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From: "Kim Pasquill" <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 11:29:42 +1100
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Hi Roy,

I certainly don't think the manner with which your reply is written is
called for. Jenny was only pointing out the reason she had not had time to
respond before now. And in MY view was VERY legitimate.

As much as you might think so, we are not idiots down under, we do know that
these things do happen else where in the World, and I for one do realise
that these disasters don't get all that much coverage in the UK.

I can certainly tell you, that if I was not fortunate enough to have an air
conditioner at the moment, I would certainly not be sitting here sending
this email. The weather is Very unbearable, besides we don't know Jenny's
circumstances, she could be a 95 year old lady for all we know, and which I
would not expect her to be sitting in 40 degree heat pounding away at a
keyboard. Also she might be a asthma sufferer and having trouble breathing
due to the smoke from the fires. But that's beside the point.

Oh! and by the way, the UK are not the only ones that have deployed troops
so have many other countries in the world and that is also occupying our
minds, but please forgive us if the bush fires take priority.

This is not the first time, you have had a go at us Aussies, but we can give
as good as we get :-)

I do apologies to Andrew and the rest of the list for this, but the heat is
getting to me, and I'm sick of Roy assuming us Aussies are idots.

PS It has been reported just now that 3 new fires have brokes out in country
area's around Melbourne, and a couple in the Suburbs, I'm off to ring my
daughter in law as a fire has broken out in there area :-(

Cheers Kim

> THANK you for at last responding to the messages. However,
> whilst we do sympathise very much with you in the present crisis,
> could I point out that Australia is far from being the only country
> in the world that suffers from such problems and disasters?
> We, too, in Europe - and Britain even - have our share of both
> man-made disasters and natural ones. Perhaps it is your relative
> isolation, geographically speaking, that makes you think the whole
> world is focused on Australia. I have to tell you, I'm afraid, that
> it isn't.
> Certainly the fires around Melbourne have had some coverage here (in
> the UK, that is) but perhaps not as much as you might think. Some
> major TV and newspaper coverage in the initial stages, perhaps, but
> not for several days now, and by and large we are much more concerned
> about whether we are shortly to be plunged into a major war in the
> Middle East and whether our troops will be fighting (and dying)
> there, and also whether Arab terrorists are poised to unleash lethal
> bombs and gas in London and other large cities in the UK. You will,
> please, forgive us if such problems closer to home perhaps monopolise
> our minds at the present time.
> I am afraid this kind of worry is occupying our minds at the
> moment, but it doesn't stop us posting messages aimed at helping
> you. All we asked, several days ago, was that you at least
> acknowledged that you had seen them. But thank you again for letting
> us know.
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