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Great stuff, Claudia. I'm wondering if any of our Virginia listers will be
able to run with the material you've provided.

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Subject: [WHITEHEAD] Introduction to Whitehead and Related Families

> Here is an excerpt from Mrs. Rhyne's book:
> ".... The tradition is that the WHITEHEADs came to VA and spread out from
> there. JOHN BOSWELL WHITEHEAD thinks that they probably settled on the
> coast of VA.... I do know some of the Whiteheads appear in early VA
records and
> that they came early to American, at least before 1650. An old THOMAS
> WHITEHEAD died in York County, VA and left a will there in 1660. JOHN
> JOSEPH BENNETT BODDIE both trace some Whitehead lines back to an ARTHUR
> WHITEHEAD(1) who had a son Arthur(2). Arthur 2 had a stepmother named
> THORNTON (nee RUFFIN) and a half-sister REBECCA THORNTON, who married (1)
> HORSEFIELD and (2) Unknown McCHRISTIE.
> "I have records from New England that show that WHITEHEAD, COBB, HOBART,
> LINCOLN, LEWIS and many other families appear very early in this section.
> Whiteheads in all my records appear to be related to some of the oldest
> in the USA. I don't have all the connecting links as yet, but will try to
> show some of these lines and let you draw your own conclusions.
> "The Whiteheads of BLOUNT COUNTY belong to many different trades. Some
> farmers, teachers, ministers, laborers, etc....
> "Since I cannot go back to VA at present to do original research, I shall
> refer to records as put down by: John Bennett BODDIE in his book,
> SOUTHERN FAMILIES - Volume One; records
> I bought from GENEALOGICAL BOOK COMPANY as put down by John Boswell
> WHITEHEAD; DAR records sent to me by Miss Mattie FLETCHER of Jackson, TN;
and records I
> found in TN, NC, PA, VA, etc. All these records go way back into the
> Whitehead lines. I have left out more records than I have included
because of
> limited space.
> "I have interviewed and exchanged letters with Whitehead kin in JOHNSON,
> CARTER, ROANE, SULLIVAN, SEVIER and other counties in TN, and in states of
> AR, GA, OK, NM, TX, NC, etc.
> I have spent hours on marriage records, genealogical books, deeds, wills,
> records and such, some of which will be included in this book. My husband
> and I spent one day in RALEIGH, NC looking up records while on visit to
our son
> at DUKE UNIVERSITY. You could spend days at the RALEIGH ARCHIVES checking
> records. I personally checked records in WILKES, WAKE, and HAYWOOD
counties of
> NC. We spent a night at ROCKY MOUNT, EDGECOMBE CO., NC the county WILLIAM
> BARSHEBA (WHITEHEAD) COBB were said to have come from to east TN.....
> (She goes on to thank various people in her research)
> "I am sure there will be many mistakes, and many records are incomplete
> because of lack of information; but I do hope you will find these records
> interesting as I have. Best to you all. ~ Margaret Whitehead Rhyne"
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