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From: Orin Wells <>
Subject: Re: Gov. Thomas Welles (Connecticut 1655, 1658)
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 15:48:53 -0700
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At 02:01 PM 7/20/01 -0700, Philip Sonnichsen wrote:
>I am descended from Gov. Thomas Welles through his daughter Mary Welles
>and his granddaughter Hannah Baldwin. I am hoping that one of the list
>subscribers will have verified up-to-date information.
>I have before me a page taken from the Connecticut State Library website and
>a page from another undocumented source.
>One source says Thomas Wells was born 1590, Stouton, Whichford,
>Warwickshire, England;

From the most recent research on the family this is correct.

>>the other ca 1590 or 1598 London.

This is incorrect.

>One source says he is the son of Thomas Welles a wealthy Puritan<<


>>or Robert and Alice Welles; the other says Robert and Alice Welles.<<

These are the same and correct.

>One source says he and his brother Hugh arrived in Boston in the Susan and
>Ellen in 1635;<<

This is incorrect. The Thomas who arrived on the Susan and Ellen is the
one who settled in Ipswich, MA. There was NO Hugh Welles/Wells on this
ship and Gov. Thomas Welles had no brother named Hugh Welles. In fact
recent research pretty much has proven that the Hugh Welles who was
supposedly the wife of the "widow" Fances did not exist and certainly did
not die in Wethersfield Cir 1641. Instead, the husband of the Frances
Wells who married 2) Thomas Coleman was also named Thomas Wells and died in
Evesham, Worcestershire in 1637. Frances (Albright) Wells then married
Thomas Coleman BEFORE immigrating.

>> the other "but probably not the Thomas Welles who was a passenger on the
Susan and Ellen in 1635 as reported in some sources (that
>Thomas was probably the Thomas Welles who became a resident of Ipswich,


>One source says he "married Elizabeth Hunt in England and the couple had
six children.<<

Incorrect. Something that appears to date back into the 1800s.

>>Or married Alice Tomes soon after July 5, 1615 and the couple had six

Correct, but the number of children was 8 rather than 6.

>>After her death, he married again about 1646 in Wethersfield. His second
wife was Elizabeth (nee Deming) Foote. There were no children
from the second marriage."<<


>The other source says "Thomas Wells married Alice Tomes soon after July 5,
1615 in Long Marston, Gloucestershire, and the couple had eight children. <<

Correct as above.

>After her death, he married again about 1646 in Wethersfield. His second
wife was Elizabeth (nee Deming) Foote, sister of John Deming and widow of
Nathaniel Foote. Elizabeth had seven children by her previous marriage;
there were no children from the second marriage.<<

Correct and consistent with that above.

>I have no information on Alice Tomes, birth date and place, death date and
place and would very much appreciate this information.<<

Alice Tomes was a daughter of John Toms/Tomes who died in Long Marton 25
May 1602. His first wife was Ellen Gunne, widow of Joseph Phelps and
daughter of Richard Gunne and Anne Fullwood. He was married a second time
to Ann Warner 03 Aug 1601
Children of John Tomes and Ellen Gunne were:
1. a son who apparently died young
2. Mary who married William Kecke - mentioned in her father's will in 1602
3. Anne m: Cir 1605 Clement Bushell - mentioned in her father's will
4. Alice b Cir 1592 and who married Thomas Welles - mentioned in her
father's will
5. Joane b: Cir 1602 married William Bigges
Children by John tomes and Ann Warner:
John Tomes/Tombs after 1602 d: 1653 m: Any Blower.

There is a Tomes genealogy that takes the family back another four of five

>As to the death of Thomas Welles, one source says he died January 14, 1660
at Hartford, Connecticut<<

Incorrect. But only technically.

>>the other says he died January 14, 1659/60 at Wethersfield, Connecticut<<

Correct as documented in the Wethersfield Vital Records. Wethersfield is
in Hartford county.

>I do not have a list of his children, dates of birth or baptism, dates of
>death, etc. except

Contact the Welles Family Association. They have published a book on the
family that contains all of this although it is out of print. I think
copies can still be had from Higgison Books, but may be made for order copies.

I will send you the contact names privately.

Orin R. Wells
Wells Family Research Association
P. O. Box 5427
Kent, Washington 98064-5427
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