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From: Barry Wetherington <>
Subject: [WETHINGTON] W'ington Books
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 12:06:00 -0400

There are some books that feature, at various levels, the W'ingtons.
Below is method to search on any name.

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Noble, Garritt, Smith, Witherill, Hayes, and other families

Hollis of Calhoun County, Arkansas and connections , Hollis, Roberta,

Notes relating to the Reynolds family of the counties Roscommon &
Dublin, Ireland, now of Hull, East Riding,
County of York, England

Johnsons of South Carolina and Conecuh Co., Alabama : errata to "Family
tree of John Pealicker Johnson of
Conecuh County and William Johnson," published 1973, and addenda ,
Stephens, Gertrude Louise Johnson,

The John Benton Anderson family, 1850-1980 : of west Tennessee and east
Texas , Woodbury, Harry, 1918-

Family tree of John "Pealicker" Johnson, Conecuh County, Alabama, and
William Johnson, including allied
lines , Stephens, Gertrude Louise Johnson, 1922-

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History of the families of Skeet, Somerscales, Widdrington, Wilby,
Murray, Blake, Grimshaw and others , Skeet,
Francis John Angus, 1869-

Carr-Harris history & genealogy , Carr-Harris, G. G. M. (Gordon Grant

My Howard ancestry : compiled for the Howard Family Organization,
descendants of William Howard and
Elizabeth Anderson , Jensen, Vilate A

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The Frank B. Schaub family history , Krueger, Maurice, 1924-

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Genealogy of the Jenks family of Newport, N.H. , Jenks, George E.
(George Edwin)

Gill - Fisher family chart, 1589-1885 , Bonnemort, John U

Family register of Richard Paul, born in England and emigrated to
America during the early part of 1635 : also
of his descendants as far as ascertained , Paul, Luther, 1793-1863

Tolman family records , Hofhine, Genevieve Tolman, 1909-

Henry Withington of Dorchester, Massachusetts , Withington, Frederick

Clement Topliff and his descendants in Boston , Bolton, Ethel Stanwood,

The genealogical histories of Harold Edward Roberton, Jr. and Juanita
Ann Wakeley : section 1, ancestor charts; section 2, family group
charts; section 3, index , Roberton, Juanita Wakeley (Juanita Ann
Wakeley), 1929-

Family of Samuel Searls of Lunenburg (Worcester County), Mass.,
1734-1820 : wills, deeds, letters, etc.,
showing line of descent , Daughters of the American Revolution. Colonel
Timothy Bigel Chapter (Worcester,

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When you want to find a book about *any* surname, a good place to start
is at http://www.familysearch.org

On the opening screen, don't fill in any blanks, instead click "custom
search." On the next screen click "Family History Library Catalog." Next

fill in the blank for the surname. For instance, a search for "Paul"
...83 hits. These are for books about the PAUL family *and* books which
have prominent mention of the PAUL family (not just every book with a
in the index). If a title comes up on this search, the *cataloger* of
book decided the surname was prominent enough in the book to be included

in the catalog description.

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