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From: Shelton, Tony - Kathy< >
Subject: RE: Westie Girls Only Adventure
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 18:26:32 -0800

I'll be there. I'm always up for a new adventure and shopping.


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To: Shelton, Tony - Kathy
Subject: Re: Westie Girls Only Adventure

Shelton, Tony - Kathy wrote:
> This is Skye. Is it too late to get in on the shopping adventure? My mom hates to shop, so she never takes me. I really would like to get all dressed up and go shopping with other westies girls.
> Skye
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> Subject: Westie Girls Only Adventure
> Hi All You Westie Girls!
> I think it's high time we have a girls only adventure. I am suggesting a
> shopping expedition! What do you say? We could gather everyone up and start
> by going to the huge Mall of America, swing by Rodeo Drive, head on Tiffany's,
> then across the pond to Harrod's! We could dress in our Westie girl best,
> grab our moms' red lipstick, her high heeled shoes, and wrap our feather boas
> around our cute little white necks. We would be stunning! Sarah Jane, Theo,
> Patwicia, Brier, Miss Molly Marie, Kylie, Whitney, Abbey, Brodie, Flora, Lacy,
> Kiera, Terra, Maddy, Holly,
> Caper ...gather all the Westie girls near you and we'll meet at the Orange
> Julius, top level, Mall of America at high noon tomorrow! Megan, do you think
> you will be up to joining us by the time we get there?
> Bring your Donney & Burke pocketbooks filled with credit cards and checks!
> We're gonna have a great time!
> I'll be the first one there to greet everyone. You'll know me by my shiny
> diamond tiara. See you gals there!
> The Oklahoma Molly
> Daughter of Becky (Molly, don't you think you'll need a "people" along? I
> love shopping.)

Hi Skye
Why don't you join in at Harrods in London.
That's what I hope to do.
Pixie from Holland

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