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Subject: Re: Alden H. Westgate
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 22:20:26 EDT

Alden Westgate born 9 Feb 1823 Middleboro, MA was son of Odeb and Hannah
(Hall) Westgate. Obed was the eighth son of Jonathan and Hannah (Gammons)

Jonathon might have been the sonof Joseph and Judy (Booth)
Westgate/Westcoat....Joseph might have been a son of Thomas and Hannah
(Reynolds) Westcott. Per <> Thomas descended from Adam Westgate of
Salem, MA where Electious Reynolds was from.

Roscoe Whitman wrote the Stukeley Westcott Genealogy and in the appendix
listed Thomas as a son of Jeremiah and Mary (Warner) Westcott.

Some of this might be weak.

Alden had a daughter Marena Icy Westgate(15 March 1858 - 25 July 1888) who
married Joseph Elmore FRENCH. Icy was Phebe's mother's first name. The "F"
of Alden F. is Franklin. Edgar is Edgar Warren. Oscar F., Arvin(Phebe's
father's name) and Lillian. Mary Seeley 's children were Alexander Obed
Westgate and George Wesley Westgate. (from Tim Richards,

Correct my errors,
Grand Rapids, Michigan

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