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Subject: Francis West of Duxbury
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 07:04:09 EST

Hi All
Spent some time recently in England and did some research, amateur of course,
on the Salisbury origin of Francis of Duxbury MA. and Captain Francis,
brother to the second baron De La Ware. The point was to see if I could prove that
Francis of Duxbury really was the son of Captain Francis. I was unable to
uncover any data on the former in Salisbury but did find the English surname
biography encyclopedia, which contained a write up of Captain Francis. According to
the write up Captain Francis married Margaret, the widow of Edward Blaney, in
late 1625 or 1626. They had a son Francis and a daughter Elisabeth. This data
would tend to support the fact that Francis of Duxbury could not have been the
son of Captain Francis as he would only have been about 10 years old in 1638
when the marriage to Margery reeves was performed in Duxbury.

Earlier I read some email stating that Francis of Duxbury arrived in Plymouth
colony on the ship Fortune in 1621. I was able to find the Ships manifest for
this voyage and his name did not appear so am still in the dark as to his
appearance in America.

Thought that this might advance the information on the mystery.

Joe West

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