clinton County, Iowa by 1844.
Can anyone help me find parents and other family members for Robert or
his (presumptive) brother William?
Where in Virginia is this family from? Does anyone know more about
brother William? My lines are as follows:

Children of Elizabeth Frances Welch (b. 1852 Clinton Co, IA) and Samuel
Cooper Hamilton (b. 1850 Westmoreland Co, PA)
1. Bruce Caleb Hamilton b. 1874 Clinton Co, IA; m. Isabelle Dean
2. Anna Lydia Hamilton b. 1879 Clinton Co, IA
3. Marybell Hamilton b. 1890; m. Andrew Rasmussen

Children of Robert A. Welch (b. 1799 VA) and Lydia Ann Walker (b. 1816
KY) - marriage 2 (March 18, 1835 Floyd Co, IN)
1. William Welch b. 1836 Floyd Co, IN; m. Alice Shirrock
2. Mary Jane Welch b. 1838 Floyd Co, IN; m. George W. Bagley (son named
Warren SYLVESTER Bagley -- any tie to Sylvester Welch of VA??)
3. Marion Welch b. 1841 Floyd Co., IN
4. Anna Elizabeth Welch b. 1843 Floyd Co, IN; m. Nathan Brooks
5. Angeline Welch b. 1848 Clinton Co, IA; m(1) Frederick S. Porter,
m(2) James Lingard, m(3) Thomas Higgs
6. Elizabeth Frances Welch b. 1852 Clinton Co, IA; m. Samuel Cooper

Children of Robert A. Welch (b. 1799 VA) and Rosannah Gritton -
marriage 1 (April 15, 1824 Washington Co, IN)
1. John Welch b. 1825 TN
2. Lawrence Welch b. 1828 TN; m. Martha A. Barlow

Rosannah Gritton is a mystery to me. I cannot connect her to any other
family, her place of birth, or her place of death; nor have I found a
divorce record for this couple. I cannot prove that these boys are
their children, but they agree with the members of his household in the
1830, 1840 and 1850 federal censuses. I cannot explain why the boys
were born in Tennessee, unless Rosannah had ties there.

I believe William Welch, born between 1800 and 1810 to be Robert's
brother (or other close relative) because I find them together in
numerous situations.

* William buys land in Greene Co, IL (near Carrollton or White Hall)
in 1831
* Robert enlists in the Black Hawk Indian War from White Hall, IL in
1832 (although he lives in southern Indiana at the time)
* William marries Jane Boggess 1835 in Greene Co, IL
* Robert's and Lydia's son, born 1836, is named William
* By 1840, William has relocated to Clinton Co, IA and appears in the
federal census there
* Robert and family moves to Clinton Co, IA in 1844, and buys land
adjacent to William Welch
* Jane Welch, wife of William, died 1848 in Clinton Co, IA
* Robert Welch, as agent for William Welch, sells land in Clinton Co,
IA in 1850

I lose William after his wife died in 1848. Although I had clues to
look in other counties and states, I have not found him. I even looked
for him in California during the Gold Rush times. All I found was that
Robert's son, Lawrence, re-settled in California after 1858.

If any of this is familiar to you, let's exchange family information.

Pam Greene

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