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From: Reed_Wurts <>
Subject: Re: [WERTZ-L] Wertz Family Association
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 21:18:52 -0400

Hi to Carolyn Choppin and Wertz (all W632 spellings) Relations,

The posting of your message (see below) prompted me to scan the pages of
a publication of the Pennsylvania-German Society showing the marriage
place of Johannes Conrad Wirtz and Anna Goetschy to be Neuweid, Germany,
while en route from Zurich to Rotterdam, prior to crossing the Atantic
to Philadelphia (the original destination was "Carolina") on the ship
"Mercury". They emigrated from Zurich on 4 Oct 1734 and arived in
Philadephia 29 May 1735. [the same Rev. Johannes Conrad Wirz was buried
inside a church in York, York Co., PA, and then later removed to be
buried in the wall of another church in York, PA.]

The ancestral file, if my memory serves me correctly, lists them as
being married in Zurich, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and even New York!
Anyone have anything to document any of these suppositions?

The pages I scanned, Chapter III - Ministry of John Henry Goetschy
(1735-1740), from A History of the Goshenhoppen Reformed Charge [sic],
Montgomery County, PA, 1727-1819, describes portions of the journey, a
passenger list with towns of origin, and lists some sources for
additional information. I also scanned a few pages from another
Pennsylvania German Society publication with the "Mercury" pasenger
list, listing the ages of the men and women, and a photocopy of the
signatures of some of the arrivals subscribing their Oath to the

I will TRY to put these things on my web site in the next few days.

Please write me if you would like me to send the files to you in a
particular word-proccessor format. (I have them saved in Word97, but can
convert to others)

Reed M. W. Wurts
Wayne, PA

http://www.wurts.net ---collecting all Wurts families---

Brian Bauer wrote:
> Attention WERTZ researchers:
> Many of you are already familiar with WERTZ Family Association and
> subscribe to its quarterly newsletter, "WERTZ Relations", edited by Carolyn
> Choppin.
> ======================================================================
> From: "Carolyn Choppin" <>
> To: "Brian Bauer" <>
> Subject: Wertz Family Association
> Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998
> The WERTZ Family Association
> The Wertz Clan in America is currently endeavoring to update our records of
> our early Wertz Families of Pennsylvanian German Ancestry, and we are
> hopeful that you might be able to direct us to those in your family who
> could help us. Our research to date indicates that most Wertz families
> currently living in America are descendants of one of the following early
> 4. Rev. Johannes Conrad Wurtz, 1706-1763, married Anna Goetschius in
> Zurich, Switzerland, emigrated in 1735 and settled in Morris Co., New
> Jersey. A few known descendants are outlined in our book, and some are
> recorded in the Ancestral File.

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