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Subject: RE: Samuel Wheeler, SR. and Samuel Wheeler, JR. of Granville County, NC
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2006 10:10:49 -0800
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I would be interested if anyone has information tying the WHEELERS of VA to
the CHRISTOPHER family. My ancestor John Ussery CHRISTOPHER was born (1796)
at Lunenburg, VA and moved to Limestone Co., Alabama prior to the Civil War.
His granddaughter, Susan Ann, married 1876 Peter DARNELL (my
great-grandparents) in Alabama and moved to Oregon via Texas. Their son,
Ernest Roy DARNELL married Edith Emily WHEELER, a direct descendant of
WHEELERs of Connecticut/New York. It would be a nice closure to a circle to
tie the VA Wheelers to this family.

Take care and Happy New Year,
Roy Blaine

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Subject: Samuel Wheeler, SR. and Samuel Wheeler, JR. of Granville County, NC

Hello Wheeler Researchers,

I have just joined this list in the hopes that I can get passed my 5G
grandfather. It appeared that Samuel Wheeler, SR. and his wife had died
intestate, and the known sons of Samuel were apprenticed to help insure
success in their future. I am including what I have on the first 3
generations, in the hopes that this will provide some insights for
providing a tie to earlier generations of the family.

Best regards,

John Fox
Winston Salem, NC

1 Samuel, Sr. WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Death: about 19 July 1759, Granville County, North Carolina

Brunswick County Records:
Indenture made the 1st day of April, 1761, between Richard YARBROUGH and
Elizabeth, his wife, Planter, parties of the first part, and Benja. WHEELER,
(amount of consideration not recited), conveying 100 acres on East side of a
certain Branch of Cold Water, running between the said land and the
plantation of William RANDLE's. Indenture was acknowledged in Court on
August 24, 1761, by Richard YARBROUGH, and Elizabeth YARBROUGH, his wife,
appeared and relinquished her right of dower. Deed Book 6, page 727.
--Don't know if this Benjamin is part of my family but do
know that Samuel Wheeler, Jr. did name a son, Benjamin..---

1752, 1764, 1769

The lists embraced in this chapter are not all of the lists available for
the period, 1752-1769. Lists for other years of the period are in existence.
But the reproduction of the lists for every year would
involve a
great duplication of the names. It has, therefore, seemed advisable not
attempt to reproduce the lists for all years, but only to give those for
certain years at close enough intervals to assure a reasonably complete list
of the residents of the section, so far as such lists afford that
information, from 1752 to 169 inclusive.

The lists embraced in this chapter are interesting, for they cover a period
during which the county of Lunenburg was several times
In 1752 Halifax County was cut off from Lunenburg,[1] while in 1754
was formed,[2] and in 1765 both Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties were
created.[3] The lists, therefore, for 1769 were taken after Lunenburg County
had suffered all these diminutions of territory.

For the years 1752 and 1753 no orders designating the tithe-taker have been

But for 1752 what is probably a complete set of all the lists taken for that
years [sic], have been discovered. For this year, 1752, lists
taken by

Lyddall Bacon,
William Caldwell,
Cornelius Cargill,

For 1752 Taxes were listed by Hugh Lawson for Samuel Wheler
.............................................. 1 in Lunenburg County,

Spouse: Unknown UNKNOWN

Children: William (~1750-)
James (~1752-)
Samuel (~1754-~1817)
Frances (~1756-)

1.1 William WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1750

Age nine 15 January 1759, when as an orphan of Samuel Wheeler, Sr., he
was apprenticed to Reuben Moss 21 march 1759 to learn the shoemaker's
trade. He was later apprenticed to James Williams to learn the
carpenter's trade.

1.2 James WHEELER
Birth: about 1752

The March session of Granville County Court specified that as of Janury
1759, James was age seven years. Initially bound to Vincent Bodine to
learn the trade of shoemaking; was later apprenticed to James Williams
to learn the carpenter's trade. (Old Granville County Records, North
Carolina 1746-1800)

1.3a Samuel WHEELER* ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1754, Granville County, North Carolina
Death: about 4 October 1817, Caswell County, North Carolina
Educ: Apprenticed To Learn Carpentry; Shoemaking

Orphaned at age five 15 January 1759; bound to Reuben Mann to learn the
shoemaker's trade; at age sixteen on 19 july 1769, Samuel was
apprenticed to William Cooper of Granville County to learn "the Art
and Calling of a Carpenter."

For the sum of 60 pounds he was deeded 205 acres of land by his
father-in-law, Benjamin Harrison, cornering on the land of John Walker
proved in July Court 1770 by Samuel Wheeler. Samuel was married to
Susannah Harrison, born in Richmond County, Virginia, daughter of
Benjamin Harrison. (Will of Benjamin Harrison, 7 January 1773,
Granville Will Book #1, page 35) John Willingham bought land circa 1770
in Granville County, North Carolina, from Samuel Wheeler.

