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From: Craig J Rice <>
Subject: Pasco Whitford 1640-1690
Date: Sun, 08 Jun 1997 08:49:23 -0400 (EDT)

Thought I would try to something started by posting every thing I know
about Pasco.

Family tradition says that Pasco was born about 1640 in England. The
family tradition was written down by William Whitford of Addison, VT (son
of Peleg, Pasco, Nicholas, Pasco) and states that Pasco and his two sons
came to Rhode Island from the West Indies, having been driven out of that
location by the French, during the naval warfare between England and
France. They fled to Rhode Island, settling in Portsmouth then East and
West Greenwich. (William Whitford's "Narrative of the Whitford Family" in
the Vermont His. Soc. Collections).

William Carke Whitford(1902) says that Pasco Whitford is reported to have
come from Bedfordshire, Eng, Taxed 2s in 1680. Has anyone verified this fact?
there was a Pasco Whitford in Bedfordshire in 1680 this may be a clue to the
English origins of Pasco. This could be tax on the land that Pasco had left
behind when he came to Rhode Island or this Pasco could be a first cousin named
after the same grandmother that our Pasco Whitford was named after. If anyone
has more information on this fact please post it to the list.

Pasco Whitford was taxed in Newport, RI in 1680 according to Austin's
Genealogical Dictionary of RI.

A letter of George N. Whitford dated 3 June 1911 to Walter John Coates states
that many Whitfords lived in and near the town of Truro, Cornwall, England and
have been numerous there for the last 400 years. There is also an old Cornish
family, the Pascoes who
are also plentiful in the area. Possibly the maiden name of Pasco
Whitford's mother or grandmother was Pascoe. I have searched the Mormon
records for any records of marriages between Pascoes and Whitfords prior
to 1640 in Cornwall but so far have not come across any. Has anyone else on
the list pursued this line of research?

In 1690 (proceedings of the General Assembly held at Newport May 1690, for the
Colony of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Mr Henry Bull being
governor, "Voted Mr. Pasco Whitford (and others) be admitted freemen of
the colony." (p270 Records of the Colony of Rhode Island, compiled by John
Russell Bartlett, Vol 3 Providence, RI) Pasco was living in East
Greenwich in 1690.

On 13 Apr 1697 Pasco Whitford is recorded as a witness to a deed
from Samuel Eldred, Sr. to his son John in Kings Town.

Pasco Whitford is mentioned in a will of Charles Martin (?difficult to read) of
Greenwich dated 1682.

I think that these last two facts are really about Pasco Jr since Pasco Sr died
in 1690 and is buried at Tarbox Four Corners - East Greenwich Historical
Cemetery #29 with a marker on the gravestone - PW 1690.

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