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From: "Anne Pyle" <>
Subject: Re: [WESTIE-L] Vomiting
Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 16:19:05 -0800


I'm not trying to scare you, but with vomiting white foam plus being
extremely weak, get your vet to check her for a heart condition. Those are
two of the symptoms of heart failure and other heart problems.

Anne Pyle


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Date: Monday, November 23, 1998 1:11 PM
Subject: Re: [WESTIE-L] Vomiting

>Right now I am trying to calm down and relax, so I am looking at my E mail.
>Since vomiting has come up before I finished and was going to post my own
>vomiting scare of the day.
>First, Zentaro, all three of my Westies vomit, periodically, especially the
>girls. Most of the time it is no problem. But......
>Earlier this morning, Heather started throwing up yellow bile - not an
>I carried her downstairs and outside. Outside, my Dad was watching her and
>called me that she was throwing up around the yard. I went out and now it
>white foam.
>Carried her upstairs and she seemed weak in the legs - couldn't seem to
>Put her down in the kitchen, closed the gate so she wouldn't attempt to go
>down the stairs and walked to the living room to call the vet. I'm on hold
>and hear her starting again, but then I here this funny sound like her
>scratching the floor. I quickly put the phone down and look down the hall.
>She is on her side struggling to get up. I run and get her, get back on the
>phone and the receptionist gets on and I tell her I think Heather's having
>seizure - of course, we are on our way.
>Put a towel on her and Dad and I get moving. In the car, she seemed like
>was having trouble getting her balance. I 'm thinking stroke or brain
>The vet is waiting for us and she starts examining her. Heather can
>lie down straight up.
>Well, blood was taken and they are taking an xray and putting her on
>She is staying there for now. I can call back later this afternoon.
>Hopefully, she was just weak from all the vomiting.
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