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From: "Dick/Kay Reitberger" <>
Subject: [WI-MITCHELL-TOWN-L] Grave Markers in Mayo
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 14:43:33 -0500

Hi Again,

I found this on the County Mayo Mailing List and thought someone
might find it interesting.
Kay R

[CountyCork-L] Grave Markers in Mayo - NOT in Cork -
Groden, Gill,Gannon, Burke , Gavin
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Date: Fri, 18 Jun 1999 17:30:56 -0400
From: "Geary, Daniel" <>

Hello Listees,
I realize these are not Cork specific, however I did not want to just
leave this info lying around when there may be someone who can
use it. So here it is. If there is a Mayo list, feel free to forward
this info to it.
The following is a transcription of a few grave stones located in a
small cemetery across the street from the parking lot of Croagh
Patrick in Murrisk, Co. Mayo. The cemetery is behind the
National Memorial to the Victims of the Great Famine (a
must see when in Mayo - very moving) which was dedicated
during the summer of 1997. I hope someone will find these

1) In Loving Memory of Edward GRODEN of Murrisk Died
28th May 1928 and his wife Catherine Died 28th Dec 1955.
Also their son Edward Died 18th June 1970 aged 60 years.

2) Pray for the souls of Austin GILL of Murrisk and his wife
Julia and her brother Thomas GANNON RIP Erected by
Martin GILL (No dates on stone) On base of stone - Baby
Bernard Oct. 1990

3) In loving memory of Thomas GRODEN, Murrisk. Died
24th Mar 1983. Aged 70 years

4) In loving memory of John GRODEN, Murrisk. Died
25th May 1959 and his wife Catherine died 28th July 1917.

5) In loving memory of Michael GRODEN, Murrisk. Died
11th May 1964. His wife Bridget died 19th Feb. 1982.
And their son Austie died 28th Nov. 1988 and their son
Michael John died 10th Dec 1993. RIP.

6) In loving memory of Austin BURKE, Carrowkerran.
Died 19th June1957. Aged 76 years. His wife Maria,
died 13th Jan 1961, aged 78 years. RIP.

7) In loving memory of John F. GRODEN, Died 18th
July 1976. Sarah GRODEN, Died 25th Oct. 1979. May
GRODEN, Died 14th Mar. 1981.

8) In loving memory of Patrick GRODEN, Murrisk Pier.
Died 6th April 1954. His wife Anne Died 20th Mar. 1987.

9) Frank GRODEN, Murrisk. Died 11th April 1981. RIP

10) In loving memory of Paddy GRODEN, Murrisk na Boll
Died 29th Mar.1970. And his wife Katie Died 29th Sept.
1980. Also his Uncle Patrick GAVIN Died 9th Dec. 1976.
And their son Sean Died 10th April 1994 following an accident.
Aged 36 years. RIP.

11) In loving memory of Pat GRODEN, Murrisk Died 26th
Oct. 1978 aged 63 years. And his wife Winifred died 18th
April 1988. RIP.

12) In loving memory of Eddie GRODEN, Bristol and Murrisk,
died 7th April 1995. Aged 64 years. Rest in Peace.

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