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Here are some of my Wentworth details. Willing to exchange more.

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Jon Rees
Beccles, UK

1.D'Arcy Wentworth occupation Inn Keeper, m. Martha Dickson. Details from The Second fleet - Britains Grim Convict Fleet of 1790 by Michael Flynn. D'Arcy Wentworth's (the Inn Keeper) was a Barrister
2.iD'Arcy b. 1762.

Second Generation

2.D'Arcy Wentworth b. 1762, Portadown, Armagh, Northern Ireland, occupation Assistant Surgeon, m. (1) Catherine Crowley, d. 1800, Parramatta, NSW, Australia, m. (2) Mary Ann Laws, d. -Nov-1849, Parramatta, NSW, Australia. D'Arcy died 9-Jul-1827, Parramatta, NSW, Australia. Born in Ireland into the Junior and impoverished branch of a Distinguished Yorskhire family.The head of the family, Lord Fitzwilliam of Wentworth Woodhouse, acknowledged the family and used his influence on their behalf. While studying medicine in London, he turned to highway robbery, and brought to the Old Bailey in 1787, acquitted and again in 1789. On the Forth time he told council to tell judge he as going to Botany Bay. Acquited he left for Australia. Catherine: Transported for Stealing Cloth with Husband
Children by Catherine Crowley:
3.iWilliam Charles b. 1790.
iiD'Arcy Wentworth b. 1793, Norfolk Island, m. 1826, in England, Elizabeth MacPherson. D'Arcy died 1861. No issue.
iiiJohn Wentworth b. 1795, Norfolk Island, occupation Served in Royal Navy, d. 1820. Unmarried Drowned in 1820 serving with Royal Navy
Children by Mary Ann Laws:
ivGeorge Wentworth b. 1810, Greendale, m. Ann Elizabeth Fulton. George died 1832. Married. No issue
vMartha Wentworth b. c 1813, m. John Reddall. Martha died 1847. Married. Had issue.
viSophia Wentworth b. 1816, m. Robert Towns. Sophia died 1878. Married. Had issue.
viiRobert Charles Wentworth b. c 1818, m. 1840, Maria Kelk. No Issue ?
viiiJohn Wentworth b. 1819, d. 1854. Unmarried
ixMary Ann Wentworth b. c 1822, m. 1840, Stephen Addison, occupation Captain. Married. Had issue
xKatherine Wentworth b. c 1824, m. (1) -Jan-1847, Benjamin Darley, m. (2) 1867, William Bassett. Katherine died c 1898. Had Issue First Marriage.
xiCharles Wentworth b. 1828, m. 1859, Elizabeth Harriet Derepas. Charles died 1866. Married . had issue.

