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From: "Becky Walker" <>
Subject: [WESNER-L] Rev Pension Abstracts
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 06:07:18 -0700

This is the information I picked up at the library last weekend on W*s*ner's
mentioned in from the Revolutionary War pensions....

KNIGHT, Thomas, Elizabeth, W20357, NJ & NY Line, solider was born in 1760 in
Dutchess Co NY & he lived at Bloomin - grove & Goshen in Orange Co NY in the
early part of the Revolution & in 1780 or 1781 he moved to near Snufftown NJ
& also served from there, solider applied 4 Sep 1832 at Walkill in Orange Co
NY & solider died there 2 Jul 1848, solider had married Elizabeth Wisner 28
Sep 1779 in Orange Co NY, widow applied 28 May 1849 at Walkill NY aged 92,
children were; Sarah born 26 Apr 1781, William born 19 Feb 1783, Denny born
26 Mar 1786, James born 25 Jan 178?, Polly born date illegible, Hannah born
24 mar 179? & George Washington born 28 Sep 1798, a grandson James H. Knight
was of Walkill NY in 1849 aged 28. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension
Files, p. 1977]

(I think Judith below, is a possible sister to my ancestory George Wesner
who resided in Crawford County Illinois)

MILLER, George, Judith, W9570, MD & PA Line, solider a Judith Wisner in May
1777 at Hagerstown MD & she was of Frederickstown MD, solider lived in MD at
1st enlistment & later moved to Philadelphia PA & also enlisted there,
solider applied 14 May 1823 Crawford Co IL aged 67 & in 1825 he had moved to
MO, solider died 15 Jun 1830, widow applied 6 Sep 1836 Franklin Co MO aged
75, the 1st child was Elizabeth who was born 2 Mar 1780 & the 10th child was
David born in 179? illegible, no other children were named in the claim.
[Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.2352]

KERR, Mark, BLW #7360-100-25 Jan 1791 assignee John Wisner, served as a Pvt
in the NY Line. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.1932]
GUY, William, Phebe, W19559, NY & RI Line, solider applied 24 Sep 1832
Allegany Co NY, solider was born 21 Dec 1754 at Gloucester RI & he lived
there at enlistment, solider married Phebe Galucia in Feb 1780 at Thompson
in Windham Co CT & she was, born 9 Jul 1760, solider died 15 Sep 1841 at
Nunda NY & widow applied there 24 Aug 1843, solider & wife had 9 children,
children shown were; Jacob G. born 1 Sep 1786 & Sarah born 31 Dec 1782 &
wife of Daniel Wisner were the only names given, in 1795 solider had moved
to Aurelius NY & in 1824 moved to Nunda NY, solider's brother John was
mentioned, solider had 2 brothers taken prisoners at Ft Ann (names not
given). [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.1463]

GOBLE, George, Juliana, R4076, NJ Line, solider was born 26 May 1750,
solider enlisted at Morristown NJ, solider applied 23 May 1818 Orange Co NY,
solider married Juleaner or Juliana Wisner 18 Feb 1779 at Florida NY & she
was born 2 Jan 1762 solider died 22 Aug 1831 at Minisink NY & widow died
there 30 May 1836, children were; Elizabeth born 13 Apr 1780, Wisner born 8
Sep 1782, Thomas born 4 Aug 1784, William born 6 Sep 1786, Selah born 3 Mar
1789, Phebe born 6 Jul 1791, Henry born 7 Aug 1793, John born 7 Oct 1795,
Conklin born 23 Aug 1797, Sarah born 26 Jan 1800, Juliana born 18 Jan 1802 &
Samuel S. Seward born 27 Jun 1804. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension
Files, p. 1369]

