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Subject: Re: [WEX] Bishop James Warren Doyle of Kildare and Leighlin
Date: Sun, 3 Dec 2000 17:17:23 +0100

I would like to think that we are related! Canon Doyle was mentioned as the
uncle/grand uncle of Mary Anne (born circa 1870) Devereux who married John
Cummins (Born 1862 died 1945) my Great Great Grand uncle - an MP and
notorious character from Sheilbaggan, Ballyhack, Co. Wexford.

Does this ring a bell at all? His statue is in front of the church at
Ramsgrange, a small village in Wexford.

I don't know a lot about him but thanks for the information you have sent.
It may be a link.


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Subject: Re: [WEX] Bishop James Warren Doyle of Kildare and Leighlin

> Hi Maire
> You mentioned Canon Doyle as being related to you. Is this James Warren
> Doyle, born 1786 near New Ross, County Wexford and died at Carlow in 1834?
> He became Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin in 1819 and was known as 'the
> JKL'. He vigorously repelled an attack made on the Catholics by the
> Protestant Archbishop of Dublin and published several articles and letters
> on the state of Ireland, in which the iniquities of the Church
> Establishment, the exactions of the Landlords, the corrupt administration
> justice were lashed with an unsparing hand. He established libraries,
> temperance societies, confraternities, built churches and schools,
> retreats, and ended many abuses which had survived the penal times. He
> waged unsparing and incessant war on secret societies.
> If this is the same Canon Doyle then we are related as he is my great
> grandmother's great uncle. Her name was Ellen Leahy and she was born in
> Kilkenny, the daughter of John Leahy, Hotel Proprietor, Walton Street,
> Kilkenny. Ellen married Patrick Troy, grand nephew of Catholic Archbishop
> of Dublin, John Thomas Troy. They lived at New Ross where Patrick was a
> Sergeant in the RIC. They had three daughters and a son, my grandfather
> Patrick William Troy, who was also a Sea Captain.
> Greetings,
> John Patrick Troy
> Australia
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> Sent: Friday, November 24, 2000 4:43 AM
> Subject: [WEX]
> > I am new to the Wexford list. Has anyone got family connections with the
> Cummins family from Ballystraw/Ballyhack/Sheilbaggan in Co. Wexford? I
> been to the family grave there and have quite a list but cannot get beyond
> beginning of 1800's. My family branches are: Cummins/Sage/Halligan and
> Pickering. Cummins is the Wexford link.
> > Grandfather - Nicholas Stanislaus Cummins born 1907 died 1986 in
> Waterford. Wife Mae Sage, born 1901, died 1987 in Waterford - children -
> Nicholas (my father) born 1930, Karl, George, Mae, Dorores and Winnifred.
> All alive.
> > Great Grandfather - Nicholas Cummins, Sea Captain in Waterford, born
> died 1928, married to Brigid Rocket from Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny. Brother
> John Cummins born 1862, died 1945. Famous Wexford man, MP and very active
> politics - bit of a rebel. Married Maryanne Devereux, well known Wexford
> family, niece of a Canon Doyle who has a statue erected in front of
> Ramsgrange church to commemorate him. They had two sons, Tom and John and
> daughter Annie who died in the US in 1950. Son Tom (1897-1979) married
> Kehoe and had two girls - Brigid and Josephine. Brigid (born 1927) married
> Tom Crosby in 1956 and had three children, Marguerite 1957, Brigid 1958
> Tm 1959. Tom is now running the farm in Sheilbaggan but the name is now
> Crosby.
> > Another brother of Nicholas was James, also a sea captain but died in
> aged 32 on his maiden voyage.
> > Yet another brother Matthew Cummins became a Cistercian monk (Fr.
> Stanislaus) in Mount Saint Josephs in Roscrea. Due to ill health he left
> Ireland and went to serve his flock in Springfield Illinois, U.S.
> > On the gravestone, there is reference to a son Michael, wife Anne
> born 1831 died 1886 aged 55, mother in law Anne Brenn died 1890 aged 84.
> > Before Captain Nicholas Cummins, There was Michael Cummins born 1786
> 1858 aged 72, his wife Mary Cummins born 1795 died 1875 aged 78. They had
> son John born 1824 died 1894 and a sister Mary who died 1911 aged 82 years
> old. Not sure of the Great Grandfather link here but this is all I have so
> far.
> > Any help or family input would be great.
> > Thanks,
> > Maire
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