Third Generation

3.William Charles Wentworth b. 1790, Norfolk Island, occupation "The Great Native", m. (1) 26-Oct-1829, in St. Philip's, Sydney, Australia, Sarah Morton Cox, b. 1-Jan-1805, (daughter of Francis Cox and Francis Morton) d. 14-Jul-1880, Eastborne, Sussex, England, and Jemima *unknown. William died 20-Mar-1872, Merly House, Wimborne, Dorset. Prob. born on board "Neptune", the "hell-ship" of the 2nd Fleet. Son of D'Avcy Wentworth, assistant surgeon and Catherine Crowley, transported for stealing cloth. Explorer, author, barrister, Landowner and statesman. William Charles Wentworth (c1790-died 20 March 1872) famous Australian explorer, landowner, statesman and lawyer married Sarah Morton Cox (1805-1880) in Sydney in 1829. They had a total of 10 children. William was the son of D'Arcy Wentworth and Catherine Crowley who after being acquitted for a forth time for Highway Robbery left for Botany Bay. William Charles Wentworth, born either at sea on the "Neptune" or on Norfolk Isla!
was one of the earliest native
born Australians. Educated in England he returned to Australia in 1810 and was appointed Provost-Marshal in 1811. He joined Gregory Blaxland and William Lawson to find a crossing of the previously impassable Blue Mountains. In 1819 he wrote a complete and glowing review of the Colony's prospects (NSW). He also proposed legal and constitutional reforms, a legislature elected on a property franchise, trial by jury amongst others. Whilst attending Cambridge University he won second place in the Chancellor's gold medal for poetry with a piece entitled "Australasia". He was noted for being a landowner, author, satirist, adventurer and supporter of emancipists. He 1824 he cofounded the "Australian" the first independent newspaper in the colony and championed the views of the emancipists against the "exclusives". In 1843 he was elected to the Legislative council for City of Sydney. However, in latter life he proposed a colonial aristocracy and an Upper house appointed for life - "b!
yip aristocracy" (1853).At the a
ge of 71 he was made President of the Legislative Council after being in England for 5 years pushing through the Constitution Bill of NSW through the British parliament. Having died in the UK and his body was buried at his Vaucluse estate. Sarah: see Book "Mistress of Vaulcuse" by Carol Liston ISBN 0 949753 34 3
Children by Sarah Morton Cox:
iThomasine Wentworth b. 19-Dec-1825, Petersham, NSW, Australia, m. 1844, Thomas John Fisher, b. c 1813, d. 16-Nov-1875, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Thomasine died 1913.
iiWilliam Charles Wentworth b. 26-Dec-1827, d. 1859. Unmarried Baptised in the name of William Charles Cox because father was in a rampage. See Mistress of Vaucluse page 20 by Carol Liston
iiiFanny Catherine Wentworth b. 20-Nov-1829, m. 1847, John Reeve, b. c 1804, d. 21-Nov-1875, London. Fanny died 1893. Bapt. Fanny Catherine John: Paralysed for last three years of life.
ivFitzwilliam Wentworth b. 31-Jul-1833, Vaucluse, m. 1868, Mary Jane Hill, b. 1840, d. 1924. Fitzwilliam died 1915.
vSarah Eleanor Wentworth b. 2-Aug-1835, Vaucluse, d. 1887. Unmarried
viEliza Sophia Wentworth b. 24-Oct-1838, Vaucluse, d. 1898. Unmarried Birth Date may be 24 Nov 1838
viiIsabella Chistiana Wentworth b. 20-Sep-1840, Vaucluse, d. 1856. Unmarried
viiiLaura Wentworth b. 12-Nov-1842, Vaucluse, m. 17-Dec-1872, in St. Paul's, Knightsbridge, Henry William Keays-Young, b. 1836, (son of Henry Young) occupation Soldier. Laura died 1887. Henry: Joined Indian Army in 1856, serving in the Indian campaign 1857-9. In 1860 he transferred to the British Army, serving in the 17th Lancers, 18th Foot and th e Royal Irish Regiment.
ixEdith Wentworth b. 1-Jan-1845, Vaucluse, m. 17-Oct-1872, in St Paul's, Knightsbridge, Charles Gordon Cumming Dunbar, b. 14-Feb-1844, Duffus House, Elgin, (son of Archibald Dunbar) occupation Reverand. Edith died 1891, Burg Schwanegg, Kissengen, Germany. Edith lost her case for Beatrix and for a Judicial separation. Beatrix remaine d with her Dunbar grandparents at Duffus from 1880 to 1883 and neither Edith nor Sarah ever saw her again. Edith settled in Germany where she purchased Burg Scgwanegg, an estate near Kissengen, a resort town that she often visited with her father, where she died.In will left everything to Didy, apart from generous bequests to friends. See Mistress of Vaucluse ISBN 0 949753 34 3 p112 Charles: Educated at Winchester, then by Private Tutors. In 1863, went abroad for his health to India and Ceylon, where in 1867 he was ordained deacon and then priest. He took up appointment as domestic chaplain to the Bishop of Columbo but became ill and ret!
ned to Scotland. From 1869 to 71
was curate at All Saints', Lambeth. In 1871 when Bishop Claughton returned from Columbo, Dunbar joined him as chaplain for his European travels. Archdeacon of Grenada 1875-77
xD'Arcy Bland Wentworth b. 10-Jan-1848, Vaucluse, m. (1) 15-Oct-1872, in Bickley, South of London, Lucy Anne Bowman, d. c 1920's, and Anne Reilly, d. 1890. D'Arcy died 1922. Lucy: No issue Marriage not consummated. See Mistress of Vaucluase bu Carol Listen page 104
Children by Jemima *unknown:
xi*unknown Eagar b. 4-Nov-1830, Australia. Edward Eagar, an emancipist lawyer from Australia went to England in 1821 and left his wife and family in New South Wales. A trust fund , setup by William Charles Wentworth and others helped her. An affair in Jan-Feb 1830 led to the birth of a son who was baptised 10 years latter with the father WC Wentworth.
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