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Subject: Honorable John West-VA
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John West, Boleyn, Knollys, Thomas West, other names

The Honorable John West
Governor of Virginia
George H.S. King
page 184, 185

The Honorable John West, twelfth child of Sir Thomas West, Second Lord De La
Warr, and his wife Lady Anne Knollys, was born in Hampshire, England, 14
December 1590. His maternal grandfather was Sir Francis Knollys (circa
1514-1596); he participated in the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 and
was treasurer of the royal household. Sir Francis Knollys married Katherine
Cary, daughter of William Cary, Esquire, (a member of the Court of King Henry
VIII of England) and his wife Lady Mary Boleyn, sister of Queen Anne, wife of
King Henry VIII. Queen Elizabeth I of England was therefore a first cousin of
Lady Katherine Cary Boleyn, the grandmother of Governor John West (1590-1659)
and Lady Katherine was herself a lineal descendant of King Edward III of
Sir Thomas West, Second Lord De La Warr, (1555-1601/2) and his wife Lady Anne
Knollys (who were married 19 November 1571) had four sons who were prominent
in the affairs of the settlement of Virginia, though their son Governor John
West was the only one of these brothers to leave descendants in Virginia.
These four sons were:
1. Sir Thomas West (1577-1618), Third Lord De La Warr, took an active
interest in the settlement of Virginia from the year 1608 and on 28 February
1610 was appointed first Lord Governor and Captain General of Virginia. It
was his arrival with settlers and supplies at Jamestown in June 1610 which
saved the dis-heartened colonists from abandoning the enterprise. He returned
to England and in 1616 Lord and Lady De La Warr had the honor of presenting
the Indian Princess Pocohontas at the Court of King James I of England.
II. The Honorable Francis West (1586-1634), ninth child of the Second lord De
La Warr, was a member of the Virginia Company of London and came to Virginia
with Captain Christopher Newport about July 1608 and was promptly elected to
the governor’s council. He was elect
wo years after which he served as a member of the Council
until the time of his death.
III. The Honorable John West (1590-1659), twelfth child of Sir Thomas west,
Second Lord De La Warr, matriculated at Magdalen College 17 February 1608/9
and received the degree of Bachelor of Arts on 1 December 1613. He came to
Virginia in 1618 and immediately associated himself with the military life of
the colony. After the massacre of 1622 he commanded a company of men against
the Indians. He was a member of the House of Burgesses in 1629-1630 and in
1634 a justice of the peace in York County. He was a member of the governor’s
council in Virginia from 1631 until the time of his death. Great unrest arose
in Virginia in the spring of 1635, and the Council advised that Governor Sir
John Harvey return to England, whereupon Colonel John West was elected
Governor and Captain general of Virginia and served until 18 January 1636/7,
shortly after which he was appointed to the office of Muster Master General of
Virginia by king Charles I of England.
In 1631 when the council resolved to plant a settlement on the York River,
Colonel John West was one of the first settlers to patent lands on King’s
Creek, and shortly established himself at his plantation there (later known as
“Bell-field”) where in 1632 was born his only child, John West Junior, being
the first child of English parents born on the York River. Governor West sold
this plantation in 1650 to Edward Digges, Esquire (Governor of Virginia
1655-1656), and moved to his plantation known to this day as West Point in the
fork of the York River where he died in 1659. In March 1660 a resolution of
good will was passed by the House of Burgesses in recognition of “the many
important favors and services rendered to the countrey of Virginia by the
noble family of West, predecessors of Mr. John West, their now only survivor.
. . It is ordered, That the levies of the said Master west and his family be
remitted, and that he be exempt from payment thereof during life”.
Governor John
many of her descendants that she was the only child of George
Percy(1580-1632) (youngest son of Sir Henry de Percy, Eighth Earl of
Northumberland) and his wife Ann Floyd, daughter of Nathaniel Floyd of
Jamestown. George Percy came to Virginia in 1607 and returned to England in
1612, leaving his wife in Virginia.
Governor John West and Ann, his wife, had an only child, John West, Junior,
mentioned in act of March 160, as the only survivor (in Virginia) of the noble
family of West; of him more subsequently.
IV. Captain Nathaniel West (1592-1623/4), youngest child of Sir Thomas west,
Second Lord De La Warr and Lady Ann Knollys, his wife, came to Virginia about
1620 and died there between April 1623 and February 1624 leaving a wife and an
infant son, Nathaniel west, Junior. From the act of 1660 before mentioned it
is believed Nathaniel West Junior died without issue prior to this date.
Captain Nathaniel west was an officer in the Virginia Militia at the time of
the massacre in 1622 at which time he owned a plantation.

Colonel John West

Colonel John West, only child of the Honorable John West and Ann, his wife,
was born at Chiskack, York River, in 1632 and the Council of Virginia on 6
June 1632 took recognition of his birth and granted his father two thousand
acres of land in honor of his son he being “the first Christian child born on
the York River”. It seems likely that he was sent to England for his
education and returned to Virginia about 1651 at which time Governor John West
made claim for land for the entry of himself, his wife Mrs. Ann West, and his
son John West, Junior, into the colony.
John West is mentioned in various records as captain in 1662, major in 1667
and lieutenant colonel in 1673. He figured prominently in Bacon’s Rebellion
in 1676. In 1680 he was senior presiding justice of the County Court of New
Kent and Colonel commanding the militia of that county. He was a member of
the House of Burgesses 1685-1688 and died about the year 1691.
Colonel John west married circa 1667
y, Virginia, and granddaughter of Captain Rawleigh
Croshaw, Gentleman, “an ancient planter” of Virginia.
The children of Colonel John West (1632-1691_ and Unity Croshaw, his wife,
were four, as follows:
(1) Colonel John West of New Kent, King and Queen and King William Counties,
Virginia. He resided at “West Point” the seat established by his grandfather
Governor John West and in 1692 was appointed justice in King and Queen County
and also sheriff of the county. He represented the newly formed County of
king William in the House of Burgesses 1702-1706, and was also a justice of
the peace. He married 15 October 1698 Judith Armistead, daughter of Colonel
Anthony Armistead of Elizabeth City County, who survived him and married
secondly John Butts, gentleman, of New Kent County. Colonel John West and his
wife Judith Armistead had an only child, Charles west who inherited the “West
Point” estate of some four thousand acres. Charles West died without issue
and by his will dated 1734 bequeathed “West Point” to his first cousin Thomas
West, son of his uncle Captain Thomas West.

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