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From: "R. Munson" <>
Subject: [WELLS-L] The Wells Family of Louisiana and Allied Families #2
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 19:03:51 -0500

The earliest Wells in the book is Samuel Levi Wells I

Their theory is that he was born in Hartford, CT in 1735 and was a son of
Jonathan Welles of Colchester, CT - a grandson of Noah Welles and Mary
White, and great-grandson of Thomas Welles and Mary Beardley of Hadley,
Massachusetts. There are several other speculations by other sources as to
the origin of this Samuel.

According to official Spanish records of Louisiana, Samuel Levi Wells I was
a resident of the part of Louisiana known as West Florida in April, 1780 -
in particular, Manchac which is in present-day Tangipahoa Parish. He then
bought a plantation in the area of present-day Ville Platte, in Evangeline

Samuel Levi Wells I married Dorcas Huie c. 1762 in the West Florida area.
Samuel died c. 1802; Dorcas died sometime after 1803.

The children of this couple included:

Samuel Levi Wells II, born June 27, 1764 (familiarly known as Levi to
distinguish him from his father)

Stephen Lewis Wells, born Sept. 6, 1765

Amelia Wells, born May 4, 1768

Levisa Wells, born January 10, 1772

Tabitha Wells, born April 4, 1774 (married Richmond Edmond Cuny)

Willing Wells, born Sept. 11, 1776

Mary Henrietta Wells, born Aug. 30, 1778

Editha Wells, born July 16, 1781

Sophia Wells, born April 9, 1784

Emily Clementina Wells, born Sept. 11, 1786


Samuel Levi Wells II married first a Miss Bonner, who was from a good family
that emigrated for N.C. to LA. The marriage took place sometime after 1785.
Miss Bonner died within a few years, leaving 2 sons: Willis (who moved to
Mississippi in 1818) and Rudolph (who died fighting in the Alamo with Jim

Samuel Levi Wells II married Mary Elizabeth Cavit in 1794. They settled in
Rapides Parish, LA c. 1795 and had the following children:

Stephen Wells, born April 13, 1795 - died September 25, 1796

Samuel Levi Wells III, born March 13, 1796 (died of yellow fever c. 1829 in
New Orleans; participated in the famous Sandbar Duel)

Frederick Wells, born March 4, 1798 - died July 17, 1799

Montfort Wells, born February 3, 1798

Mary Wells, born February 3, 1802
(married Dr. Robert H. Sibley)

Elizabeth Malissa Wells, born January 31, 1804

Thomas Jefferson Wells, born January 30, 1806

James Madison Wells, born January 8, 1808

Mary Elizabeth Calvit Wells died March 19, 1809. Samuel Levi Wells II died
June 10, 1816 at Prospect Hill on Bayou Bouef, Parish of Rapides, Louisiana.

Montfort Wells married Jeannette Amelia Dent on Feb. 9, 1825 in Natchez, MS;
became brigadier general of the Louisiana militia.


Martha Lucie Wells, born Feb. 7, 1826

Samuel Levi Wells IV, born Aug. 15, 1827

Montfort Wells, born May 30, 1829 (died as a child)

Ennemond Meuillon Wells, born Aug. 3, 1831

Jefferson Wells, born March 16, 1834

Jeanette Dent Wells, born Oct. 14, 1836

Mary Elizabeth Wells, born Dec. 21, 1839

Ellen Montfort Wells, born April 10, 1843

Charles Mathews Wells, born Sept. 22, 1845

Hatch Dent Wells, born Oct. 5, 1848 (died as a child)

Annie Desiree Wells, born Jan. 3, 1850

Alice Calvit Wells, born Oct. 7 1854(died as a child)

There's much more listed. Please contact me for lookups.

Barbara Munson

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