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Subject: Rebecca Cable obituary 1940, Blount Co., TN USA
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 12:34:21 EDT


Letter remembers 'Aunt Becky' Cable

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Linda Albert

This was copied from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (GSMNP) Library
in Gatlinburg in March 2005 by Dave Post, vice president of the Cades Cove
Preservation Association. Post said it was apparently provided to the GSMNP in
1956 via letter from Herman Hodge and appears to be an obituary or eulogy
for one of the great women of Cades Cove, Aunt Becky Cable. Only minor editing
to the original, typed manuscript has been performed.

"Miss Rebecca Cable, daughter of the late John and Elizabeth Whitehead
Cable, was born in Carter County, Tennessee December 7, 1844, departed this life
December 19, 1940, age 96 years and 12 days.

She was a member of a family of 9 children, 4 boys and 5 girls, viz: Sarah,
Rebecca, Mary Catherine, James V., Martha, Lourana, Casper, Elizabeth, Ben
and Daniel L. One sister died in Carter County when a small child. The father
and mother, with the remaining eight children, moved to Cades Cove in March
1868 and settled in the lower end of the Cove. Here they built the Cable Mill
consisting of corn mill, flour mill and sawmill, a small remnant of which is
still operating.

Here the family grew up and became prosperous and happy. The Cable home was
one of the leading and outstanding homes in the community. It was known
throughout the country for its spirit of industry, hospitality, social and
religious integrity. The family was very industrious, hardworking, truthful and
honest. Here the hungry were fed, the naked were clothed and the stranger was
never turned away from their doors.

Here many religious and church meetings were held and, in the nearby
mountain creek, many new converts were baptized. Many sweet and precious memories of
the Cable family and their kindness and this old home still linger in our
hearts. In all this healthful and happy environment, €œAunt Becca € was a
leading figure.

She was a leader in the home, in the field and in the mill. Being a woman of
large stature and unusual strength, she applied herself to every task that
demanded hard labor and intelligent management.

We have seen her in the field, in the kitchen, in the sawmill, in the grist
mill, at the loom, at the spinning wheel, in the forest wielding the
woodsman's ax and on a mule roaming the mountains doing the work of a herdsman. In
this way she accumulated a good home and several hundred acres of real estate,
all of which was taken over by the Park some years ago. Having never married
and having no family of her own, her whole life was devoted to helping
others. Her life in this particular regard stands as a great monument to her
memory. Her long and useful life was above suspicion or reproach. Her honesty and
veracity were far above board and her character was without blemish.

She, with her father and mother, joined the Missionary Baptist Church in
Carter County before coming to Cades Cove. In after years, she joined the
Missionary Baptist Church in Cades Cove by letter and remained a faithful and loyal
member until death. Her faith in a Supreme Being was strong and undaunted.

Her long years of toil and pain are now ended, her work has been well done.
She has been faithful and true to her God and fellow beings and God has said
it is enough, come up higher. Thou has been faithful over a few things. I
will make thee ruler over many things.

She is survived by one sister, Mrs. Bettie Lequire of Maryville, and a large
circle of other relatives and friends.

Funeral services were conducted at the Cable School House by John W. Oliver
and the remains laid to rest in the Cable Cemetery nearby, beneath a blanket
of flowers."

Linda Albert is editor of the Cades Cove Preservation Association (CCPA)
newsletter, Cades Cove Cousins, published quarterly. For information about CCPA,
write to Cades Cove Preservation Association, P.O. Box 213, Alcoa, TN 37701.

Photo: The graves of Becky Cable and several members of her family are a
short distance from the Cable Mill complex at Cades Cove (in background). Cable
School was located near the cemetery.

Photo: The Cable Cemetery in Cades Cove is one of several that have
benefited from preservation and maintenance efforts of Cades Cove Preservation
Association volunteers in cooperation with Great Smoky Mountains National Park
personnel. Other cemeteries include those at the Primitive Baptist Church,
Methodist Church and Missionary Baptist Church as well as several smaller, family

Photo: The original tombstone of Rebecca "Aunt Becky" Cable, now fallen and
broken, lies in the shadow of a new marker provided by her family in the
Cable Cemetery in Cades Cove.
James & Catherine STOUTT Whitehead --> John Primmer & Elizabeth WHITEHEAD
Cable --> Rebecca Ann (never married)

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