WISNER, Adam or Adam Wisnar, NY & PA Lines, R11742, solider was born 27 Apr
1755 at Goshen in Orange Co NY & he lived in Northumberland Co PA when he
enlisted & in Jul 1778 he moved to Ulster Co NY & also enlisted there &
after the Revolution he returned to Northumberland Co PA & lived there until
Dec 1800 then moved to Leicester in Genesee Co which was later in Livingston
Co NY & in Mar 1813 he moved to Andrus which later became DeWitt in Onondaga
Co NY & in Sep 1817 he moved to Coshocton in Coshocton Co OH & in Feb 1819
he moved to White Water Township in Hamilton Co OH & in the spring of 1825
he moved to Bartholomew Co IN & in Aug 1836 to returned to NY & lived with
relatives in Onondaga, Seneca & Livingston Cos all in NY & in Jun 1839 he
moved into the Poor House in Livingston Co NY & was living there when he
applied 27 Jan 1840, solider had served with an Annanias Wisner (no kinship
given). [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WISNER, David, NY Line, widow Deliverance, W6549, BLW #26863-160-55, solider
was born 4 Dec 1758 at Warwick in Orange Co NY & he lived there when he
enlisted & served in Capt John Wisner's Co (no kinship given), after the
Revolution solider lived in Northumberland PA for 5 years then moved to
Seneca Co NY for 23 years then moved to Newfane in Niagara Co NY where he
lived when he applied 4 Sep 1832 & solider had married there to his 2nd wife
Deliverance Dowling on 6 Feb 1827 & they were married by one Jehiel Wisner a
clergyman of the Baptist Church (no kinship given), solider's 1st wife was
not named in the claim, solider died 18 Jun 1840 at Newfane NY & his widow
applied 20 Jul 1853 in Branch Co MI aged 75 & she applied for BLW in 1855 in
St. Joseph Co MI, solider's son William Wisner (by solider's 1st wife) was
living at Newfane NY in 1853, solider's brother Jehiel aged 71 in 1833 was a
res of Newfane NY & was a "clergyman", solider's brother Samuel Wisner aged
70 in 1833 & living at Springport NY, the Capt John Wisner under whom
solider served was a relative but exact degree not given, in 1853 a William
Dowling was living at Newfane NY, in 1854 one Clark P. Dowling was of Gilead
in Branch Co MI & in 1855 a Hiram Dowling was of St. Joseph Co MI but their
relationship was not given. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files,

