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From: "Brenda & Michael Craike" <>
Subject: Re: [WRY] Pound sign
Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 09:52:48 +1100
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Hello all,

First Happy New Year to everyone.

Here is what you need to get the pound sign £

Hold down the Alt key & type in 156 (on number keypad at rightside of
keyboard) then release Alt key.

I have it wrote down on a peace of paper & keep it under the edge of the

Hope this helps all who need to use it.

ex Leeds, now NSW Australia

Researching following names:
Yorkshire: Ambler, Butcher, Clarkson, Craike, Hall, Jackson, Jonhson,
Jones, Myatt, Potter, Shepherd, Waite.
Lincolnshire: Butcher, Chapman, Glover, Vere.
Cheshire: Atherton, Hitchen, Lovatt, Thompson, Walton.
This is not a full list.

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Subject: [WRY] Pound sign

> Many of the messages I pick up from the list have 'A3' where there
> should be a pound sign. Is this just me or do others have this problem? If
> they do, then I suggest everyone sending data to the list should write
> 'pounds' rather than use the pound sign.
> I suspect it's something to do with the slightly different character sets
> used on computers set up for different countries.
> Chris Bradley
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