Samuel was listed in the Militia of Granville County in 1771, in the
Company of Captain Williams, 3 October 1771, according to the State
Records, Volume XXII, page 160. He was listed as having inlisted 10
April 1776 for 2 1/2 years in Captain Robert Fenner's Company, Second
North Caroloina Battalion. This was also stated in the State Records
Volume XIII, page 513. Samuel was discharged 10 November 1778 while
serving under Captain Turner's Company of the Third North Carolina
Regiment according to the State Record, Volume XVI, page 1181.

It would appear that Sanuel was attempting at that time to move his
family from Granville County to Caswell County , because in the Caswell
County Court records on 15 March 1779, a deed from Zachariah Green to
Samuel Wheeler for 100 acres of land was proved by oath of Gabriel
Dowey, one of the subscribing witnesses, and on the same day a deed
from Samuel Whealer was registered to Beverly Glenn for 100 acres of

Samuel Wheeler deeded to his son-in-law, William Satterfield 70 acres
of land, proven by Reuben Long, during the March Coury of Caswell
County in 1805.

Spouse: Susannah HARRISON
Birth: 11 March 1747, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia
Death: before 1810
Father: Benjamin HARRISON (~1705-~1773)
Mother: Eleanor "Ellen" CARR? (->1803)

Children: Samuel Harrison (~1759-)
Susannah (~1770-~1796)
Benjamin (~1775-<1823)

Other spouses: Jane "Jeney" ATKINSON?

1.3a.1 Samuel Harrison WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1759, Bute County, North Carolina

Named in his father's will dated 4 October 1816; probated May Court

Spouse: Sarah LAUGHTER
Birth: 1764, Bute County, North Carolina
Marr: 9 February 1781, Granville County, North Carolina

1.3a.2 Susannah WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1770, Possibly In Granville County, N.C.
Death: abt 1796/1800, Person County, N.C.

Susannah was recorded in records as moving her church membership by
letter to Flat River Primitive Baptist Church in 1793.

Susannah died sometime between the birth of her son, Samuel, ca1796 and
her husband's second marriage to Naomah Lea 3 June 1800.

Spouse: William SATTERFIELD
Birth: about 1770
Death: about 15 February 1848, Person County
Father: John (I) SATTERFIELD (~1730-~1802)
Mother: Sarah JAY
Marr: 1 October 1791, Caswell County, North Carolina

Children: John (-<1850)
Charlotte (~1792-<1848)
Samuel (~1794-1886)
Annis (Agnes) (1814-1879)

1.3a.3 Benjamin WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1775
Death: before 10 March 1823

Established as the son of Samuel Wheeler from a deed of gift in Person
County Deed Book D, page 268: Samuel Wheelor to son Benjamin Wheelor,
all right & title to negro Ralph now in possession of Elender Harrison.
18 Mar 1808. Wit: H. Sergent, Margan Sergent.

A Power of Attorney established in Deed Book D, Person County, page
258-9, for Ellin Harrison to William Allen Jr. to recover boy Ralph now
in possession of Benjamin Wheeler. 14 Jan 1811. Wit: William
Yarbrough, John Yarbrough. (This seemed to be Benjamin's grandmother
reclaiming the ownership of the negro Ralph.)

Deed Book D, page 296, Eleanor Harrison to William Allen, for $500
negro man Ralph; the same was recovered from Benjamin Wheeler. 11 Sept
1811. Wit: John Holloway, Thomas Winstead.

Bond for Benjamin's marriage to Jenny Pane was posted by John Winstead,
son of Samuel Winstead.

Benjamin's will dated 10 March 1823; proven in the February Court of
1829, named his wife, Dorothy (second wife) and his children. Although
he stated "my seven children", only five were named.

Spouse: Jenny PANE
Marr: 8 November 1796, Person County, North Carolina

Children: William (1809-~1892)
Benjamin, Jr. (-<1861)

1.3b Samuel WHEELER* (See above)

Spouse: Jane "Jeney" ATKINSON?

Other spouses: Susannah HARRISON

1.4 Frances WHEELER ?????????????????????????????????????????????
Birth: about 1756

Possible daughter married in Person County.

Spouse: Ambrose LEA
Birth: about 1758
Death: before 3 November 1803, Chester District, South Carolina
Marr: 10 August 1779

Children: William
David A.
Vincent (Vinson)

1.4.1 William LEA

1.4.2 John LEA

1.4.3 Jeremiah LEA ?????????????????????????????????????????????

1.4.4 David A. LEA ?????????????????????????????????????????????

1.4.5 Sarah LEA

1.4.6 Nancy LEA

1.4.7 Vincent (Vinson) LEA


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