WISNER, Henry, BLW #13874-100-9 Dec 1793 assignee Alexander Power, served as
a Pvt in Yon Heer's Corps. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files,
WISNER, Jacob, MD Line, P.11743, solider was born in Jan 1759 in Lancaster
Co PA & he lived in Washington Co MD when he enlisted, solider applied 1 Sep
1835 in Brown Co OH having lived there some 21 years. [Abstracts of
Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WISNER, Jacob, PA Line, Sarah, W26040, BLW #36627-160-55, solider enlisted
in the state of NJ, he applied 28 Aug 1819 in Chester Co PA aged 55, solider
married Sarah Olwine 10 Nov 1811 at Heading PA, solider died 26 Dec 1846 in
Chester PA & his widow applied there 4 Apr 1853 aged 76 & she was still
living there in 1859, in 1829 solider had referred to 7 children of which
Joseph aged 13 & Sarah Ann aged 8 lived at home (others not named).
[Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WISNER, Jehiel, NJ & NY Lines, S29546, solider was born 16 Jun 1762 at
Warwick in Orange Co NY & he lived there when he enlisted, solider applied 5
Sep 1832 at Newfane in Niagara Co NY & in 1838 he had moved to Hillsdale Co
MI to be with his children, solider died 10 Nov 1839, solider's brother
David Winser aged 75 made aff'dt 7 Aug 1833 at Newfane NY, solider's brother
Samuel Wisner aged 70 made aff'dt in 1833 at Springport in Cayuga Co NY.
[Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WISNER, John, NY Line, Sarah, R11744, solider married a Miss Thompson who
died in 1788 & their children were; Moses no age given, Anna born in Nov
1768 & in 1852 she was living at Wantage in Sussex Co NY & signed as Anna
Post & Hannah who in 1852 was aged 82 & lived at Warwick NY & signed as
Hannah Vanhouten, solider married 2nd to Sarah Hall in Mar 1789 at Warwick
in Orange Co NY & solider died there 1 Mar 1811 & his widow Sarah died 24
Feb 1842, solider's & widow's children were; John born 13 Nov 1792 & died 25
Apr 1795, Fanny born 16 Mar 1794 & died 19 Oct "year not given", John 2nd
born 29 Sep 1795 & died 2 Sep 1796, Clarissa born 2 Sep 1797 & died prior to
1851, Asa born 10 Mar 1799, Eliza born 15 Jun 1801 & in 1851 she was the
wife of Abraham Miller, John 3rd born 21 Jul 1804 & died prior to 1851,
Henry born 15 Jul 1806 & in 1852 he was living at Warwick NY, Charles L.
born 14 Feb 1809 & died 27 Mar 1811 & Robert L. born 2 Mar 1811, on 4 Sep
1851 solider's son Henry Wisner applied for pension that may have been due
his mother at her death & it was stated he applied for himself & the other
surviving children who were all residents of Warwick NY, in 1852 a Jeffrey
Wisner aged 82 the son of Col. Henry Wisner was living at Warwick NY (there
relationship to John Wisner not given), in 1852 a James Wood aged 74 a
resident of Warwick NY stated Capt John Wisner's 1st wife was a sister to
his (James Woods') father whose name was not given, in 1852 one William L.
Clark aged 60 was living at Warwick NY & stated he was an own cousin to
Sarah Wisner. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WISNER, Samuel, NJ & NY Lines, Julaner, W2711, BLW #28559-160-55, solider
lived at Warwick in Orange Co NY when he enlisted & was living at Little Egg
Harbor NJ when he enlisted in 1780, solider married his 2nd wife Julaner
Tedd on 27 Oct 1798 at New Shengum NY, solider applied 25 Sep 1832 at
Springport in Cayuga Co NY aged 69, solider died 28 Nov 1848 at Springport
NY & his widow applied there 7 Jul 1849 aged 69 & in 1857 she had moved to
Rock Co WI having moved there from Summer Hill in Cayuga Co NY to be with
her relatives (no names given), solider's daughter Catharine (Wisner) Davis
aged 59 made aff'dt 7 May 1852 at Summer Hill NY & stated her mother (not
named) had died when she (Catharine) was the age of 4 years, widow's sister
Elanor (Tedd) Tears made aff'dt 10 Feb 1849 at Beaten in Yates Co NY having
lived there for 8 years, widow's sister Martha (Tedd) Hunter made aff'dt 17
Jon 1850 at Scipio in Cayuga Ce NY & stated her daughter Sarah Hunter was
born 3 Nov 1798, solider's widow died 17 Aug 1857 leaving no children but
left sisters for which an inquiry was made on 9 Sep 1857 from Janesville WI.
[Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3914]

WIESNER, Godfrey, PA Line, 340720, he applied 12 May 1826 in Lehigh Co PA
aged 66 with a wife Mary aged about 60 & he stated he had no children with
him but had several infant grandchildren dependent upon him (no names
given). [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3822]

WEISER, John, Cont & PA Line, S40659, solider also receivedd a PA State
pension or $40 per annum from Apr 1827 solider had enlisted at Reading in
Berks Co PA, he applied 21 May 1827 in Cumberland Co PA, in 1827 solider had
a wife aged 67 & referred to 6 children living with him but the only child
named was Peter aged 36 years, solider died 16 Sep 1827. [Abstracts of
Revolution. War Pension Files, p.3731]

BERTHOLF, Henry or Henry Bartholp, Anna, 11801, NY Line, widow applied 16
Sep 1846 Orange Cty NY aged 89, solider had served part of time as sub for
Capt Peter Bertholf no relationship was shown, solider married Anna daughter
of John & Catharine Vandervoort on 21 Nov 1773 & she was born in Jul 1757,
solider was son of Jacobus & Elizabeth Bertholf & was born 12 Aug 1750 &
died 24 Jan 1818, children were; Jacobus born 30 May 1776, & he (Jacobus)
married Mary daughter of Henry & Susan Wisner on 23 Jun 1796 & she was born
11 Nov 1779 & their children were; Henry W. born 1 Jan 1798, John W. born 30
May 1811, James Neslson born 5 Sep 1815, solider's grandson Henry W.
Bertholf was aged 48 in 1846 & was son of Jacohus Bertholf who was dec'd in
1846. [Abstracts of Revolution. War Pension Files, p.249-250]
Becky Walker


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