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Subject: Re: Wheeler Family-Part Six
Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 06:25:48 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Everone,

I just got on the Wheeler list and am delighted to be part of the group. My
lineage is below; I would appreciate any help on my earliest Samuel. He does
not seem to connect with any of the many Wheelers who were located in
Granville County, North Carolina at the time. It may very well be that
Samuel Wheeler's father was a William Wheeler since he named his eldest son,

Thanks all,

John Fox

(1) 1. Samuel, Sr. Wheeler

Death Date:Circa 19 July 175988
Death Place:Granville County, North Carolina

Spouse:-?- -?-


(2) 1.1 William Wheeler

Birth Date:Circa 1750

Age nine 15 January 1759, when as an orphan of Samuel Wheeler, Sr., he was
apprenticed to Reuben Moss 21 march 1759 to learn the shoemaker's trade. He
was later apprenticed to James Williams to learn the carpenter's trade.

(2) 1.2 James Wheeler

Birth Date:Circa 175288

The March session of Granville County Court specified that as of Janury 1759,
James was age seven years. Initially bound to Vincent Bodine to learn the
trade of shoemaking; was later apprenticed to James Williams to learn the
carpenter's trade. (Old Granville County Records, North Carolina 1746-1800)

(2) 1.3 Samuel Wheeler

Birth Date:Circa 1754
Birth Place:Granville County, North Carolina
Education:Apprenticed To Learn Carpentry; Shoemaking88

Orphaned at age five 15 January 1759; bound to Reuben Mann to learn the
showmaker's trade; at age sixteen on 19 july 1769, Samuel was apprenticed to
William Cooper of Granville County to learn "the Art and Calling of a

For the sum of 60 pounds he was deeded 205 acres of land by his
father-in-law, Benjamin Harrison, cornering on the land of John Walker proved
in July Court 1770 by Samuel Wheeler. Samuel was married to Susannah
Harrison, born in Richmond County, Virginia, daughter of Benjamin Harrison.
(Will of Benjamin Harrison, 7 January 1773, Granville Will Book #1, page 35)

Samuel was listed in the Militia of Granville County in 1771, in the Company
of Captain Williams, 3 October 1771, according to the State Records, Volume
XXII, page 160. He was listed as having inlisted 10 April 1776 for 2 1/2
years in Captain Robert Fenner's Company, Second North Caroloina Battalion.
This was also stated in the State Records Volume XIII, apge 513. Samuel was
discharged 10 November 1778 while serving under Captain Turner's Company of
the Third North Carolina Regiment according to the State Record, Volume XVI,
apge 1181.

It would appear that Sanuel was attempting at that time to move his family
from Granville County to Caswell County , because in the Caswell County Court
records on 15 March 1779, a deed from Zachariah Green to Samuel Wheeler for
100 acres of land was proved by oath of Gabriel Dowey, one of the subscribing
witnesses, and on the same day a deed from Samuel Whealer was registered to
Beverly Glenn for 100 acres of land.

Samuel Wheeler deeded to his son-in-law, William Satterfield 70 acres of
land, proven by Reuben Long, during the March Coury of Caswell County in

Spouse:Susannah Harrison
Birth Date:11 March 174766
Birth Place:North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia
Spouse Father:Benjamin Harrison (1705-1773)
Spouse Mother:Eleanor "Ellen" Daniel?

Spouse Notes:
Born 11 March 1747 in North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. (The
Registers of North Farnham Parris 1663-1814 and Lunnenburg Parish 1783-1800 -
Richmond County, Virginia by George Harrison Sanford King) Susannah married
Samuel Whealor, who was orphaned at age five January 15, 1759, bound to
Reuben Mann to learn the shoemaker's trade; at age sixteen on 19 July 1769
(Apprentice Bonds for Granville County, State Department of Archives) Samuel
was apprenticed to William Cooper of the county to learn "the Art and Calling
of a Carpenter." For the sum of 60 pds he was deeded 205 acres of land by
Benjamin Harrison, cornering on the land of John Walker proved in July Court
1770 by Samuel Wheeler.

The will of Benjamin Harrison "wils to daughter Susannah Whealer a negro
slave for her life and the increase to be sold and divided to her children."

At this time it is not known where Susannah Harrison Wheeler and Samuel were
buried. It is evident that Samuel acquired land in Caswell County and lived
there many years after his daughter, Susannah Wheeler Satterfield had died.



(3) 1.3.1 Frances Wheeler

Possible daughter married in Person County.

Spouse:Ambrose Lea

Marriage Date:10 August 1779

(3) 1.3.2 Susannah Wheeler

Birth Date:Circa 1770
Birth Place:Possibly In Granville County, N.C.
Death Date:Circa 1796/1800
Death Place:Person County, N.C.
Religion:Flat River Primitive Baptist Church

Susannah was recorded in records as moving her church membership by letter to
Flat River Primitive Baptist Church in 1793.

Susannah died sometime between the birth of her son, Samuel, ca1796 and her
husband's second marriage to Naomah Lea 3 June 1800.

Spouse:William Satterfield
Birth Date:Circa 1770
Death Date:Circa 15 February 184860
Death Place:Person County
Occupation:Farmer; Blacksmith61
Religion:Primitive Baptist
Spouse Father:John (I) Satterfield (1730-1802)
Spouse Mother:Sarah Jay

Spouse Notes:
Owned land in the St. James District of Person County. Save for his marriage
record, William does not seem to show on any public records until he appears
on the 1795 tax list as being in the St. James District along with John
Bedwell Satterfield, Jesse Satterfield, and John Satterfield. The 1823 tax
list showed him in possession of 310 acres of land, and the sole male of age
in his household. He named his children in his will.

Marriage Date:1 October 1791
Marriage Place:Caswell County, North Carolina


(3) 1.3.3a Benjamin Wheeler*

Believed to be the son of Samuel Wheeler.

Bond for Benjamin's marriage to Jenny Pane was posted by John Winstead, son
of Samuel Winstead.

Benjamin's will dated 10 March 1823; proven in the February Court of 1829,
named his wife, Dorothy (second wife) and his children. Although he stated
"my seven children", only five were named.

Spouse:Jenny Pane

Marriage Date:8 November 1796
Marriage Place:Person County, North Carolina

Children:Benjamin, Jr.

Other spouses:Dorothy -?-

(3) 1.3.3b Benjamin Wheeler*

(See above)

Spouse:Dorothy -?-

Spouse Notes:
Named in Samuel's will as his wife.


Other spouses:Jenny Pane

Reference Note 60
North Carolina Will Records.

Reference Note 61
1823 Tax List for Person County.

Reference Note 66
"The Registers of North Farnham Parish 1663-1814 and Lunnenburg Parish
1783-1800 -Richmond County, Virginia," by George Harrison Sanford Kng.

Reference Note 88
Apprentice Bonds for Granville County, State Department of Archives, Raleigh,
North Carolina.

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